Learning To Live With Coronavirus

How the past two years of COVID-19 can better inform how we go about the next two


On the latest Reason Roundtable, Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie talk about how to live with the coronavirus given what we've learned over the last two years.

Discussed in the show:

1:48: How can we learn to live with COVID-19?

20:34: Upcoming school policies under coronavirus.

33:07: Weekly Listener Question: Aren't you missing a huge opportunity to advance the party by not placing the blame for the Afghanistan fiasco squarely on the shoulders of the 97 percent of Americans who continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans?

42:28: Media recommendations for the week.

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Assistant production by Regan Taylor
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  1. The problem isn’t corona, it’s the goddamn government.
    I’m not going to learn to live with shit.

    1. Where’s the upvote button for this comment?

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  2. Maybe stop trying to comply with a federal bureaucracy that despises you.

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  3. When will Fauci be ousted as head of the NIAID?

    Will Newsom be recalled over the lockdowns?

    Lockdowns are probably coming back to California again. National Covid admissions are back up above 130,000 thanks to the delta variant. It hasn’t really spread to California with sufficient intensity to merit a lockdown yet, but it’ll get there.

    Until we see politicians held accountable at the polls (and the bureaucrats that answer to them held accountable by elected politicians), and until we see the American people rebel against lockdown orders, there’s no reason to think we’ve learned anything worth knowing about Covid policy.

    1. The FDR Great Depression syndrome. Something is being done so let the masters continue to try the same thing.

      1. The best definition of stupid may be people who only learn from negative consequences.

        There haven’t been any for the bureaucracy or the politicians who oversee them and implemented the lockdowns yet.

        So, the American people haven’t learned anything yet, or if they have, there’s no way to tell.

        We shouldn’t learn to live with Covid. We should learn to hold our politicians accountable.

        1. The only thing we have to fear is fear mongers themselves.

        2. I have heard that one measure of intelligence is the ability to learn from the mistakes of others, so you may be onto something.

    1. Two decades. It will be like the war in Afghanistan. 20 years and in the end we will still lose.

  4. No vaccine. No mask wearing. It isn’t that challenging.


    Will they make vaccination a requirement to hold an occupational license in Colorado? Will other states follow?

    1. I don’t think so because being a triceratops of color, Dinger might not have a valid ID to get vaccinated.

  6. Judge Joel Tyler, in a Manhattan Criminal Court, ruled that the film (Deep Throat) was indecent and he closed down the showing at the World Theater. The headline on the marquee of the World Theater—“Throat Cut, World Mourns”

  7. How the past two years of COVID-19 can better inform how we go about the next two

    The ‘better information bar’ going forward is set as low as one can possibly set a bar. But I am certain that at some point in the next two years we will find many uses for dewormers, antimalarials, mustard oil, aquarium bleach, vitamin C/D/E/F/G/H/I, group 12 elements, etc. Just as soon as we are able to figure out whether the disease properly belongs to the category of cold, flu, explosive diarrhea, communist conspiracy, election fraud, or contagious virtue signalling.

    1. You suck at this.

    2. As long as statists can bar folks from engaging in free association, practicing their vocation or entering hospitals. This is what matters.

  8. The beauty of libertarianism is you don’t need a shit ton of SCIENCE!(tm) to advise the government on the proper course of action. Either something is morally acceptable or it is not. In libertarian philosophy it is unacceptable to compel another person to do something against their will. In some narrow cases it is acceptable to refrain them from doing certain things that will result in compulsion to others.

    The worst thing this magazine ever did was stop focusing on those basic principles. People like Boehm, Bailey and Sullum mistakenly thought that Rational Minds meant reading through scientific studies. But science doesn’t tell you whether something is right or wrong, so the thousands of words these guys have pumped out have merely fed the authoritarians’ case towards restricting our freedoms.

    1. Agreed. I find that anytime I read an article or hear a Roundtable episode where they discuss COVID my blood begins to boil. It becomes even more apparent that they are not addressing these things in good faith when you see Suave parroting “Ivermectin is a horse dewormer” even though it has been used as a treatment for humans for decades. I am not even saying that Ivermectin works for COVID, but they should at least be approaching this in good faith.

      I actually find the Roundtable to be somewhat worse on COVID. They will go through and undermine all of the supporting arguments for no mandates then throw in at the end “however there should be no government mandates”. For example, I consistently hear them say “COVID is an externality that is affecting un-consenting third parties” and “we have a moral obligation to protect other people in society”. In my mind if you give up those two positions, especially the externality, then you have no defense against a government mandate. We should then wear masks forever, require vaccination for every communicable disease and be subjected to a health check before leaving our homes.

      It almost feels like they want to be seen as sophisticated so they can keep their high end sophisticated science based friends in DC/NYC, but they also want to keep their libertarian street cred by saying “but there should be no government imposed mandate”. This is probably the least courageous position you could hold.

      How about we realize that if a person leaves their home, they are knowledgeable of the health risks and accept those risks. In other words, they consent to the possibility that they will get sick.

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  10. It’s so funny how this article basically says to give in to peoples’ addictions and lifestyles. So can we all claim anarchy and just become the purge??? I know who I will go after right off the bat and all in one night!! It’s ludicrous to think that we create a society to make it even for those who choose to live within that society but a few want it their way and then we go ahead and give them their way. Does anyone realize that by legalizing hard drugs, you are making it easier for the drug user to create MORE chaos. Have you personally ever seen someone high on these drugs, I have, it’s not pretty, and the damage they can do while on some of these is far worse than throwing their butts in jail. So lets apply this way of thinking to the good ole covid and forcing people to do things. If you make everyone take the vaccine, especially children, my son has asthma and allergies, and the last time I checked, one of those vaccines for covid dumb dumb 19 causes anaphylaxis for those with a history of allergies, and another vaccine causes myocarditis an inflammation of the heart in MALES 30 and under. Then they rush to get it FDA approved to get the remaining 86 million out of 350 million, vaccinated. Out of the 86 million, a third are more than likely children. It doesn’t matter if my son has a 50/50 chance of getting anaphylaxis or myocarditis, no one has the right to gamble with his life, UNLIKE the drug addicts who are gambling with their own lives, but also physically hurting someone else by taking those drugs. Especially, if clinics are also supplying them with down-graded versions, THEY ARE STILL GETTING HIGH AND WARPING THEIR MOTOR SKILLS AND PERCEPTION OF REALITY! with covid, it affects the lungs not the brain, although I beg to differ. If I give the vaccine to my son, what guarantees do I have that it won’t affect him, EXACTLY! This isn’t mankinds first rodeo with disease and it won’t be our last. Instead of making mandates, they should give choice, those who want to wear a mask forever, go for it, those who don’t, shouldn’t be forced to, and if the government isn’t going to stop this insanity, let those of us go to a state that won’t mandate these things, and if we all die off, you can throw a party and say I told you so, otherwise, live with the darn thing and move on already!!! Tanking our economy is going to affect us far worse than the REASON that govt tanked it in the first place.

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