I Just Went to the Jerk Store and They're All Out of Dixie Chicks


Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George can't think of a good comeback on the stop and runs back to deliver it way too late? That's sort of how I reacted to "Not Ready to End the Fight," David Thibodeaux's Yankovic-ian respone to the ancient Dixie Chicks controversy. (They said they were ashamed George W. Bush came from Texas, a shocking statement that rings even still in this Bush-loving country). David, whose song is "Impacting Radio Now!," has a way with words…

Forgive, I should. Forgive, I bet you wish I would. You say time heals everything. But I'm not waiting.

The second verse is a direct hit on the Femmes la Dixie, and, if possible, it's even more convincing.

You once walked on that yellow brick road. But now you stumble on jagged stones. I kinda like it.

Y'all know who I am, so, girls, sing the chorus!

I'm not ready to end the fight, I'm not ready to back down. 'Cause I'm been through hell and I don't have time to go round and round and round. It's to late to turn back now. You know I wouldn't if I could. Cause I'm proud as hell and can't bring myself to do what it is you think I should.

I think you should keep making records. Can you do that?

The video is here.