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Are Libertarians Feeling the Bern?: Podcast

How an independent helped shape the Democratic policy agenda.


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Who's ready for a little political revolution? Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) announced this morning that he's running for president again, and already he's raised more than a million dollars from his non-oligarch fans. An extended analysis of the barky democratic socialist—his policy agenda-setting, his polling, his crowded lane—kicks off this week's Editors' Roundtable version of the Reason Podcast, featuring Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, and special guest star Stephanie Slade.

Also coming under discussion: President Donald Trump's emergency declaration and stroke-inducing press conference, Amazon's New York pull-out, and whether America will ever again be in the mood for feel-good racial reconciliation movies featuring white protagonists.

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64 responses to “Are Libertarians Feeling the Bern?: Podcast

  1. No Libertarian supports Bernie Sanders to win, as Bernie is a Socialist.

    By “Feel the Bern”, they actually mean all Libertarians would die in ovens if Socialists could get away with again.

    1. No, modern socialists use re-education camps.

      1. Or stage a hateful attack upon themselves so they can blame it on politicians they disagree with!

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  2. I’d love to see the CIA under a president Bernie. One wonders if he’d do like what Lenin did and hire Trotsky to run it.

    1. There would be a shortage of ice axes.

    2. LOL, like the CIA answers to the president.

      1. Exactly like how Trotsky pretty much ignored lenin and… Tried to ignore Stalin

    3. The cia (and the other 3-letter agencies) is a power only answerable to themselves and the Deep Swamp they inhabit.
      As we have seen these last few years, the president answers to them or pays the price.

  3. He’s not a member of the Democratic Party. So is he running as an independent?

    1. The parties have very little legal ability to control who can run for their nomination. They cannot prevent a hostile takeover, as it were.

      1. I’m kind of surprised that there haven’t been more party hostile takeover attempts.

    2. He is no independent as he has always caucused with the Demon-Rats!!!

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised. These days, most libertarians are globalists, and globalism pretty much amounts to socialism 2.0. Bernie might be a reach, but not that much of one.

    1. I don’t think globalism is really attached to any ideology. And it makes perfect sense for the ideology that believes in equal rights for all people would tend to think that that applies to all people, regardless of where they happen to live in the world.

      1. ” the ideology that believes in equal rights for all people”

        Equal rights is fine. Equal outcomes is not fine. There is no enumerated right for an immigrant to demand entry into the US, anymore than an American can demand a right into another country.

        1. Equal outcomes is evil. Not sure what that has to do with immigration, or what I said.

          Ideally you want the whole world to be more free, not just the country you happen to be in, no?

          1. “Ideally you want the whole world to be more free, not just the country you happen to be in, no?”

            Sure, why not.
            But you have no influence and are little influenced by those who don’t live in the country you do. You have few, if any, common interests.
            Globalism, distinct from globalization, is an ideology that advocates for you to ignore this. Beyond Jesus’s communistic adage, “treat thy neighbor as thyself”, globalism would have you treat thy stranger (imaginary/abstract person) as thyself. Globalism explicitly rejects national identity, and encourages a diffusion of equal value among all the world.
            Yes, globalism is socialist – for nations must be abolished if all the governed are to be made serfs

        2. “Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.”
          -Barry Goldwater

    2. Globalist means whatever you want it to mean. To most people, it means free trade and movement.

      Apparently that is socialism to you. So I guess the US is not part of a socialist world, but each state is, since free trade and movement among the states is part and parcel of being in the US.

      Or maybe them demmed furriners scare you because you think all furriners are socialists. Maybe you think “furriner” is some weird alternate disguised spelling of “socialist”.

      1. You seem like an antisocial and desperately unhappy person

  5. I’d kill myself before I’d vote for that asshole.

    1. I’d vote for him for $1000. $10,000 if you want me to say something nice.

      1. Right? What’s one measly bullshit vote? But yeah, it would take at least a grand to get me to register to vote then go out and actually do it.

      2. For a that kind of money I can buy a good guitar.

      3. They’ll never give you that much, when they can pay Pedro & Julio $25!

  6. The best thing about Bernie Sanders from a libertarian POV is his support for legal access to abortion care right up until birth. That’s especially important these days with Drumpf literally trying to turn this country into The Handmaid’s Tale.

    1. Where is he on the crucial 4th Trimester Abortion access?

    2. We get it, you hate abortion. Find some new equine to flagellate.

      1. That’s what you got?
        Damn, chipper, it might just not be possible to underestimate you

    3. But, I’m pretty sure Bolshevik Bernie would also want the Govt. to subsidize that murder in the womb, especially for poor minority women (God bless Margaret Sanger & rest her soul)….Dat would not be very Libertarian now would it?

    4. You mean to say infanticide?
      Why not up to age Two? or Three?
      Why stop there?
      Why stop anywhere?

  7. I fully expect Welch and Fonzie Jacket to support Comrade Sanders. Not even shocked anymore. There’s your Libertarian Moment

    1. They’re not Libertarians.

      1. I don’t think Welch even pretends to be anymore.

      2. Neither are you.

      3. Neither are you, numnuts.

      4. Notice the non-libertarian trolls defend Bernie and Welch.

    2. Are you also going to pretend that they supported him even when they don’t? That’s another fine tradition that someone needs to keep up.

      1. To Republicans, everyone else is a Dem.

      2. After all, “it wasn’t Communism that killed 20 Million Russians, it was Stalinism” – Fonzie Jacket

        Still didn’t keep Bern form feeling his Honeymoon there

  8. Are Libertarians Feeling the Bern?
    How an independent helped shape the Democratic policy agenda.


  9. I’m feeling the burn, but it’s more like someone shot hot sauce up my ass.

    1. The best Bernie story is that he was so lazy he got kicked out of a commune. The guy literally has never worked a day in his life. He is just an old bum.

      1. I’m just constantly baffled at all the love he gets. He’s angry, commie grandpa. Lazy bum who presumes to speak for the working class he has never belonged to.

        1. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s a rich lazy bum.

          1. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it curious how every Congress Critter shows up a poor Freshman Congressman/woman and comes out filthy rich?

            1. …at a salary of $150K/year…

        2. He correctly points out that the rich rig the game to their own benefit. He just thinks the answer is to give more power and more money to the people already rigging the game to the benefit of the rich…….

          1. Word.

            It never ceases to amaze me that those who most protest the rigged game demand above all else to increase the ability for the game to be rigged.
            Then again, they’re creatures of habit rather than thought… and resentment is the opiate of the masses.
            They don’t want a fair game – they want power, but will settle for surrogacy

  10. Nothing says Libertarian like a feel good puff piece on a Soviet style socialist who thinks people have too many choices of deodorant.

  11. I’m a big fan of Oh, Hello.

    1. Are you a fan of Bernie’s oh-face?

      “Bernie, how would you feel about confiscating some wealth?”

      “Oh. Oh. Oh.”

      [puff of dust]

    2. That’s what I thought the thumbnail was before I read the headline.
      It’s about time we had ‘Jewish blackface’

  12. I got a real bad feeling about this. Same as I had when Trump announced. Only at least Trump is amusing.

  13. In the bad old days, the Bern was the Consistory of Geneva’s itch for power

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  17. A chicken in every pot, all for free.
    Someone will have to pay the piper.
    What makes you so sure it won’t be you?

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