Plucked from the sticky bowels of YouTube, this commercial for an Illinois auto dealer has a certain resonance as Clinton and Obama get ready for their (23rd!) debate.

If you have trouble viewing the ad, here's a summary.

(Terrifying, bucktoothed sumo wrestler "Import Man" (representing "Asian capitalists") harasses nebbish woman.)

IMPORT MAN: Pay mo' fo' eeempot cahhhs from meeeeee! Hahahaha!

(Super Don, America's Doughiest Metahuman, flies into the scene.)

SUPER DON: I'm Super Don from South Oak Dodge in Matteson, and I can save you from the import car trap.

(He punches import man.)


(Import Man FLIES into the stratosphere, pursued for some reason by Super Don, as the hero READS a list of cheap cars.)

SUPER DON: Buy American from South Oak Dodge and Chryslers!

IMPORT MAN: Curse you, Super Don!

We now know why Lou Dobbs' show is uncancellable-nativists have powers.