Remy: Banana (Free Trade Havana Parody)

Because tariffs come in bunches


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Remy brings back the banana industry with protective tariffs.

Written and performed by Remy. Video produced by Austin Bragg. Music tracks, background vocals, and mastering by Ben Karlstrom.

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Ooh nah nah
Let's put some tariffs on bananas
Ooh nah nah
They should be grown in East Atlanta
Nah nah nah
Or maybe even Alabama
Take jobs back from Havana
Ooh nah nah

Havana is killing us on trade, I fear
Now that seems overblown
Look, they have jobs we no longer have here
And now we sell iPhones
Why can't we grow bananas ourselves
They'd taste worse and cost more
Don't be so stubborn, try one yourself
They'd need more water—

Just grab and peel it like
The texture is intriguing
Internally I'm bleeding
Got me feeling like
We're gonna make a killing!
I have to go
Oh nah-nah-nah-nah-NAH

Ooh nah nah
We'll put some tariffs on bananas
Ooh nah nah
They'll soon be grown in East Atlanta
Nah nah nah
Does he ever talk
Or maybe even in Savannah
We're brilliant central planners
Ooh nah nah

Just graduated fresh on campus man
Fresh out East Atlanta with no manners man
You'd have to pump in heat and water dude
You'd need it hot—hot
Hotter than Demi Lovato's spoon
Too soon, yeah
Trading on me
Shorty trading on me
Get to trading on me
Put that bacon on me
Put that maple on me
Ears of corn on me
But that trade deficit I can't applaud
We got a trade deficit with Santa Claus
Free trade's like a magic wand
Turns what you make best into what you want

Ooh nah nah
We've gone absolutely bananas
Ooh nah nah
To listen to these central planners
Nah nah nah
Tell us how we should grow bananas
How we should trade bananas