Indiana Lawmakers Surprised To Learn They Banned Driving With Cell Phones

Nanny of the Month, July 2015


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Many young Indiana drivers were surprised to learn the state had banned them from using cellphones while driving. The lawmakers who voted for the ban were also surprised.

"I learned it on the news, but I didn't remember that happening," said Rep. Dan Leonard (R-Huntington).

Turns out at least three other representatives who voted for House Bill 1394 didn't realize it included a provision prohibiting drivers under age 21 from calling while driving (even with a hands-free device). The bill also banned GPS and even listening to Pandora. Dialing 911 is about the only thing you can still do in your car with a phone that's still legal.

Here's hoping the lawmakers who voted for the bill pause to consider the potential unintended consequences—for example, young drivers may opt to text, a method of communicating that's more easily hidden but also more dangerous.

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