'Your Tears Are Delicious and Your Parties Will Die,' says Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark

Sarwark sat down with Reason's Matt Welch to discuss the post-election fallout and the future of the LP.


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"Stop wasting your breath. Start working on your own parties. Start working on your own issues," says Libertarian Party national chair Nicholas Sarwark, responding to criticism that Libertarians played a spoiler role and handed Donald Trump the election. "See if you can take my votes in the actual arena of ideas instead of trying to shame me."

Sarwark sat down with Reason's Matt Welch the morning after the election to discuss the performance of the Libertarian presidential ticket this year, which drew about 3.7 million votes, or slightly less than 4 percent of the national popular vote. He also spoke about the future of the Republican Party and directly addressed Democrats complaining that third parties "spoiled" the election for Donald Trump.

Interview by Matt Welch. Edited byZach Weissmueller . Camera by Alex Manning and Justin Monticello.

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