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Do the Cops Know Your Info? A Conversation with the ACLU of Illinois's Adam Schwartz


Are the police keeping pictures of you on file? Do they know who your neighbors are? What property you own? Adam Schwartz of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois says yes they do. He sat down with Reason TV's Paul Detrick to talk about the information police gather in organizations called fusion centers.

"These are state organizations that fuse under one roof, as much information as possible about people who are suspected of criminal or terror activity and then they funnel this information towards the Department of Homeland Security," says Schwartz. 

Schwartz also points out that as technology has grown, so has a mentality that says government should do all it can to fight terrorism—a combination he says is dangerous.

About 4:55 

Produced by Paul Detrick. Shot by Tracy Oppenheimer.

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  1. Once again the main HR page says for this entry, ” click on the link below for video, full text …” but once again no full text is available.

    This from a frequent HR visitor who much prefers the time economy of text to video, and who now feels like Charley Brown with respect to Lucy’s football.

    1. …like CharlIE Brown, too.

  2. Whoa, Reason looks effed up. Main page shows four (4) comments. But there’s only the one above. I posted a topical, TOPICAL, I say, link to an article on the Seattle Times talking about Police gathering fingerprints to “suspicious individuals” on the scene using a new electronic device. Gone.

  3. The ACLU stumbles into sensibility now and then but they’ll never have any credibility.
    Their answer to an ever enlarging, intrusive government is to provide it ever more power.

    1. Not to mention that it’s chocked full of covetous, hook-nosed, Christ-killing, greasy-haired, fiscally-inclined legal experts.

      1. Only a fucking idiot blames Jews for everything, “Bro”.

        1. Who said anything about Jews, bro?

  4. I appreciate Adam Schwartz’s concern but I think there are a lot of things that should be asked before asking if “….the use of this technology actually make us safer?”

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