The Government Is Going to Shut Down Again (and That's Bad)

System failures are a false path to limited government.


Libertarians want to shrink the government, but a shutdown is little cause for celebration. Hitting a giant "pause" button on federal agencies won't end the drug war or reform entitlements. A government shutdown doesn't even save money. Back pay to furloughed federal employees ensures that taxpayers pay just as much as they would have if the government had proceeded as normal. But during a shutdown taxpayers don't receive the government services they're paying for, and the economy takes a hit from the disruption.

In the latest "Mostly Weekly," Andrew Heaton explains why libertarians should be against the next government shutdown.

Mostly Weekly is hosted by Andrew Heaton with headwriter Sarah Rose Siskind. Special appearance by Brian Sack.

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Script by Andrew Heaton with writing assistance from Sarah Rose Siskind and Brian Sack
Edited by Austin Bragg and Sarah Rose Siskind.
Produced by Meredith and Austin Bragg.
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  1. I like the government shutdowns. I get to point out to people that the government is shut down, yet nothing changed amd maybe we don’t need those people in the first place.


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    2. But the reason nothing changes is because government doesn’t actually shut down.

      1. Some get furloughed for a few days and then back paid.

        Some of government is shut down and it doesn’t hurt Americans.

      2. Excuse me, but I think you meant to say that women, children, and the elderly die as the world ends.

        1. Nah, they were already killed by Net Neutrality and Trump’s Tax Cut.

      3. That’s a shame too

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  2. Just worried how much more strain that jacket button can take.

  3. I am officially in lust with dear Sarah.

    1. The creepy old guy has spoken.

      1. Great, now I can confirm you’re Hihn. Add that to my list.

        1. It’s the height of hilarity that Dumbfuck Hihnsano sees a random comment that isn’t even directed at him and whines about cyber-bullying.

          If only someone had bullycided him in real life instead of the mean words that make him scream like a crybaby bitch.

  4. Wait, wasn’t the shutdown ‘good’ under Obama since it showed how painless these shutdowns really are for the vast majority of everyone?

    Now I’m confused! Can I just continue to blame Jimmy ‘motherfucking’ Carter and his AG for all this retardation?


  5. You are correct that We the People should be against a government shutdown. And again you are correct about the cost. There will not be any savings by a government shutdown. It will cost more because all that work that the furlough workers would have been doing will not be done and will have to be completed. Besides the furloughed workers will get the the pay for the furlough at the end of the furlough and then will have to work overtime to complete the work that was not done and the current work also.
    The only reason that there will be a shutdown is over the immigration problem we have. One side wants to give legal status and a pathway to citizenship without fixing the problem that got US in the immigration problem. The otherside wants to fix the problem with the undocumented immigrants that have signed up for DACA and even for those who would be qualified for DACA but did not sign up for that.
    If the group who wants just to legalize the illegal (undocumented) immigrants but only to do a half a** job in stopping future illegal (undocumented) immigrants stands fast then there will be a shut down. I half way hope they do, not that a shutdown would be good for the country in the short run but in the long run it may be the very thing that is needed to get this situation corrected once and for all.

    1. I think at this point it’s more accurate to say that Democrats want to shut down the government to get an amnesty since they have absolutely no idea how to jive their love for immigrants with their own policies that specifically are designed to fuck over immigrants.

      ‘Fight For $15’ is possibly one of the most anti-immigrant organizations around, but you’ll never, ever, ever, in a billion years hear a single fucking Democrat say this.

      The fact that the party that’s in favor of an expansive welfare state and a laundry list of labor protections also wants lots of immigrants is the antithesis of itself.

  6. Why do federal employees get paid for the time they weren’t working? I don’t really mind that they will collect some necessary overtime to catch up, but it seems ridiculous to pay for time sitting at home and then even more to do their jobs. It’s double dipping.
    In the private sector employees get laid off when revenue is insufficient and whoever is left is expected to pick up the slack of the missing employees. Doesn’t this mean the taxpayer is not just paying for incompetent leadership, but paying for a lack of productivity (or double+ for standard productivity)?

    1. In the private sector you don’t have the luxury of pointing a gun at your customers and demanding that they pay you for things that they neither need nor want, whether you are providing them or not.

      Short answer: FYTW

    2. Why do federal employees get paid for the time they weren’t working?

      Because they have a better union than you do.

    3. Laid off workers frequently get a severance in the private sector.

      1. Frequently? You must have worked for some pretty cool companies.

  7. All Andrew Heaton is saying, in a sort-of funny way is, government shutdowns aren’t shutdowns. We already knew this.

  8. “Government shutdown may even hurt the cause of small government in the longrun”

    The correct way of saying this is, “a domestic army that will kill you if you don’t acquire permission for your daily activities, makes it hard to do stuff when they won’t give you permission.”

  9. Libertarians shouldn’t be against any government shutdown. We should just want them to last longer and be more frequent.

  10. It’s weird how libertarians can totally get that shutting the government down temporarily might not lead to less government and may end up costing more and prompting more regulation in the future; but can’t possibly fathom that blindly sweeping large numbers of immigrants into *the very same state* might have the *exact same outcome*.

    The car’s clunking along and is gonna cost a shitload to get fixed but if we open the doors and cram more people in, we’re bound to make it to libertopia.

  11. Give Sarah the talking stick. I’d like to see Sarah.

  12. I was super excited to see Brian Sack. Please make him a regular (at least in the writing room), the guy is a comic genius.

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