Ron Paul's changing focus from his presidential run to his House campaign has clearly rattled the rEVOLution. Contributions have been drying up online; forums are chock-a-block with discussions about whether the national campaign let them down. In response, Paul's put out a lengthy video expanding on the statement.

That's most of what it does: Repeat the arguments of the February 8 statement in Paul's own, seemingly off-the-cuff words.

– Paul talks about the campaign's big successes in the past tense. "We at least got into the debates, even though we didn't get an even amount of time."

– The big news of the video: Paul wants a "grand march on Washington." "We out to have a true march to show what our numbers really are." He appeals to the people who donated money and showed the media that there was real excitement behind his campaign: This wasn't some Alan Keyes vanity project. "If nobody shows up, maybe it means there weren't enough of us."

– He's really banking on this march idea. "I am at a point where I think we need to make a grand stand." He's not sure about the timing: "Three or four months, before the convention."

This explains a campaign announcement that didn't make much sense this morning: Paul will be in DC tomorrow, the day after the primary, giving a speech at George Washington University.