Crackdowns on Consensual Sex, Veggies, and more! Nanny of the Year (2011)


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They touch our lives in so many ways, and kicks off awards season by acknowledging those who have devoted their lives to minding other people's business.

Live (to tape) from the fourth floor of the Sepulveda Center in Los Angeles, it's the third annual 2011 Nanny of the Year Awards!

These United States have produced many worthy nominees in 2011. Who could forget the city planner who threatened a woman with 93 days behind bars for growing vegetables or the state senator who did his best to outlaw crossing the street while listening to an iPod (shortly before pleading guilty to federal corruption charges).

But this year the golden Nanny goes to the Wolverine state pol who's bent on making most any kind of teacher-student sex–not just a fireable offense, but a felony, even if the student is older than age 18 or even if teacher and student are middle-aged. (And, in an apparent attempt to secure nanny gold, our winner is also fighting to force school kids to recite the pledge in front of genuine made-in-America flags.)

Presenting's 2011 Nanny of the Year: Michigan State Senator Roger Kahn!

Approximately 2.45 minutes.

"Nanny of the Year" is written and produced by Ted Balaker, who also hosts. Shot by Paul Detrick and Zach Weissmueller. Animation by Austin Bragg.

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