The Conspiracy to Silence a JFK Assassination Theorist

Robert Groden was ticketed 82 times and arrested twice because the city of Dallas wanted him off the streets.


Robert Groden has been issued 82 tickets by the city of Dallas and arrested twice. His offense? Running a table in Dealey Plaza on weekends offering passerbys an interpretation of the JFK assassination that conflicts with what Groden calls "the official fiction."

Groden's attorney, Brad Kizzia, uncovered emails between the Dallas City Council and an institution called the Sixth Floor Museum that references "how to deal with the vendor problem in Dealey Plaza." Kizzia's assumption is that the Sixth Floor Museum, an institution dedicated to telling the official story of the JFK asssassination, saw Groden as a nuissance and was conspiring with the city drive him out.

Groden filed a federal lawsuit on the grounds that the city and the Sixth Floor Museum were trying to suppress his First Amendment rights. Last month, after six years of litigation, Groden settled with the city and the Sixth Floor Museum for $47,500.

"I feel it's important that people know the truth," says Groden, who served as chief photographic consultant for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. (He was also the first person to get a copy of the famous Zapruder film, a home movie that captures the events of that day.)

"John Kennedy was our president, he died for what he believed in," Groden says. "And I felt we had no right to turn our back on his memory. We can't bring him back. It's too late for Justice in this case, but it's never too late for the truth."

Edited by Mark McDaniel. Cameras by Alexis Garcia, Zach Weissmueller, and McDaniel. Graphics by Meredith Bragg.

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  1. Conspiring against the conspiracy theorist? NOT A GOOD MOVE.

    1. That’s a good one.

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    2. Conspiring against a conspiracy theorist is proof that their conspiracy theory is correct. What other explanation can there possibly be?

      1. The economic interests of the 6th Floor Museum, owned by the City of Dallas?

    1. Nice photo of Reality Winner hier.

      1. Built like a boxer, she is.

      2. Why did Mr. and Mrs. Winner decide to name their kid “Reality”? What were they thinking?

        When I first saw the story, I assumed Reality Winner was her Twitter name.

  2. I think this is pretty dumb…

    But can we all at least agree, here in 2017, that it is basically factually indisputable that Oswald acted alone, and every 11/22/63 conspiracy theory pillar has been completely buttfucked to death by reality and science over the last 50 years?

    1. I still think it’s a Scanners scenario.

    2. But where does that leave Ted Cruz’s dad?

      1. Good one, colorblindkid! There are just so many, many questions remaining (in the strained minds of the delusional) regarding what REALLY happened. LOL

    3. There was a pretty good HBO special about 35 years ago where they did a mock trail of Oswald. Vincent Bugliosi was prosecutor and Jerry Spence was the defender.

      Spence laid it on pretty thick, raising every conspiracy theory, trotting around the courtroom with a blown-up portrait of Oswald saying “look at this face, is this the face of a killer?” and always referring to the prosecution as “Mistuh Bug-lee-oh-say” just to see if he could get a rise out of him. He did eventually get a pissy “my name is pronounced “BOO-lee-OH-see.”

      Anyway, Bugliosi swatted away every conspiracy theory like so many gnats and made a pretty airtight case against Oswald.

      What was most interesting is that it seems all but certain that there was an attempted cover-up. Why there was is anybody’s guess – it almost seemed as if there’s just an impulse to try cover things up whether there’s any reason to or not.

      1. Maybe because of Oswald’s past? Even if he were the sole shooter, he was pretty clearly a US spy.

        1. Rick Ames was a spy for the Soviets. How does he in your estimation compare to Oswald other that they were both human male American citizens? And quantify your statement: “pretty clearly”. please. That is your opinion and not even hearsay. 50 provable indicators would be fair to satisfy “spy” allegations “beyond a reasonable doubt” in my estimation.

          1. Cravin: Did you even read the stuff that’s been proven about Oswald? Working on U2 planes then going defecting to Russia only to come back is pretty suspect. Close ties to Cuban anti-Castro militias and the fact that the FBI was tailing him speaks volumes to anyone with common sense.

      2. Spence said it a few times and was told by the Judge after an objection to cease at the beginning- not for any lengthy duration as you implied ( using a Spence tactic yourself)!

    4. I don’t know if this is a conspiracy, or just a plain fact – the bullet found on the President’s gurney was completely intact. Meaning it passed through multiple people (if you suspend the laws of physics and believe Arlen Specter) and looked the same way had it been fired from a gun and not hit anything. That and the murder of Oswald by a mafia associate will always put doubts in my mind.

      1. The bullet was the one thing that Bugliosi couldn’t account for. IIRC he straight-up conceded that it had to have been put on the gurney after Kennedy was already on it. To what purpose we can only guess, but it does seem like a weird attempt to distract or confuse – hence my comment about the knee-jerk cover-up.

        I wouldn’t die of shock to learn that the mafia was involved in putting Oswald up to it, but the evidence that anyone but Oswald was involved in the event itself just isn’t there.

        1. The so called “magic” bullet was not the fatal bullet, but rather one that miraculously passed through Kennedy and then John Connally, striking only soft tissue in both men. The above statement that the bullet was “completely intact,” while technically correct, fails to mention that the tail of the bullet was compressed on one side and is therefore not as if “had it been fired from a gun and not hit anything.”

          1. I think you’re confused. The bullet found on the gurney IS the one alleged to be the “magic bullet” that passed through both men. Apparently, after exiting Connally’s thigh, it then crawled back up into Kennedy’s jacket so it could fall out on the gurney. The bullet that hit Connally did not hit only soft tissue; it broke one his ribs and shattered a bone in his wrist.

            1. I think if you read something halfway factual, you’ll find that in the wikipedia entry it’s inferred that the bullet found on the Presidents gurney is, in fact, the so-called magic bullet. Both me were in the same car and it could be that someone placed the bullet there when they were transferring Kennedy and Connally out of the car at Parkland Hospital.

              That’s unless you believe that — somehow — someone placed an unspent bullet (from Oswald’s rifle) on the President’s gurney. Question: How’d that person get the rifling on the bullet to match Oswald’s rifle? That would be quite a trick and that person would’ve had to have known, in advance, that Lee Harvey was going to murder the President.

              1. “…that person would’ve had to have known, in advance, that Lee Harvey was going to murder the President.”

                Or, that person would have had to have been part of the plot to frame Oswald for the murder.

        2. The type of projectile you erroneously misplaced was a full metal jacketed round which are designed that way so as to NOT “mushroom” upon impact. It was “expert” Cyril Wecht that could not account for a round that he talked about for an hour then said he did not know where it went because that was not his job. Why a round is still referred to as “the so-called magic bullet” is quite telling, indicative of the grasping at straws your club is displaying.
          3 rounds were recovered in various states of damage but were positively identified as being fired from a rifle that was owned by Oswald and to the exclusion of all other rifles. It was also identified as the weapon used in an attempted murder of a retired General earlier in that year.
          Please continue to hunt for the truth as that is what your leaders want you to do. As you see by the gist of this article it pays to be a leader in the JFK assassination conspiracy business.
          Forget about evidence as well and hope you are never put on trial based only on a allegation. You will scream for justice at that point but will it learn you anything?
          Vincent Bugliosi was the prospector of the Manson “family” murderers. He had evidence then as well. Is Charles Manson a hero to you just as Lee Oswald is?
          JFK would be 100 years old if he were still alive and if you live to be 100 you will still not find any evidence of conspiracy. But you will have stopped molesting children by then I hope, right?

          1. “3 rounds were recovered in various states of damage but were positively identified as being fired from a rifle that was owned by Oswald and to the exclusion of all other rifles.”

            Not true. The only bullet that could be matched to Oswald’s rifle by matching the markings to the barrel was the intact Magic Bullet that miraculously and conveniently appeared at Parkland. No significant pieces of the bullet that missed were recovered. The bullet the struck JFK’s head was in small fragments. The only “identification” of the two fragmented bullets was by a chemical analysis technique that has since been debunked.

            “Forget about evidence as well and hope you are never put on trial based only on a allegation.”

            If Oswald had been put on trial for killing JFK, the just thing to do would have been to exclude all the physical evidence on the grounds that the evidence was illegally seized by the feds and the investigation by Dallas police illegally quashed by Johnson, and a chain of custody could not be proven.

      2. Why is that surprising? I’ve watched many ballistic and penetration tests of different rounds and it’s pretty common that the occasional round, especially a FMJ will be completely intact and essentially unmarked after passing through a variety of substances. Passing through two bodies without hitting bone isn’t *that* unlikely.

        1. The bullet the hit Connally did hit bone; a rib and a wrist bone.

          1. Right? So many salty opinions that have no fact behind them. All sizzle and no steak.

    5. The preponderance of the available evidence shows that Oswald was the patsy of a high-level conspiracy. What actually happened will never be “factually indisputable” because the evidence was destroyed, manipulated, suppressed, faked, or uninvestigated at the time. We’re left with having to reason and speculate based on information that is sparse and tainted, but there’s ample reason to dismiss the official story.

      1. No, there is not much reason not to accept the official story. Arlen Specter and the Warren Commission did a hell of a job of trying to ascertain the facts. The physicians attending the president confirmed their support of the single shooter from the rear shortly after the Oliver Stone movie nonsense became too much for rational folks to ignore.

        The bullet came from Oswald’s gun. We have a picture of Oswald with the gun, taken by his wife. Oswald assembled the boxes on the sixth floor where he regularly worked and had been seen bringing what he claimed were “curtains rods wrapped in newspaper” into work that morning. Oswald definitely shot officer JD Tippit near the Texas Theatre that day. There were twelve witnesses to officer Tippit’s shooting and two of them identified Oswald as the shooter in a police lineup. One witness was a waiting cab driver who said Oswald passed within twelve feet of where he was sitting.

        Thus, we have Oswald killing two people with two different guns. If he didn’t shoot Kennedy, why did he shoot officer Tippit?

        1. I’ve been to Robert Groden’s little table where he peddles his conspiracy nonsense. He has every right to do so, but he’s either a nut or an opportunist, or both. He has folks standing around his table who claim to have witnessed the shooter on the grassy knoll. Yup, it’s a good little business and adds to the excitement of visiting Dealy Plaza, the grassy knoll, and the Sixth Floor Museum. The museum folks are probably pissed ’cause all the action is outside and few take the time to come to the museum. I didn’t.

          1. Question: Can any of you prove that I didn’t kill JFK?

        2. “The bullet came from Oswald’s gun.”

          Yes, the pristine bullet that miraculously passed through the bodies of two men without getting a scratch on it and then miraculously appeared on a gurney at the hospital was fired from the decrepit gun with the non-functional site that Oswald is alleged to have ordered. I don’t believe in miracles.

          “If he didn’t shoot Kennedy, why did he shoot officer Tippit?”

          Because he realized at that point that he was being set up for the shooting of Kennedy and thought that his last hope would be that his handlers in the intelligence establishment would bring him in. If he DID shoot Kennedy, then why the hell was he sitting watching a movie when he was caught and not trying to get the hell out of town?

          1. It was a 4x telescopic sight and it wasn’t non-functional, it was scraped when the FBI tested it, possibly bent or damaged, which made it hard for them to zero. They have no idea if the damage occurred before or after the FBI took possession. And, knowing what I know about how cops treat confiscated equipment and evidence, I have no problem believing it was damaged while in custody.

            1. The sight was damaged and not properly attached to the rifle. It was not in useable condition. You can speculate that it was damaged after the police took possession of it, but that’s only speculation. As I said above, we just don’t have the facts, and never will.

              1. We have lots and lots of facts, and it’s very, very clear that Oswald shot Kennedy. One doesn’t murder a police office to get “the intelligence establishment (to) would bring him in.”

                As for your question, “If he DID shoot Kennedy, then why the hell was he sitting watching a movie when he was caught and not trying to get the hell out of town?” that’s an easy one. He’d just shot a police office and was trying to hide. Witnesses testified that he “ducked into the Texas Theater without paying.” Thus, we see that he was in a big hurry to get off the street because a dozen folks had just seen him murdered officer Tippit.

                1. We have “lots and lots” of information, and it’s a hot mess. The only thing that’s “very, very clear” is that nothing is “very, very clear”. If you see Oswald’s guilt as open-and-shut, then you either haven’t really looked at all the information; you have poor reasoning skills; or you’re touchingly gullible for the official storytellers.

                  One would shoot a police officer to avoid being arrested. One would fear being arrested if 1)one were guilty or 2)one realized one were being framed. If you were being framed by plotters at high levels of government, your only help would have to come from people who work outside the law.

    6. I would say it’s far from “factually indisputable”. It’s hard to prove a negative that there were no other shooters.

    7. I think we can all agree here in 2017 that we really don’t give a f*ck. Whoever your favorite conspiracy theory culprit might be, we almost certainly already have much better evidence for horrible things they have done in other cases.

      1. “we…have much better evidence for horrible things they have done in other cases.”

        Which is why it’s entirely plausible that “they” killed Kennedy.

      2. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    8. The Progressive Left will never let the thing completely die, because it is one of many ways to keep St. Kennedy the Martyr in the minds of the public. Never mind that he was a mediocre President. Never mind that he was far more conservative than the Progressive Left would have one believe. The iconization of Kennedy allows the Progressive Left to gloss over soon much, they can’t let it go. Just as they will forever use the opportunism of McCarthy to discredit all anti-communism, wherever they can.

      They NEED Kennedy’s death to be ‘unsolved’, because they cannot admit that he was killed by a lone nut whose views were closer to theirs than to any of their favorite ‘conspirators’.

      1. You are absolutely correct. And they’ve all developed a case of amnesia about Kennedy trying to have Castro assassinated by various plots, and that he (Kennedy) likely had the CIA murder the President of South Vietnam months prior to his own death.

      2. It’s not just the “progressive left” that doesn’t buy the Lone Gunman story. Doubters come from across the political spectrum, and many of us are quite aware of history.

  3. I’ve heard there’s a conspiracy to deprive us of pm links.

  4. This goes much higher up than the city of Dallas.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure George Bush was part of the conspiracy. LOL

      And his dad, H. W. Bush ?.

      And Lyndon Johnson, for sure ?.

      And the military industrial complex ?. ’cause they didn’t like making all that money off the Vietnam war?

      It’s too much fun not to believe in the conspiracy, isn’t it????

      1. Others mentionned the Federal Reserve or suspected another group who must not be named as the old trope/cliche go.

  5. Huh, I live a few blocks from there I might have to go check out his table. ^_^

    1. And that was the last anybody ever heard of BYODB.

  6. Why did I to click on “see the full article” just to get 2 more sentences?

  7. There was an interesting JFK conspiracy “documentary” on Netflix (Dark Legacy?) that by, by CIA extension, involved Vannevar Bush, but was interesting mostly for its introduction of Cuban CIA operatives and how the autopsy and post-assassination protocol was all a ruse.

    This all happened before my time, but topic is all rather fascinating. From basic research it is clear that anyone who believes Oswald singularly acted goes to sleep clutching a blankie.

    1. I sleep soundly every night, thank you very much, without a binky or a blankie. I think you have it backwards.

      1. That Latuda works wonders, doesn’t it?

  8. So what story is this guy peddling?

    1. “So what story is this guy peddling?” Another shooter on the grassy knoll. He has guys standing around to support his story. These people will tell you how they were standing “just across the street,” a vantage point from which they claim to have clearly seen “a second shootwe.” It’s quite fun to watch, and if you’re in Dallas you should walk over there and see the show. The best time to go is on a sunny, late November day on the weekend when it’s not too hot. You’ll be entertained.

  9. Hard time finding something to write about? This is pretty much business as usual in every major city in America. Police being used by the movers and shakers to get rid of competition.

  10. The Conspiracy to Silence a JFK Assassination Theorist
    Robert Groden was ticketed 82 times and arrested twice because the city of Dallas wanted him off the streets.

    Let’s be honest here.
    He got off easy with just fines and a couple of trips to the local gulag for having the temerity question our secret police’s findings in the death of John Kennedy.
    If Stalin was around, Groden wouldn’t be.
    Oh…for the good ol’ days!

  11. I lived in Dallas in 2003 and just stumbled into Dealy Plaza on a Saturday afternoon while I was downtown for some street fair. The first thing that strikes you is how small the area is. You’re close to everything. I stood on the steps where Zapruder was filming that day and looked around at what he would have been able to see. From that vantage point if you look to your right you can actually see behind the fence at the top of the grassy knoll. If anyone had been shooting from there Zapruder and everyone else would have been able to see him. The area behind the fence is like it was the day of the shooting too. It’s a parking lot where anyone would have been able to see any supposed gunman running away or jumping into a car. Read “Case Closed” by Gerald Posner. Oswald was like Mark David Chapman who killed John Lennon. A loser who just wanted to take out someone famous.

    1. I worked as IT for Dallas County. My buildings included the Book Depository (Now the records building). Yeah… it’s pretty cramped over there. And honestly, not a lot of room for some guy selling shit with a table. It’s public land though, so I don’t really have a problem with him doing so. But I’m a libertarian, and have a minority opinion about property rights and such.

  12. The way they tried to silence this conspiracy might have a backward effect. They instead created a Streisand effect and people want to know more.

    More videos of other JFK conspiracies for those who are more curious.

  13. I visit the scene from time to time, and buy wares from the local vendors. They are mostly well-informed and produce the most surprising information–truly a resource for writers looking for a new angle on the mysteries. I cannot swear I met this guy, but he is sort of par for the course. None of them are annoying or in the way and most are an asset to the location.

    1. I made friends with those guys when I worked there. They kept an eye on my car for me.

  14. Wikileaks has made me take conspiracy theories a little more seriously.

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  17. He’s not a “JFK Theorist”? He’s a either a nut job, or a crass opportunist. I’m betting the former, and that the only reason he was harassed by the Dallas Police was that he was perceived to be luring potential customers away from the 6th Floor Museum, likely owned and run by the City of Dallas.

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