5 Republicans Liberals May Learn to Love in the Trump Era

Amash, Paul, McMullin, Will, and Scalia will help keep the unpredictable billionaire in check.


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Since the election, many Democrats have been wondering how to slam the brakes on the Trump train. A good way to start is by getting to know the conservatives who will be allies in that fight.

Here's a list of five longtime Republicans liberals may learn to love in the Trump Era.

1. Justin Amash

Amash, the House of Representatives' heir apparent to Ron Paul, never endorsed Trump and criticizes the president-elect on Twitter almost daily.

2. Rand Paul

Paul, who Trump humiliated in the Republican presidential primaries, has six long years before facing Kentucky voters again and has vowed to obstruct any Trump attempts to appoint warmongers or explode the budget.

3. Evan McMullin

This stalwart #NeverTrumper and fifth place finisher in the presidential race is questioning Trump's loyalty and calling for a new conservatism that embraces equality and rejects bigotry.

4. George Will

The country's most syndicated columnist left the GOP this year over its nominee and has written dozens of columns ripping most everything about Trumpian conservatism.

5. Antonin Scalia

Even in death, the Supreme Court justice who Donald Trump will replace has placed brakes on the president-elect's plans to criminalize flag-burning, re-fight the War on Crime, and go after Sanctuary Cities.

While Democrats may never love these five personalities, they will certainly come to appreciate the roadblocks each have thrown in Donald Trump's way. And maybe reflect on the fact that when it comes to opposing federal power run amok, libertarianism is always a good bet.

Written by Matt Welch. Graphics by Joshua Swain.

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