Black Lives Matter

Kmele Foster: Black Lives Matter 'Is Hostile Towards Free Markets and Capitalism'

The Fifth Column podcaster on racial identity, cancel culture, libertarianism, and Trump vs. Biden


Kmele Foster is the co-founder of Freethink, a media company that showcases social and technological innovations, a co-host of the Fifth Column podcast, and an outspoken libertarian critic of Black Lives Matter, cancel culture, and political orthodoxy.

In a wide-ranging, in-depth conversation with Nick Gillespie, Foster explains why he signed the Harper's letter on cancel culture, why he thinks that racism is not the primary factor for most African Americans' success or failure, and why libertarians need to be pushing individualism now more than ever. He also talks about his video documentary company Freethink (which he co-founded with former Reason videographer Dan Hayes), which he says highlights the sorts of innovations that will "matter in a thousand years."

Audio production by Ian Keyser.