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Should the U.S. Unilaterally Abolish All Tariffs And Duties? A Debate on Free Trade.

Watch Don Boudreaux vs. Rick Manning at the Soho Forum.


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On November 13, George Mason University economist and Cafe Hayek blogger Don Boudreaux faced off against Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government in a public debate about free trade. The event was part of The Soho Forum, Reason's monthly debate series held at the SubCulture Theater in New York City's East Village.

The resolution: "The U.S. government should unilaterally abolish all tariffs and duties on imports and all subsidies to exports, thereby making all reciprocal trade agreements with other countries unnecessary." Boudreaux defended the proposition, and Manning attacked it.

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Coming up on December 11: Tarren Bragdon of the Foundation for Government Accountability and Neera Tanden from the Center for American Progress debate welfare. Tickets are $18 ($10 for students). Get them here.

*Note: This story was originally published on November 27th, 2017. It's now been updated and re-released on the Reason Podcast.

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