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Arthur Brooks Wants You To Love Your Enemies: Podcast

The president of the American Enterprise Institute says we need to reboot politics and that libertarians may hold the key.


About the only time that love is mentioned in conversations about politics is when a lawmaker gets caught in a sex scandal. Suddenly, the perp starts gushing about how much he loves his spouse, his kids, his constituents, and his country. My guest today on the Reason Podcast wants to change that.

Arthur Brooks' excellent new book is called Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From the Culture of Contempt. It's a call to arms for individuals to change how they approach the sorts of increasingly vicious political disagreements that he argues are tearing apart the country. We talk about his decade-long leadership of the American Enterprise Institute, arguably the nation's most-influential conservative think tank, and the places where conservatives and libertarians overlap and continue to disagree. In a wide-ranging conversation, we also discuss his decision to step down as AEI's president and join the faculty of Harvard.

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