Libertarian Party Candidate Dale Ogden on the California Governor's Race


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"I don't care if the union thugs hate my guts. I don't care if the government employees hate my guts," says Dale Ogden, the Libertarian Party candidate in the California governor's race. Ogden vows to get the state's fiscal house back in order by returning government spending to at least 1998 levels, before Gray Davis assumed the governor's office and acted, in what Ogden calls, "criminal collusion" with the public-sector unions to secure pension hikes.

Ogden sat down with's Tim Cavanaugh to talk about why neither Democratic candidate Jerry Brown nor Republican Meg Whitman have the political will to pull California's government out of its budget hole.

Approximately 9:45 minutes. Interview by Tim Cavanaugh. Camera by Paul Detrick, Zach Weissmueller and Austin Bragg. Edited by Weissmueller.

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