Tea Party

Did We Get the Tea Party Wrong?: Podcast

An autopsy for the brief limited-government era of conservatism that ended on Friday


On Friday, President Donald Trump signed into law a two-year budget deal presented to him by the Republican-led Congress. The bill increases federal spending by around $300 billion, removes the last restraints imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011, and pushes annual deficits back toward the awful $1 trillion level. On Saturday in this space, Matt Kibbe, formerly a key organizer in the Tea Party movement, wrote a piece headlined (in part) "The Tea Party Is Officially Dead."

Today's Reason Podcast, which features Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, and yours truly talking news of the week, begins with an autopsy of sorts. Did we delude ourselves about the strength of the fiscal conservatism in the Tea Party? When and where did the message of limiting government overreach get diluted by tertiary concerns and culture-war bombthrowing?

Also discussed: the Nork Queen media outrages at the Winter Olympics, why certain libertarians are confused by nationalism and sports, and whether we should even be talking about the initial White House mismanagement of wife-beating accusations against the now-resigned Rob Porter.

Audio production by Ian Keyser.

Relevant links from the show:

"How GOP Fiscal Sanity Died, in 7 Easy Steps," by Matt Welch

"In Memoriam: The GOP Pretending to Care About Fiscal Restraint," by Austin Bragg and Meredith Bragg

"Please Enjoy These Videos of Paul Ryan Being Concerned About Debt and Overspending," by Eric Boehm

"Rand Paul Single-Handedly Tries to Stop Massive Spending Plan (Update: Congress Passes Budget Deal)," by Eric Boehm

"The Senate Budget Deal Proves Republicans Love Government Spending," by Veronique de Rugy

"Senate Reaches Bipartisan Deal to Keep the Government Open By Spending More Money On Everything," by Peter Suderman

"Give Us Liberty? Q&A with Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks," by Nick Gillespie, Jim Epstein, and Meredith Bragg

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        1. And I’ll continue to hoard my alcohol instead of sending it to them.

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  2. why certain libertarians are confused by nationalism and sports

    So you’re just scanning the Hit’n’Run comments for podcast ideas now, huh.

  3. I had some hope for trump with the regulation cuts, tax cuts, and Gorsich but all he ever really represented was a small speed bump to the lunacy of the bush-obama years.
    He said he would spend all along so his supposed genius business acumen is laughable anyway.
    Any retard who does not know that military spending should be slashed dramatically cannot understand the dire peril of gross debt.

    There will never be politicians that will run on fiscal responsibility and then actually cut spending. Too many jobs are represented by direct or indirect government spending. Think about all of the support industries that indirectly feed off of the military industrial complex.

    It is over. Its just going to be a long slog towards a poorer standard of living based on debt and bankrauptcy.

    1. Any retard who does not know that military spending should be slashed dramatically cannot understand the dire peril of gross debt.

      Well, I certainly don’t understand “the dire peril of gross debt”. National debt used to worry me, but none of the usual reasons people give stood up to scrutiny.

      It is over. Its just going to be a long slog towards a poorer standard of living based on debt and bankrauptcy.

      If some jerk sends you money every month knowing full well you don’t intend to repay it, why wouldn’t you take it? If eventually he tires of sending you money, you will, of course be poorer than if he continued. But so what? That’s the situation between institutions that lend money to the US (mostly greedy jerks) and the US.

    2. More or less! I just plan to get rich between now and when the shit really hits the fan so I can fiddle while Rome burns! Unless we’re lucky enough to have a civil war, in which case I will be shootin’ commies instead. Either way I’ll be happy 🙂

    3. Nope.

      Hey, by all means give the DOD a haircut, but the fact is you could cut it military spending to ZERO and we’d have pretty much the same debt problem. Social Security and Medicare are the primary drivers. Any projection I’ve seen shows military spending declining as a % of total government spend not to mention its share of GDP.

  4. So the Republican leadership finally put down that revolt in the name of putting forward more idea’s that are basically identical to the Democrats? Kinky.

  5. Look closely and you’ll see the Tea Party is another false flag attempt to preserve Comstock-law, anti-life coathanger coercion and fanatical totalitarian ku-klux zealotry by distracting from the existence of the libertarian party with its law-changing spoiler votes. Why not ask the shills how much Nixon/IRS money they got for the flack job.

    1. Look closely and you’ll see that Hank Phillips is just Michael Hihn without the excessive tags.

  6. When and where did the message of limiting government overreach get diluted by tertiary concerns and culture-war bombthrowing?

    Well, the Tea Party movement was killed by bogus charges of “misogynism”, “racism” and “white supremacy” when those terms still stung. These days, people increasingly don’t give a f*ck anymore, since progressives call you these names simply for being a white male.

    1. As someone who is mostly white (almost entirely German, with a touch of Scandinavian and Scotch-English), but who has a bit of native American and Mexican blood I like to troll people.

      I say what I want about immigration for instance, which evokes outrage in Progs, but then I pull out my trump card… That I’m part Mexican, and I still feel the way I feel for logical reasons… They can’t possibly disagree with me because I AM part of the very ethnic group that I have issues with immigrating here illegally en masse. I actually get some useful conversations out of this sometimes, but I’m quite sure other white guys who aren’t part beaner would get lambasted for saying the same things. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  7. Actually, libertarians just blew their big opportunity. As soon as the going got tough, they all quit and whined. Trump and company DIDNT blow it. Look in the mirror, losers. For all the yammering y’all do about personal responsibility, you sure as hell don’t apply it.

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