Donald Trump

Donald Jr.: Traitor or Sleazeball? [Reason Podcast]

"America did a fucking great job of deligitimating its own institutions," says Reason's Nick Gillespie.


"Don't take the meeting, don't say I love it, and don't lie to people about it," says Reason's Matt Welch about revelations that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian attorney during the 2016 election to obtain potentially incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.

In today's podcast, Welch is joined by fellow editors Nick Gillespie and Katherine Mangu-Ward to discuss whether the president's son crossed the line—or maybe he's just the latest target of an on ongoing media smear campaign?

And is Trump deligitimating American institutions?

"America did a fucking great job of deligitimating its [own] institutions," says Gillespie.

They also discuss sexual assault on campus, whether university administrators or the police are better equipped to investigate rape charges, the Senate Republicans' dreadful health care bill, and why Betsy Devos draws so much hate.

Audio production by Ian Keyser.

Moderated by Andrew Heaton.

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