Should the U.S. Be Arming Ukraine Against Russia?

Scott Horton vs. Cathy Young in a live debate at PorcFest, in Lancaster, New Hampshire.


Should the U.S. give full military and political support to Ukraine in its war with Russia, short of sending troops?

That was the subject of a Soho Forum debate held on Thursday, June 23, at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, or PorcFest, in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Cathy Young, a writer at the Bulwark and a contributing editor at Reason, is a Moscow-native who migrated to the U.S. as a teenager, argued that the U.S. government is correct to impose sanctions on Russia and to send military and economic support to Ukraine. 

Scott Horton, who's the host of Antiwar Radio, argued that U.S. backing of NATO provoked the Russian invasion and that imposing sanctions and sending weapons has brought more death and destruction.

He says the only role for the Americans is to call for an immediate ceasefire followed by negotiations.

The debate was moderated by Soho Forum Director Gene Epstein.

Narrated by Nick Gillespie; edited by Brett Raney and John Osterhoudt.