Matt Welch Talks Video Game Nation with Spark Unlimited's Craig Allen & USC Game Designer Tracy Fullerton


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"As technology becomes ubiquitous and we have connections, games are just a natural outgrowth of our ability to socialize," says Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited, the video game development company that created the popular Call of Duty series. 

Allen joined Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch and Tracy Fullerton, who is the director of the Game Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California, on May 8, 2014, at the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, CA for the launch of Reason's special gaming issue, "Video Game Nation."

Allen and Fullerton discussed why gaming appeals to so many, how our lives are being gamified using a wealth of quantitative data, and how gaming supports a free market society. 

About 26 minutes. 

Shot by Alexis Garcia, Paul Detrick, and Alex Manning. Edited by Alexis Garcia. 

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