What's More Sinister than Russian Election Hackers? [Podcast]

This week's show covers Venezuela, the New York City terrorist attack, Russian hackers, the Republican tax agenda, and a preview of a debate on Capitalism.


This week Congress began hearings on Russian hackers and trolls' effects on the 2016 election. Meanwhile, Donna Brazille described how the Hillary Clinton campaign took over the Democratic Party from the inside. On today's podcast, Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward, Matt Welch, and Nick Gillespie discuss the extent of Russia's tampering with American politics and the shadowy threats that don't boil down to paid advertisements and memes.

They also talk about the Republican tax plan, President Nicolas Maduro's stealthy empanada eating as Venezuela starves, authoritarian responses to the latest terror attack in New York City, and (in preparation for a debate Gillespie and Mangu-Ward are participating in) the best argument against capitalism.

The conversation was moderated by Andrew Heaton.

Relevant links from the show:

Katherine Mangu-Ward for Reason: "Venezuelan Socialism in Action: Starvation for the People, Desk Empanadas for the Powerful"

Philip Bump for The Washington Post: "The Trump toughness doctrine and Guantanamo Bay"

Donna Brazile for Politico: "Inside Hillary Clinton's Secret Takeover of the DNC"

Jacob Sullum for Reason: "Behold the Work of Russia's Evil Advertising Geniuses"

Paul Blumenthal for The Huffington Post: "Here's How Facebook Could Be Regulated"

Heather Timmons for Quartz: "Americans! Were You The Target of Russian Propaganda?"

Josh Barro for Business Insider "On Taxes, Republicans Are Repeating All Their Healthcare Mistakes"

Veronique de Rugy for Reason: "Tax Reform Should Encourage More Saving, Not Less"

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