Morticians Association of America Endorses President Obama's Tough New Fuel Efficiency Standards


Putting things off … It's what we humans do. Thankfully, President Obama has stopped putting things off when it comes to global warming. He's insisting on tough new fuel efficiency standards, and that means our children will enjoy a cleaner environment.

The new standards mean more of us will be driving smaller, fuel-efficient cars. And since smaller, lighter cars-even when they are extremely well-designed for safety-mean more of us will have to plan for our final day sooner than we anticipated, we urge you to follow the president's lead and think ahead.

Don't put off planning for your final day. We're the Morticians Association of America, and we salute President Obama.

Written and produced by Ted Balaker with Paul Detrick. Narrated by Rin Palmer. Approximately 1.13 minutes.