Statism Is Failing in Venezuela, North Korea, and New Jersey [Reason Podcast]

Chris Christie rules the Garden State's beaches with an iron fist.


"Donald Trump has been a vulgar shithead for as long as he has been in American public life," says Reason's Matt Welch. "He's a guy who calls up newspapers pretending to be someone else in order to brag about his sexual exploits, including cheating on his own wives."

On today's podcast, Welch joins Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and Andrew Heaton to discuss the president's Twitter outbursts (including his retweet of an anti-CNN wrestling video and his tirade against Mika Brzezinski), and the hijacking of a helicopter by a former action-movie star in Venezuela, who then dropped a grenade on the country's Supreme Court—attempted coup or a false flag operation? Other topics: Trump escalating rhetoric on North Korea, whether Chris Christie is abusing his power (to lounge on a beach), and favorite July 4th memories (most of which involve explosives).

Audio production by Ian Keyser.

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