Gary Johnson Voters Explain Why They're Not To Blame for President Trump

Reason TV traveled to Albuquerque to get Johnson supporters' take on this election and their role in it, and to find out what's next for the Libertarian Party after an historic showing in the popular vote.


Supporters of Gary Johnson gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Tuesday to celebrate the end of the 2016 presidential campaign and a record-breaking vote total for the Libertarian Party. The former New Mexico governor and his running mate, former Massachussetts governor William Weld, earned nearly 4 million votes as of Tuesday night, more than tripling the Libertarians' 2012 vote total.

But Tuesday night also saw the election of Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the land, upending the collective political wisdom and nearly all pre-election forecasts. The Libertarian ticket drew more votes than the difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton, leading to an outpouring of criticism from Democrats who claimed that Johnson voters handed Trump the presidency. So what do Libertarian voters think of this charge?

Reason TV traveled to Albuquerque to get Johnson supporters' take on this election and their role in it, and to find out what's next for the Libertarian Party after an historic showing in the popular vote.

Produced by Zach Weissmueller, Justin Monticello, and Alex Manning.

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    2. On the plus side, it’s hard for you to get more insufferable than you were before the election. Please don’t prove me wrong.

    3. I’m sure Trump won’t support any anti-Liberty laws, so I doubt your Trump support will get thrown in your face.

  2. Of course Johnson voters are to blame. Just like anything and everything that isn’t “Hillary was a criminal that most sane people loathe” will be to blame.

      1. He better never go jogging. Or sailing. Or fly in a plane. He has a huge target on his back.

        1. Eh, I think Trump will just fire him. That’s what he does best anyway, right?

          1. It’s not Trump he has to worry about…

            1. On the other hand, have the Clintons ever done anyone in purely for revenge? Isn’t it always to cover something up? He might be okay unless he has dirt.

    1. Hillary votes are to blame. If they just all switched to Johnson he’d have won!

    2. In fairness, many Hillary backers have turned on the Stein voters.

    3. I voted for Johnson. As did my wife. So what?

      1. Me and my entire family did as well. A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson! The Clinton/Trump trainwreck are the only ones to blame for the next 4 years.

  3. My vote belongs to no one but me. Fuck you. Nominate someone who isn’t pure evil next time.

    1. 100% chance they do that, since no one alive today is as evil as Canklestien. May her last days be grim and bitter. I actually feel sort of bad saying that, but some people are just beyond redemption. You know, irredeemable. Deplorable? Yeah, fuck you, Hillary, straight to hell.

      1. I kinda felt sorry for her, but the $250 million she amassed in the last 15 years of public service will probably mean she can scrape by.

        1. She was hoping for some really strong ebay bids on the WH silver.

        2. That money will allow her to live high on the hog when she skips town to Brazil ahead of the coming Clinton Foundation indictments.

          1. The Brazilians have already said they have one Dilma, and that’s one too many.

          2. That money will allow her to live high on the hog when she skips town to Brazil ahead of the coming Clinton Foundation indictments.

            Brazil has an extradition treaty with the US. Qatar, the Emirates, and the Sauds don’t.

      2. Barnabas Collins to Hillary: “Here are my terms: Goest thou to hell, and swiftly please, and there may Asmodeus himself suckle from your diseased teat!”

    2. And I repeat: what makes the Democrats think that those votes would’ve gone to Clinton if Johnson was not on the ballot? Johnson voters could just as well have stayed home or even voted for Trump or Stein. Or, like me, they could’ve simply not voted for any Presidential candidate.

      1. ^This. I voted for Johnson but it was a choice between that an no one at the top of the ticket.

    3. This! The peoples votes do not belong to any political party. If they didn’t vote for a party’s candidate then too bad. The parties are not feudal lords that can command the allegiance of the peasantry.

    4. I pointed this out to someone on my calorie counting website when she was all “fuck third party voters who handed the election to trump!”

      Look, if you’ll do me a solid and elect someone who isn’t a goddamn travesty next time, maybe I’ll think about voting for him/her.

      We’re no longer friends. Lol.

    5. +1 Scott Brown


  5. Deplorables! Badthinkers! Women misogynists! Oppression is diversity! THIS IS EVERYONE’S FAULT BUT OURS!


    1. Yeah, sounds like my FB feed. Also had someone accost me on there and blame the Johnson campaign for Trump’s win. I tried to explain well, you see, only about 20-30% of Johnson’s support by election day could have gone to Clinton had he withdrawn, and since at least that much of it would have gone to Trump, at best you would have gained nothing by Johnson’s absence. But they kept yelling and now we’re not friends.

  6. I’m guilty as charged, mutha ‘uckas!

  7. When’t Hillary’s concession speech? I’ve filled my reservoir with salty prog tears and am rolling out the collection barrels for another round.

    Where’s Tony?

    1. When’s. Damnit, Reason. I’ll redo this shit chatroom for free. Well, not really, but still I’ll fix it.

      1. It was supposed to be at 10:30 but it hasn’t started yet.

        1. And the MSM isn’t calling it a concession speech, just “remarks.”

          1. LOL, I love the way they can change anything with just the right magical words.

          2. Her lawyer told her to keep her mouth shut til the pardon came thru.

  8. Well, it was not as if their crooked candidate or party was getting my vote anyway.

  9. I and proud to fully accept blame, both R and D candidates were terrible and I wasn’t going to hold my nose for either of them. Fuck them!

    And yes, I live in a swing state.

    1. I live in Virginia, so not a swing state, but I would have voted for GJ regardless.

    2. Same here, (except the swing state bit; Maryland was all about Clinton). I proudly did not vote for either of the terrible, grossly unsuitable candidates, and if the election were exactly tied and my vote was going to be the vote that decided the election, I would still vote libertarian without shame or remorse.

    3. In NC Johnson didn’t even beat the spread, so I can’t take any credit for Trump winning. But at least we got ballot access, with all 4 L’s for statewide races exceeding the required 2%.

    4. This. I live in NC, thought to be the swingiest of swing states going into the election, and never contemplated for a millisecond casting a presidential vote for anyone other than GJ. If there were only two choices on the ballot, I’d have stayed home. My vote was not in play.

  10. Delicious, hot, liberal tears! Yummy!…..ion-party/

    There simply not enough safe spaces.

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed watching that during lunch.

      Anyone have any fun Rachel Maddow meltdown clips?

  11. Yup. Blame is now being directed our way, predictably.

    Let me get this straight. You elect a corrupt robot candidate w/ horrible ideas in your primary and foist her upon America, and I’m supposed to feel bad about not voting for her. Blow me.

    1. This

      We keep saying that any Republican other than Trump should have ran away with this (which I still think is probably true, his narrow EC victory not withstanding).

      Well, any Democrat other than Clinton should also have been able to run away with this (which I still think is probably true, her narrow popular vote victory not withstanding [assuming it holds up]).

      Where is all the hate for Elizabeth Warren for not running? She was the one that was supposed to save progressives, right?

      1. Even Biden would probably have won.

        1. Biden, clown though he is, would have won easily. Gotta think he’s having some serious regrets this morning.

          1. But I dont think he could have won the primary.

            1. Nobody could have won the primary but Hillary because it was rigged from the beginning. It was kind of nice saying to Bernie supporters “now you know how I feel every election.”

  12. You know what? I’ll forgive Hillary after she goes to prison and pays her debt to society, like anyone else besides her would be doing. Damnit, this is supposed to be a nation of laws, not a pay for play crime mafia. Go to prison Hillary and apologize to the American people. That is all.

    1. I don’t care if Hillary goes to prison. It would suit me if she just rode off in to the sunset, never to be heard from again.

    2. That will make a martyr out of her. The biggest punishment that you could hand her is the one being delivered: she will wake up alone and forgotten every morning for the next four years. Nobody will care about her opinion. Nobody will follow her orders. The primary goal of her life, taken away.

      1. That’s probably true. It’s gratifying to know she’ll be forgotten in the dustbin of history. If she had become president, she probably would have gotten favorable reviews (just for being not Republican) and she would have been famous for being the first woman president. It almost makes me pity her to realize how much she must have craved this… in the middle of that sentence any I had pity for her was completely replaced by disgust. So good for the Donald for taking that away from her.

      2. I wonder (seriously) if she should be on suicide watch.

        1. I don’t know about suicide, but I do think that the prospect of the Presidency was one of the things keeping her going through her what-looks-like considerable health problems.

          Wouldn’t surprise me at all to find her dead in less than two years from natural causes.

          1. Yeah, good point. That’ll be Trump’s fault of course.

  13. “Your tears are delicious and your parties should die!”

    Glorious. This Sarwark guy, I like the cut of his jib.

    1. From everything I’ve heard or read from him he is the bomb diggity.

    2. I’m having that tattooed on my right bicep tomorrow.

  14. I’m enjoying every moment of hate from these whiney, entitled pricks. Especially celebrities like Seth MacFarlane and Wil Wheaton and the like.

    1. I’m not enjoying it because it more or less confirms that they won’t learn a damn thing from this.

      1. Oh, they’ll learn. The general trend, across the U.S., is towards the GOP. The White House seems to be the only thing in play.

        The media will learn shit from this, of course.

    2. MacFarlane had a brief moment of clarity where he said something like hey, maybe get outrageously outraged and accusing virtually everyone who isn’t in lockstep with us as being the equivalent of Byron de la Beckwith wasn’t a great idea.

      Then he resumed his usual progderp.

  15. Is Clinton going to win the popular vote?

  16. Anyone who says that can fuck right the hell off. People get my vote when they earn it. If they can’t do that, that is their problem, not mine.

  17. Still no sign of Hillary at her concession speech.

    1. She’s trying to get the damned spot off her hands. I’m fairly certain she killed a housekeeper while in a blind fury last night.

    2. Her staffers are probably still trying to talk her into giving one.

    3. “Huma pls hav the housekeepr give the speech 4 me.”

  18. I posted the “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT THIRD PARTY VOTERS” posts I saw in the lynx, but for something different, here’s awesome 30-for-30 director (and noted ultraliberal) Billy Corben on the subject:

    There is a large group of disaffected Americans tired of the rigged system and wanting change. They aren’t racist, misogynist, homophobic or xenophobic. We were Bernie supporters.

    If the Democrats cared about the future of our country and not just their own power, they would’ve nominated a better candidate. Someone who would’ve inspired people and motivated them to turnout and vote.

    There’s an old saying: In a democracy, people get the government they deserve. If you think we deserve better, we must work harder.

    At least one of them gets it.

  19. Besides, you silly liberal dickweeds, Hillary won my state in spite of my vote for Johnson. So how the fuck is it my fault?

    I haven’t crunched the numbers myself yet, but which state did Johnson supposedly “take” from Hillary?

    1. Florida and Michigan by the numbers, but only if you assume that all Johnson voters were really Hillary defectors. She still would have lost Ohio, though.

      1. Really? I’m so pleased. Of course, the numbers I’ve seen have indicated that only a majority were otherwise HC voters. My wife and I, for instance, are registered Republicans. Who pretty much voted LP, where possible, and mostly followed LP endorsements for our county. Most of those, interestingly enough, were GOP.

        1. They have to soothe themselves somehow, PL.

          1. What’s good for us is that we’re used to total failure when it comes to limited government. Though I did see that Dr. Paul won handily.

    2. I think Florida is one of the culprits where the 3rd party votes would cover the difference between Trump and Hillary. I know PA was close as well.

    3. Johnson didn’t come close to covering the spread in NC. All 4 of the L’s for statewide races got at least 2%, though. So, the LP will have ballot access. And the governor’s race is down to 4500 votes, so the 2% for the LP gubernatorial candidate did make a difference.

    4. I counted up 12 states where the 3rd party vote covered the spread. Seven (NV, CO, NM, MN, VA, NH, ME) broke for Hil anyway, giving her 50 EV. (Since ME went 3 Hil, 1 Trump). For the other 5:

      AZ went to Trump by about 4, 3rd party aggregate (3pa) was 5. I don’t think it made a difference.
      WI went to Trump by less than 1; 3pa was a little over 5. I think their butthurt is justified.
      FL went to Trump by about one and a third; 3pa was a little over 3. Maybe? At least we’d be in recount hell.
      MI went to Trump by about 1/3 a point; 3pa was over 5. More justified butthurt.
      PA went to Trump by a little more than 1, 3pa was over 3.5. See FL.

      So, if you think WI, and MI would’ve flipped, that’s 26 votes. Or a shift of 52 in margin. 280-258 Trump by my map.

      Add FL and PA though, and you’re looking at 75 votes, and a totally new President.

      1. Pre-election polls from Florida indicated that leaving Johnson and Stein off the ballot helped Trump.

      2. Can’t just look at the percentages. Gotta look at the total number of votes cast and compare it to historical turnout levels. If people in WI, who in the past have been otherwise reliable D voters, failed to come out then you cannot blame the third party as the spoiler.

        Their own candidate was the spoiler.

    5. How is it your fault? Seriously? “You didn’t build that” and “it takes a village”. You not only owe Queen Hillary your vote, your fealty and your allegience, your very life, you owe it to Her to get out and make sure everybody else pays their debt to society by voting for Her as well. You have a very literal debt you owe society for your existence, one you can never hope to repay, and when Her Highnesss called in the marker you fucking welshed on the debt you lowdown lying cheating ungrateful cheapass sonofabitch. How dare you ask how it’s your fault? Get back on your knees, you dirty dog! You don’t even deserve the attention it would take to have Her spit on you.

  20. Penn Jillette hit hardest. He made his integrity vanish.

    1. It was an illusion all along.

      1. O’Rourke can go fuck off as well.

        1. That was disappointing from the creator of Parliament of Whores

          1. Seriously. I got Parliament of Whores as a Christmas present when I was 15, and I’d say it did more to shape my opinions than anything else I’ve ever read, before or since. PJ actually endorsing her was a major, major disappointment.

  21. “Listen, we did our damnedest to campaign for Hilary. Bill Weld was the VP of my dreams!”

    1. No more Cankles. No more Weld.

    2. I can see Weld as being the platonic ideal of a bucket of warm piss.

    3. Bill Weld was the only republican who ever made me vote for a democrat. That was back when he was running for Massachusetts governor against John Silber, a willy cantankerous old coot. He was a wishy-washy watered down RINO then, and showed himself to be much of the same this time around.

  22. If you buy into a system that’s proven to continually present you with terrible options, don’t be surprised when one of those terrible options is elected – even it’s not your terrible option.

    If people are upset that Johnson voters may have spoiled the election, then great! Come talk to me in 20/20 and tell me about how you’re going to represent my interests to earn to my vote.

  23. I’ll leave this here for all the Dems blaming everyone else for their own fuckups. You are the ones that compromised for the sake of “electabilty” and betrayed your own conscience, not us.


    In the end, the Dems had no balls, and they paid for it. Oh well.

  24. If you prop up a system that continually presents you with terrible options, don’t be shocked when one of those terrible options wins the election.

    If the Dems are upset that Johnson/Stein voters could have spoiled the election, then great! Come talk to me in 2020 and convince me that your candidate is going to represent me interests to earn my vote.

    1. You hit the nail on the head.

      1. Twice, thanks to skwirrlz.

  25. I’m more interested to see the reaction from all the fake libertarians mentioned yesterday who voted for the hag.

    1. A lot of people have no clue at all what a libertarian is. I’ve seen a good number of GJ supporters come over from the Bernie camp. Huh?

      1. SF had a great point about libertines vs libertarians, and how people—including me at the time—often confuse them.

        I’m willing to accept their ignorance, so long as they’ll work with me to help achieve some of our goals. If pro-weed had to rely only on Objectivists and NAP-libertarians, we’d still be in the Prohibition dark ages, instead of realistically seeing the possibility of President Trump taking MJ off the Controlled Substances Schedules.

        1. What we need most is to convince more people that limited government is necessary, because the alternative is disaster, in the long run.

          1. Yes. Maybe these Bernie-loving morons will realize that because they don’t trust the government when it comes to war and drugs, they shouldn’t trust the government when it comes to everything else.

              1. +1 pair of platform shoes

    2. In the voting booth yesterday, I frickin’ agonized over whether I had the luxury of voting for a “libertarian” I couldn’t stand. There was an honest-to-Murgatroid criminal about to take the highest office in Muricaland. Threatening Russia. What was the correct decision – a half-hearted sop to principle, or trying to avert certain disaster with mere probable disaster?

      I threw away my vote by choosing a fake libertarian, and got back home to a Reason article that doesn’t appear to realize people like me even existed.

      Quelle surprise, indeed.

  26. Oh good! Finally my voted counted!

  27. 45 minutes late. Is Hillary going to come out beeping in one of those Captain Pike wheelchairs?

    1. 1 beep for “eat shit”, 2 beeps for “fuck off”.

  28. “…and here is a list of those who have publicly said they will leave the United States if Trump is elected president.”

    Read more at…..3yJ0JfW.99

    1. Whoopi can finally go hang out with her not-rape-rape friends.

    2. I thought a lot of these people already left in 2004?

  29. In all of this, why can’t anyone think of the poor children in Aleppo? Gary Johnson don’t even know where that is, and Trump will forget all about it. Only Hillary could have save them, by bombing them some more, setting the entire place on fire and pouring gasoline on it.

    1. Give ’em the ol’ Libya treatment

  30. I’ve got to take my pleasures where I can.

    I wish I could sample the fear and loathing at the IRS today.

  31. I’m sure Trump will be awful and we’ll all, well at least all of us here, will full on hate him in no time at all. But, think of this for a moment, anyway. Hillary Clinton is gone from politics forever. Never again will we get to see her pointing fingers and shreeking like an insane harpy. She’ll never get to appoint even one justice to the court. I’m going to take this one moment of happiness before the inevitable continuation of the wholesale destruction of liberty.

    1. + 1 cackle

    1. Looks like Cytotoxic is in the comments section

      To all beautiful american women of all colors: Come to Canada’ the men here will treat you right because cleary your country is filled with racist rednecks who don’t respect women so come her to see what real men are like.

      1. As long as the ugly ones go as well, I can’t see a downside here.

      2. Take the ugly ones too.

      3. Hmm. Despite my wife’s many pleas with me to vote for Trump, I didn’t do it. Is that misogyny?

  32. Clinton is about to make her concession speech. I would pay good money to see someone run up on the stage and throw a bucket of water on her.

    That aside, let’s see if Trump makes good on any of the things he campaigned on. The first thing I want to see is 25% of federal workers gone and fed regulations slashed.

    1. I’m only hopeful on one count. Trump’s foreign policy talk actually sounds pretty damn close to Rand Paul’s foreign policy talk. Oh, well, and SCOTUS. So there’s 2 things I’m holding out some hope for.

      1. I doubt he appoints anyone who will overturn Kelo.

      2. I doubt he appoints anyone who will overturn Kelo.

        1. Even if he did, it’s highly unlikely the court would rehear another case that might contravene the ruling. Going forward, we’ll have a SCOTUS less awful than it could have been. Could you imagine 8 years from now having John Turncoat Roberts as the sole right winger on the bench?

    2. I’m also curious if he stays firm on his promised 15% corporate tax, given that that is one reform that sure as hell won’t be disputed by members of his own party, and would actually be a pretty massive change in the U.S. tax system.

  33. You would think with all of their grand liberal arts, etc., educations they would have learned about where hubris takes you from the ancient Greeks.

    1. Do they learn the classics anymore?

      1. No, the classics are racist.

        They were studied by white slaveholders, and look where that got us.

        1. The once greatest government of a large state ever?

          1. Shhhh.

  34. Podesta looks like his pimp knocked out all his teeth so he could charge more for blowjobs.

  35. How can Americans be so dumb?

    How could Americans be so dumb as to put into the Oval Office a lying racist tax-avoiding billionaire chancer accused of a series of sexual assaults?

    If the shoe were on the other foot, how could they be so dumb as to put a lying, corrupt, inept, etc. etc.

  36. Fucking squirrels.

  37. A salt mine . . .…..trump.html

    According to CNN, 53 percent of white female voters voted for Donald Trump. Fifty-three percent. More than half of white women voted for the man who bragged about committing sexual assault on tape, who said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, who has promised to undo legislation that has afforded health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans, whose parental leave plan is a joke, who has spent his campaign dehumanizing nonwhite people, who has spent 30-plus years in the public eye reducing women to their sexual attributes. More than half of white women looked at the first viable female candidate for the presidency, a wildly competent and overqualified career public servant, and said, “Trump that bitch.”

    What leads a woman to vote for a man who has made it very clear that he believes she is subhuman? Self-loathing. Hypocrisy. And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white supremacy over every other issue.

    1. I should have bought more rain barrels. Jebus, they are all overflowing with delicious tears.

      1. WTF? You’re not having your orphans hand make more right now? I’m disappointed in you, Suthen, I’m sending you over some of my surplus barrels, my orphans have been going at it since 2am this morning. I’m gonna let them take a 5 minute break in a few more hours. Yes, I know, I’m too soft.

      2. It’s not good that so many people buy this drivel. For the most part, the U.S. is about as pluralistic as humans can be.

    2. “a wildly competent and overqualified career public servant”

      Do you think that maybe 53% of white women know pure unadulterated bullshit when they hear it? I sure hope the number is much higher than that.

    3. The hardest-core pro-life folks I know are all women, and every single woman I know who voted for Trump did so because of the abortion issue. Apparently when you consider abortion murder, being for it is a bit worse than being for groping.

    4. “wildly competent and overqualified”? BWAHAHAHAHAHA… know, I hear an awful lot about her supposed competence and qualifications without ever seeing any concrete examples of them. Odd, no? And where exactly did this conventional wisdom bit about “career public servant” come from? Being the wife of an office holder isn’t public service. She was in the Senate for eight years and did nothing noteworthy, then she was a bumbling failure of a Secretary of State for four. The woman is almost 70 years old. Her career extends far past twelve years.

      1. They must be talking about getting kicked off the watergate investigation for being too biased.

  38. The live feed of the concession speech features some very uncomfortable looking assistants.

    1. I think they sent Kaine out to bore them to sleep so she doesn’t have to go out.

      1. I’m not watching. Is Kaine’s eyebrow doing the thing? How high up his forehead is it?

        1. They were both way up. And he looked a bit like he was going to or had been throwing up.

          1. That’s because he knows what’s coming later. She is going to… chastise him.

            1. Dd you see his wife? I’m not sure what more Hillary can do to him.

              1. His wife is the only reason he has a political career, though, so he has no choice but to put up with her. She’s the daughter of a former VA governor, from a old and powerful family in VA political circles. How else would a man so completely bereft of charm and personality get as far as he has?

    2. Well duh, they just carried PA GOTV Captain Needa’s lifeless body out of Hillary’s ready room.

  39. I wouldn’t take the blame for Trump wining.

    I’d take the credit for Hillary losing.

    Hey Democrats, if you wanted to have your candidate in office, you should have done something–anything–to appeal to Libertarians.

    Nick Gillespie had a debate over whether libertarians should vote for Trump.

    Did anyone have a debate over whether a libertarian should vote for Hillary? If there was one, I didn’t hear about it.

    Maybe the reason no one debated over whether to vote for Hillary is because there are hardly any reasons for a libertarian to vote for Hillary.

    All the arguments I saw by #NeverTrump libertarians were ridiculous.

  40. Clinton can’t even concede right. Fucking incompetent.

    1. Waiting for her to stoically recite the lyrics to “Fight Song” one last time, with a single tear in her eye.

    2. She’s incredibly incompetent. It’s awesome to behold, really.

  41. Proud to have “wasted” my vote here in Florida. Gary isn’t perfect but he’s the only one who I deemed worthy of gaining my vote. Hillary is by no means a champion of individual liberty, and if people chose to vote for her for whatever reason, that’s their decision. Besides, wasn’t a Clinton vote a protest against Trump? And seeing as how she lost, couldn’t it be said that they wasted their vote?

  42. 3% while dragging Weld is like getting 10% for someone with a regular VP candidate.

    1. Plus Weld failed in getting Clinton elected.

    2. Such a major self-inflicted wound. I like Gary. He seems like a decent guy, though I have my share of disagreements with him, but his bizarre infatuation with William fucking Weld makes me very glad that he’ll never be on an LP ticket again.

      1. I don’t know much about Johnson, but I figured if the guy managed to get elected governor twice he must have some political chops so I kept waiting for him to break out some drunken boxing move that showed he had some sneaky-ass plan for accomplishing something and his brain-dead stoner act was just all a ruse to sucker in his opponents. Getting kinda late in the day to show us all he had some sort of plan going on. I’m getting kinda concerned here that maybe the brain-dead stoner bit wasn’t an act.

  43. I want to know how many Clinton Foundation donors are going to ask for their money back.

  44. Not mentioned: how Egg McMuffin’s efforts to throw the election to Hillary failed spectacularly.

  45. So that’s what delusional “WOOO!”ing sounds like.

  46. It’s freedom of religion, dummy

  47. mic issues, that’s karma

  48. The delusion is strong with progs, already blaming it on racist america, that same racist america that elected obama 2 times.

    1. That’s the one. After electing a black man president twice, we decided to show how racist we are by not electing a white woman.

      Logic is hard.

    2. I had to point out that defector working-class Dems sunk Hillary, not racists nor Libertarians.

      Obama won traditionally Democratic Trumbull County by 22 fucking points in 2012. Trump won it by 7 points last night.

      How else does one explain that?

      1. Sexism! Duh.

    3. I saw the hens on The View clucking about Van Jones choking back the sobs as he demanded Trump assure minorities he was disavowing the racist “whitelash” aganst Obama. That’s really what this election was, you know – a racist electorate lashing out at an uppity nigger for forgetting his place. And they went around the table – a table where there is literally no place for a white man, or any man at all – and they nodded and allowed as how maybe misogyny against an uppity bitch who didn’t know her place might have had somethig to do with it, but certainly this was a racist attack on Obama as well.

      And there’s the problem staring you right in your damn stupid face. You’re demanding the guy you’ve been demonizing as literally Hitler and calling everything but a child of God for the last year now bend the knee before you as you whine about your feelings? Fuck off. You’ve said the same shit a thousand times and no amount of apologizing or explaining or soft talk or groveling ever results in anything but further demands for even greater amounts of forelock-tugging abasement. So, no, you don’t get nothing but a “fuck off” because you’re not bargaining in good faith and we’re done here.

      1. Well said. And they’ll still never get it. These people will fade into obscurity wondering why those stupid racist white hetero men won’t do what they’re told.

  49. Yes, the count is not final, but right now Trump has 59,251,810 votes (per Fox News) while the internet says Romney got 60,933,500 back in 2012.

    This was Hillary’s race to lose and lose it she did. No one else bears as much responsibility for Trump’s victory as the Clinton machine.

  50. “11 things Donald Trump promised to do as president”

    The Chron has decided to keep track of a president’s promises. Now.

    1. A lot of progs have quickly shifted into this line of attack, which is amusing me almost as much as the tears. An acquaintance of mine, who just the other day called me na?ve for expecting presidential candidates to be held to the same laws as everyone else and shrugged off Hillary’s massive corruption with “Hey, that’s politics” now is firing off peevish Facebook posts about all the promises Trump won’t keep.

      A politician making promises he won’t keep? Oh? Who’s being na?ve now, Kay?

  51. Of course the party that doesn’t believe in responsibility for one’s actions has got to blame someone. But what don’t they get about a libertarian not wanting to vote for Hillary? If anything, I suspect that more potential Johnson voters switched to Trump at the last minute. I was tempted to do so, but had voted early in Virginia where it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. FU proggies and your shitty candidate.

  52. Perusing the New York Times this morning was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You’d think the Germans had bombed Pearl Harbor last night.

    And the comments? They put me in mind of this.

  53. “Top House Democrat Nancy Pelosi says America has “a responsibility to come together and find common ground” in the aftermath of the bitterly contested election.”…..603794.php

    Now that there’s an R pres and both houses have R majorities, Pelosi is all for ‘common ground’. Like, oh, the way she got O-care passed; that sort of ‘common ground’.

    1. Hey Nan, he won.

      Isn’t that how this works?

    2. “Elections have consequences”. I forget who said that but it was some learned Constitutional scholar Pelosi might be familiar with.

  54. Watched some of it with my girlfriend last night. The best part was where they kept showing the Hillary HQ, with the weeping Hillbots.

  55. “Lady Gaga is in tears, Cher is in tears.”

    And I cannot stop laughing.

  56. Another note, according to exit polls, if only the

    1. …the squirrels remove the rest of my post, then maybe I’ll shut up…

  57. My theory is this: Hillary was not available to address her troops last night because she had an apoplectic fit when they called Pennsylvania for Trump, and had to be put into a medically induced coma to relieve the pressure on her brain.

  58. Watching Morning Joke replay: Mika just asked Kelly Ann, “ARE YOU PROUD OF WHAT YOU’VE DONE?”

    Good grief. I’m mildly surprised Mika’s not already dead of an “accidental overdose” of sleeping pills and scotch.

  59. OT: Derpbook Prog tears:

    “Feeling raw & vulnerable today. However, I am also feeling extremely determined. Having a child does that. I am determined to show my daughter what real leadership looks like. And it starts here.

    **I tried to write a lot of different things, but I really am still quite speechless.”

  60. 3rd parties are extremely important to our election process and was especially so this year because of concerns about the character and the policies of both Clinton and Trump.

    For the most part, biased media and their polling system is to blame for the outcome because of almost exclusive exposure given to the major party candidates. The corrupt R & D run debate commission knowingly set the 15% polling threshold for invitations on stage, insurmountable without equal and fair media coverage and inclusive polling questions. Turnout was high and motivated for change and were fed Trump as their only option!

    Okay, we’ve got a Republican House, Senate, and President! No gridlock excuses! Let’s see them work to regain manufacturing jobs; lower taxes; implement new policies outlined during campaigning; protect us from criminals, drug dealers, and deadbeats; eliminate terrorism; end the wars abroad and bring our military men and women home! I hope for the voters’ that elected him, Trump stops whining, pulls up his big boy pants, and delivers on his promises!

    1. Well the proggies should be pleased that they will get to bitch and moan nonstop about the president again for the first time in 8 years. Since the GOP now owns Trump, they can expect to take a hit in the 2018 midterms, and lose congress and senate if he really fucks things up. I also think we can expect to see President Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

      1. President Elizabeth Warren

        Great, Woodrow Wilson 2.0.

        *vomits into lap*

  61. Cause no Libertarian would have voted Clinton. That’s why.

  62. RE: Gary Johnson Voters Explain Why They’re Not To Blame for President Trump

    Gary Johnson voters don’t have to explain why they’re not to blame for President Trump the Grump.
    Trump voters are to blame for Trump the Grump being president.

  63. Awww, boo hoo Democrats. I hate how people expect us Libertarians to vote for their shitty candidates that we don’t like and don’t share much in common with in regard to policies. Yeah, let me just vote for your shitty candidate who I maybe agree with on 3 positions, instead of voting for a candidate I agree with on nearly all positions. How do they even think that would ever happen?

  64. At what, 5%, I don’t see how Johnson voters are responsible for anything.
    Hell, Johnson couldn’t even pick a VP that would vote for own ticket.

  65. At what, 5%, I don’t see how Johnson voters are responsible for anything.
    Hell, Johnson couldn’t even pick a VP that would vote for own ticket.

  66. Sorry Prog!! LOL – I did not hold my nose and waste my vote on your candidate – the racist warmonger Hitlery Clinton!!

  67. #FeltTheJohnson

    Simple as that. If I wanted to vote for either Trump or Clinton, there were convenient little buttons for me to do so. I chose not to vote for either one. A pox on both their houses. I voted for who I thought would do the best job. I think it’s a shame he didn’t win this time around, but if I didn’t vote for either Hillary or the Donald, then my vote wasn’t FOR either Hillary or the Donald. It was for Gary.

    Personally, with all the salt being slung around, can’t we use some of that for our popcorn, while we watch all the Democrats melting down? It’s quite entertaining, actually.

  68. The vote total had more to do with the D and the R than with the LP. People voted LP in spite of Johnson/Weld, not because of them. It CERTAINLY WAS NOT because of their deep commitment to and great explanations of LP principles.

  69. Many I suspect didn’t want either candidate voting for Johnson, plain and simple. Regardless of party, there were many more voters who voted against a candidate. Not all those that voted Libertarian were Libertarians, and Democrat turnout was low because Democrats had a horrible candidate.

  70. nobody would blame Johnson for Trumps victory. But they may have blamed him for a Hillary victory.

    Trump obtained 2 million fewer votes than Romney in 2012, while Johnson obtained an additional 2.5 million votes mostly from former Romney voters. Johnson must be a true deplorable, 99% of his support came from white voters. According to exit polls not a single African American voted for Gary Johnson. Hard to see how he took a single vote from Hillary.

  71. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  72. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  73. I voted for all LP candidates because I think that the more votes that party gets, the harder it will be for the RepubliCrats to ignore libertarian ideas in future elections.

    I wasn’t that impressed by Johnson/Weld, but Trump/Clinton made me want to throw-up when I thought about voting for either of them.

  74. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  75. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  76. Gary is responsible for his poor showing by choosing a running mate who probably voted for Clinton.
    Clinton is responsible for running an illegal server, a criminal empire disguised as a Charity and lying about her lies.
    Trump is responsible for denying the entitled Clinton the Whitehouse and making Liberals/Hillary cry!

    It all worked out, unfortunately the LP party didn’t breach 5%!

  77. Capt Obvious quotes :
    The man you put your faith in has not even attempted to unite the country. Gary Johnson had zero chance to win , nor Jill Stein as well.
    From the volume of people protesting this election, as Hillary HAS won the popular vote, this petition has merit.
    Your support for Johnson , Stein Trump, from day one was insulted by the man, Trump himself, because HIS words, “I love the uneducated” look it up. I looked at all candidates before voting, voted in primaries for Kasich, because he was the only Adult on the stage at the debates. Trump floated above any fray, because he’s a celebrity, and received over $3 Billion in FREE air time any time he open his mouth, good or bad. If the media and Trump supporters ever looked into financing for 3rd party candidates, who/how were they kept alive in the race and ended up in almost all 50 states but were suppressed from the debates. but in the KEY / Flipped states were over 2.5 million votes that would have changed the outcome. This is the recount, for other means, that Bush/ Gore had in 2000, that Jeb Bush and SCOTUS can’t call the outcome.

  78. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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