Created by Reggie Schickel

WINNER of the Atlas Shrugged Video Contest!!!

Thanks so much to the Ayn Rand Institute for hosting this competition! It has been a unique opportunity for filmmakers and creatives like myself to creatively and passionately express our perspective on Ayn Rand's pertinent work. There were some other entries that were really great so I feel honored to have won!

Thanks also to John Stossel and the great folks who run the Stossel Show on the Fox Business Network for having the finalists on their show!! Wow, what a great experience! You can see the interview here:…

Also thanks to Jon Carter ( for the great, professional voice over! I wish my voice really sounded like that haha.

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Thanks and enjoy!

Note: "Collectism" at 2:11 should be "Collectivism." There are also a few stray frames. An updated version coming shortly. Thanks.