Civil Liberties


Drew Carey tells the tale of a Hollywood bar owner whose business gets bulldozed when politicians plan to 'redevelop' the area by letting a private developer erect a giant hotel complex in its place. Eminent domain is perfectly legal, but is it necessary? Down the road, Anaheim is redeveloping without resorting to bully tactics.


HD Download host Drew Carey revisits the problem of eminent domain abuse following up on his earlier video, National City: Eminent Domain Gone Wild.

The City of Los Angeles used eminent domain to take a popular Hollywood bar and numerous other small businesses so that the city could hand the land over to private developers planning to build a W hotel and million-dollar condos. Fortunately, there's a better way to revitalize neighborhoods. In contrast to Hollywood, Mayor Curt Pringle of nearby Anaheim has found a way to encourage redevelopment by working cooperatively with property owners, without using the power of eminent domain.

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