What Ukraine and Joe Rogan Have in Common

Also, Democrats show they can read the polls on mask mandates.


With Matt Welch out, Peter Suderman hosts John Osterhoudt, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Nick Gillespie on their thoughts on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the reactions to it across the political spectrum.

Discussed in this show:

0:34: Russia's invasion of Ukraine

35:12: Blue state's rolling back mask mandates

50:16: Weekly listener question: Hi Roundtable! Misery loves company. As such, I would love to find like-minded liberty-loving individuals to commiserate within my very blue Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Of course, I do my share of screaming into the Twitter void (@nwwong) but want to build out my network of local libertarians to discuss more specific issues, how to tackle them, and even possibly launch a campaign for a local
office. I'm hesitant to join the party, as I believe it would make things harder if I ever decided to run for a seat in MA; so what is another way to find friends short of "Tinder for Liberals"? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

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