Nick Gillespie on The Citizen's Briefing Book


Last week,'s Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox Business' "Money for Breakfast," hosted by Alexis Glick, to discuss The Citizen's Briefing Book, the latest public-relations ploy emanating from the Obama White House.

Billed as "a closing act for the Transition," the briefing book is "from the American people" to "President Barack Obama" and includes some 400,000 suggestions proferred by over 100,000 respondents, who voted on various proposals. Among the suggestions? Raising taxes on the top 1 percent of income earners, "more stimulus focus on green jobs," and creating a national service corps. The most popular proposal, ending marijuana prohibition, has alas been dismissed out of hand by Barack Obama as not worthy of serious discussion. Which gives a strong sense of just how meaningful the briefing book is.

To read the collection in its entirety, go here.

Appearing with Gillespie were San Francisco-based syndicated columnist Will Durst and Citizens Union head Dick Dadey, both of whom praised the collection as a meaningful exercise in political engagement.

"The Citizen's Briefing Book is part of an orchestrated B.S. P.R. campaign by the Obama administration to appeal the common man," said Gillespie. "If there's one thing worse than being governed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and a bunch of idiot Republicans, it's being governned by our neighbors who have brain farts and write email letters to the president."

Approximately 10 minutes long. Scroll down for embed code, and iPod and audio versions.