You might think those black-lunged Euros would turn away Nanny Staters and their smoking bans. Not so.

Witness the spread of bans in some the world's smokinest spots: Ireland, France, and, as Dave Chappelle discovers, even in London comedy clubs (thanks to Maura for the link).

At around 2:00 minutes, the comic gets an on-stage visit from a guy who isn't amused with Dave's smoking. Even a quip about smoking being part of his act can't save his flame. Wonder if he'd be allowed to keep puffing if smoking were an "integral part of the story." As Jacob Sullum points out, dramatic performances are one of the few loopholes in Belmont, California's new ban.

Of course, if you believe Chappelle and others are killing people with their cigarette smoke, then you've got plenty to smile about.

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