Greg Gutfeld on Trump's Genius, Fox News After Sex Scandals, and the Power of Punk

The host of The Greg Gutfeld Show, co-host of The Five, and creator of the late Red Eye is having a hell of a time watching his media peers wet themselves.


As the eponymous host of The Greg Gutfeld Show, which airs Saturday evenings on Fox News, as co-host of the network's hugely popular afternoon talk show The Five, and as the creator of the now-defunct path-breaking late-night show Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld is one of the most ubiquitous presences on cable news.

He's also one of the sharpest and funniest. A prolific writer and former editor of Maxim and Stuff, Gutfeld has a new book out, The Gutfeld Monologues: Classic Rants from The Five, which features annotations and corrections by the author of past mistakes.

I sat down with the libertarian-leaning conservative to talk about his book, the origins and persistence of punk rock attitudes, the exaggerated death of print media, and just how great it would be if Rosie O'Donnell challenged Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

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  1. The two of them deadpan too well to be doing it at the same time.

  2. Watching the media wet themselves was funny for about 3 months in 2016. Now it’s just disturbing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s informative, but I’m tired of it.

    1. Yeah, it has the exact opposite effect on me. Basically making me sleep on everything happening due to not being able to tell anything going on.

      1. When I say “informative” I merely mean it tells me all I need to know about the America Media and the people running it. I tuned out too. Don’t listen to the news, not even in the car anymore. Everything I know I learn on Hit & Run.

      2. Same.

        But I read the BBC app for news 🙂 I recommend it. They have an entire ocean to separate themselves from the pollution emanating from DC and NY and LA so it helps tone down the craziness.

  3. This was kind of boring. And how is Gutfeld funny? You wouldn’t know it by this.

    Have Bill Maher interview Gutfeld – that would be interesting.

    1. PB – smoked some weed bro.

      It’s very funny,

      The TDS and the crybaby democrat sore losers.

    2. The dermatologist is waiting for your phone call.

    3. I like Bill Maher. May not agree with him but I do like him.

      1. I loathe Bill Maher, I often find myself agreeing with him, but I still think he’s a rotten human being.

  4. Red Eye was the best news or talk show on television.

    1. Not according to capitalism. Or taste.

      1. Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld aired from 2007 to 2015. The ratings were good, and Gutfeld left Red Eye after eight years to host a new weekend program for Fox News. The show continued for two more years as “Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue”.

        1. Which is likely far more successful than most of the garbage Tony probably likes

          1. Tony likes gay kiddie porn. A questionable niche, at best.

            1. But so commercially successful they bought the Vatican. Sistine ceiling and all

    2. Real Time is much better as a political talk show.

      1. Politically Incorrect was much better. Maher was funnier, more even-handed and didn’t take himself so seriously.He introduced Anne Coulter and Kellyanne Fitzpatrick (-Conway) to the world

        1. Yeah, PI was great.

          Back then Bill Maher was a true independent and like me supported John McCain in 2000. That was before we discovered the GOP of today is insane.

          1. It would be so much better if the Republican Party was still controlled by the respectable John McCains and David Frums of the world. Sure, you might argue that McCain is slightly too hawkish. But the way he called out Rand Paul (who’s incomprehensibly popular with some commenters here) for working for Vladimir Putin was truly courageous and inspiring.


            1. Yes, McCain was too hawkish post 9/11 but he was unique in the GOP for calling out the party for “spending like drunken sailors”.

              I miss those kind of Republicans. The last one besides McCain was Tom Coburn but he is headed to the old fiscal conservative graveyard with Arizonian.

              1. I predict this thlread will get low traffic.


              2. Well, if PB likes McCain, then my laughing of him is further justified.

                1. Loathing. Stupid phone

              3. McCain quit his Presidential campaign so he could run to DC and vote for a taxpayer bailout of the banks and auto companies. Maybe he was the drunken sailor.

            2. Likes big money McCain
              Condemns Paul”

              What the hell.

  5. Two men out to “defend their heritage” at 2017’s “Unite the Right” event in Virginia were convicted of beating a black man as brawls raged on the street between demonstrators and counter-protesters.

    Jacob Scott Goodwin of Arkansas was sentenced to eight years for seriously wounding DeAndre Harris during the infamous Charlottesville rally, while Alex Michael Ramos of Georgia was hit with a five-year sentence for the attack according to The Daily Progress, a newspaper based in the city. Both men were sentenced on August 23.

    Amid a skirmish between a loose collection of far-right demonstrators and opposing “anti-fascist” activists, a group chased Harris into a Market Street parking garage, where he was attacked by men wielding sticks and shields, in the brutal August 12 encounter.

    “Fine people” according to The Dotard.

    1. The dark cloud of fascism is always descending upon Republicans but it always turns out to be composed of progressives and Democrats.

      He brought an American flag to protest fascism in Portland. Then antifa attacked him

      Paul Welch came to the downtown protest Aug. 4 to let his political leanings be known.

      With pride he clutched his U.S. flag as he moved among the crowd of like-thinking demonstrators.

      Soon a group of black-clad anti-fascist protesters, also known as antifa, demanded he lose the flag, calling it a fascist symbol. Welch refused, and a tug-of-war ensued.

      Video captured by Mike Bivins, a freelance journalist, shows what happened next.

      As Welch and the counter-protesters wrangle over the flag, another masked counter-protester begins to strike Welch’s body from behind using a weapon concealed in black fabric.

      That person then uses the weapon to club Welch on the back of the head, causing him to collapse instantly. The demonstrator with the weapon wanders off.

    2. Hey Cuomo’s Hemorrhoid,
      There were many people who don’t qualify for your reckless smear labeling straw man.

      “Good people can go to Charlottesville,” said Michelle Piercy, a night shift worker at a Wichita, Kan., retirement home, who drove all night with a conservative group that opposed the planned removal of a statue of the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name.
      Those remarks were construed by Trump’s critics and opponents as saying that some of the white supremacists, KKK members, and neo-Nazis. The left hates nuance.

      Meanwhile, I was incensed because I temporarily construed his remarks as saying that some of the Antifa members were among the “very fine people.”

    3. Wow. Stretching like that to make an inane point can cause you to hurt yourself. I suggest a stout glass of George Dickel and several days’ sleep.

  6. What’s up, no Jacket…?

  7. It’s important to see Gutfeld’s Red Eye in context: conservative media doesn’t do comedy or satire particularly well, a few notable exceptions aside. But in its first two years, operating out of a small, dank studio corner at 3am, Red Eye was the Fox equivalent of performing anal sex on your mother. And not your step-mother, your actual mother.

    It was subversive, libertarian, and often raunchy. Of course, it became a shadow of its former self, and Gutfeld moderated his darker side, becoming merely cute and quirky instead of his original suburban pudgy punkishness.

    1. ^This.

      It was quite a rarity. Its a shame too, as there are soooo many targets on the left for comedy. The rare SNL “Bubble” sketch is just that..rare. If they just mixed it up to at least 40/60 lots of shows would be a lot more watchable and funny.

    2. I don’t know if I’d go that far with the analogy. But it was a fun show nonetheless

  8. More garbage from reason.

    You know what would be great from Reason? In depth articles on libertarians running in election 2018.

    A rundown on good and bad that Trump has done.

    A rundown on all the propaganda Reason has shit out since nov 2016.

    1. “A rundown on all the propaganda Reason has shit out since nov 2016”

      It’s all propaganda, and has been since long before 2016. Do you think Reason exists to make money? It doesn’t. It’s about advocacy, or propaganda, as you put it.

    2. A rundown on good …


      … and bad that Trump has done.

      Colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election from the most qualified candidate ever.
      Put dangerous right-wing extremist Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
      Repealed Net Neutrality.
      Crashed the fantastic economy he inherited from Obama.
      Ripped immigrant children out of their parents’ arms and put them in cages.
      Pressured Anthony Kennedy to resign at a suspiciously young age.
      Attempted to put dangerous right-wing extremist Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.
      Referred to black and brown people as “animals.”
      Referred to black and brown countries as “shitholes.”

      Shall I keep going?

      1. Yeah, hopefully at high speed, sans brakes, to the end of the nearest very short pier.

      2. OpenBordello

        I was on the facebook when Russian robots tried to brainwash me into voting for trump.

        I told them (I speak Russian) that I was not susceptible to their code because I could see it was written with a democrat bias. That is, they could only brainwash potential Clinton voters. Since I would never vote for that cow, their code was useless on me.

        Did you know that Putin has pictures of Trump partying with a Russian Trollop?

        This was the first link in the election theft.

        First – the blackmail

        Two – the Russian robots brainwashing the Clinton voters to vote for Trump. All social media platforms, esp the facebook

        Three – the win

        Four – and now Putin is controlling Trump, his puppet, so Putin is really the President of the USA.

      3. “black and brown countries”
        Generally, people like their countries to be green at least a good part of the year

        1. I think he means Mordor.

      4. Many of these are the exact opposite of true:

        1) Record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics along with maintaining the 2nd longest bull market in US history “Crashed the fantastic economy”

        2) Most MS-13 “animals” might be black or brown, but not all black or brown people are MS-13 “animals” – your racism is showing

        3) Some “shithole” countries might have predominantly black or brown populations, but not all predominantly black or brown populated countries are “shitholes” – see above concerning your obvious racism

      5. Referred to black and brown countries as “shitholes
        But those countries are actual shitholes. That’s why people make hazardous journeys to leave them. Skin tone is irrelevant, you racist.
        Referred to black and brown people as “animals.”
        MS-13 are animals. Skin tone is irrelevant, you racist.
        dangerous right-wing extremist Brett Kavanaugh
        Are you actually Rush Limbaugh false flagging to make progs look even nuttier?
        Pressured Anthony Kennedy to resign at a suspiciously young age.
        You really are Rush Limbaugh false flagging.
        Ripped immigrant children out of their parents’ arms and put them in cages.
        …or maybe a Reason writer.
        Crashed the fantastic economy he inherited from Obama
        You mean the one crippled by over-regulation, that only benefited billionaires?
        Repealed Net Neutrality.
        Is it libertarian to regulate how telecoms offer internet services?
        dangerous right-wing extremist Neil Gorsuch
        Oh Rush, stop it. They don’t need any help looking insane.
        Colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election

    3. Good:

      Tax reform
      2nd SCOTUS pick
      Challenge managed trade deals
      Rollback of government
      Fucked stormy and other whores
      Fired comey
      Fired cohen
      Fired manafort
      Got 55 boxes of korean war MIAs back
      2 for 1 EO repeal

      1. Turned Republican stars into has-been losers. Turned rank-and-file conservatives against parts or all of the “National Security State” Repeatedly flouts “norms”. Gonna legalize teh weed. Doesn’t act like things were just peachy keen under post-Reagan GOP presidents. Attacks the Koch brothers forcing liberals to support them.
        Forced PJ O’Rourke and Matt Welch to endorse Hitlery Kkklinton.

        1. I shoot myself in the head before I ever voted for Hillary Clinton


      2. Trump has increased US troop levels in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq over Obama’s numbers. This flies in the face of what he promised in the campaign. He doesn’t seem interested in fulfilling other promises to put Clinton, Obama and Bush behind bars for their crimes in office. Too many lies over too many important issues. Not good.

  9. An enjoyable interview.

    Gutfeld has a great podcast now too…and he keeps it to 30 minutes, with very interesting guests.

  10. What I like about the Gutfield show is the intelligent wrestler the size of a mountain (always enjoy his insights) and the little blond sitting next to him hiding behind the black horn rimmed glasses who complains about her non-existent social life in an airless apartment. She kinda makes you want to snuggle up in there with her and make it all better.

    Anyhow, I have this dream. I will be able to penetrate the thick skulls of my Democrat friends and relatives with something like a surgical stainless steel pick axe and extract the malignant tumor which tells them that Hillary C never intentionally broke any major laws. Also that Barak Obama was an outstanding president whose enlightened policies pointed the USA the right direction in everything.

    1. Interesting, I find Tyrus to be a bore, and whenever he gets asked to speak, it feels like the show loses momentum and humor. As a result, I could never warm to TGGS like RE.

      Kat Timpf is pretty cute though.

  11. It’s so easy since most of his peers are woefully under-educated, and grossly over-credentialed.

  12. He’s become a Trumptard and frankly, unbearable. Not sure which was the act: the independent, libertarian leading subversive or the Trumptard nationalist who worships at the feet of mental midgets like Scott Adams.

  13. “Red Eye was the Fox equivalent of performing anal sex on your mother. And not your step-mother, your actual mother.”

    Now THAT’s entertainment!

    I don’t watch much television, but I do read books, and the two books of Gutfeld’s that I’ve read made me laugh out loud every few pages, Ever read something and thought, “Gee, I wish I’d written that sentence!” For me, it was when Gutfeld mentioned Obama having been a “community organizer,” and added, “a profession one step above selling celebrity toe-nail clippings on E-Bay.”

  14. used to think i liked punk music… but it really just completely stripped me of my identity…total contradictory bullcrap

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