Joe Biden

Joe Biden's Problem Isn't Bad Messaging. It's Bad Policy.

Will bipartisanship fix Joe Biden's presidency?


This Monday, Peter Suderman hosts Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and special guest Reason Senior Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown! The Reason Roundtable discusses Joe Biden's first year as president and National School Choice Week.

Discussed in the show:

1:56: One year of Joe Biden's presidency.

16:47: Congress' antitrust push.

34:34: Weekly Listener Question: So in a perfect world where the quality and safety of most schools available to a specific parent were commensurate, what criteria would they default to when choosing one? Specialty classes and opportunities would certainly be one of them but would many not desire for their children to be in an environment where people shared the same values or with other children "like them"? Whether this be based on race, class, political affiliation, or some other trait, in our hyper-polarized environment, could you imagine a world where parents and students self-segregate? While I firmly believe in the merits of individual choice, I also want to see a world where children of all backgrounds interact and learn from each other's experiences. Diversity of class, race, and thought are essential for this to take place and to stop this worrying trend of polarization. While they've proven inordinately bad at providing equal opportunities to all students, public schools do in many cases force students of different backgrounds into the same building, which has its benefits. Am I being misanthropic here? Is there reason to believe that changing the system would also change the choice-making dynamic among parents for the better?

46:05: Joe Biden is thinking about moving warships to Eastern Europe.

50:55: Media recommendations for the week. (And click here for all of the Roundtable's media recommendations, ever.)

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