Rep. Ron Paul's $1.1 million New Hampshire ad buy is kicking off with this ad, "Catching On," and it's already being blasted by YouTube commenters:

OMG! Common' guys! This is a terrible ad! My goodness. The Ron Paul revolution means a lot more than this. We will lost for sure if this ad is used…Stop, stop, stop!!! AHH!

I got nothin but love for Ron Paul, but this is pretty bad.

I'd be really pissed if I had donated money for this ad. It really is a waste.

I, like a lot of other people, have worked my ass off day and night for months just to get this guy some extra money—and if this is how he intends to use it then I honestly feel like I've wasted my time.

The production quality is better (and less 1982-ish) than that of Paul's first ad, but the stilted acting gives it a Waiting for Guffman feel. The YouTube reaction reminds me of the angry pushback when Howard Dean used $1.4 million of last-minute donations for the Wisconsin primary on the half-baked "switch" ads.