Bloomy May Destroy Business for Selling Gun-Shaped Lighters (Nanny of the Month 5-'13)


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As hoops star Tim Duncan enters yet another NBA finals, he aims to do what New York City Michael Bloomberg has just done: Earn the ultimate recognition in his field one more time before the end of a storied career.

Bloomberg has cemented his legendary status by securing yet another Nanny of the Month award, making him the only three-time "winner" in history. (The mayor also took home a Nanny of the Year award in 2009.)

Recently, the mayor has made headlines after revelations surfaced that he had been sent letters laced with ricin. Here's hoping the authorities arrest those responsible for the horrible act, but these developments are no reason to ignore Bloomberg's latest and perhaps "greatest" act of busybodyism.

Bloomy's men busted Fred Shayes after inspectors discovered he was selling a dozen novelty lighters shaped like guns in his tourist shop. The lighters are just three inches in length, but the city's Department of Consumer Affairs says they could be mistaken for real firearms.

Shayes' bronze, silver, and black doodads don't cut it in Bloomberg's New York, where toy guns may be sold only if they are bright green, red, blue or a neon color. Shayes says he had no idea the lighters were illegal, and removed them from his shelves once he learned they were. But the city is still socking him with $60,000 in fines, enough to put the store owner out of business, says Shayes.

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