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Remy: Closer (Trump Inauguration Remix)

Finding common ground between Trump supporters and protesters at the inauguration.


Remy finds common ground between Trump supporters and protesters at the inauguration.

Parody of "Closer" by The Chainsmokers
Written and Performed by Remy.
Music tracks by by Ben Karlstrom and Stickzz. Mastered by Ben Karlstrom.
Produced and Edited by Austin Bragg.

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Lord, we thank you for this day and please protect us
From anything that might lead or affect us astray
Kids, make sure you read your Bibles, it's the best word
You can't be watching nothing with the "S" word, okay?

You know it breaks my heart
Our culture is so coarsened! Clinton was the start, and
Eight years, more debt
We need to get back to the tenets of small government!
That's why I came to cheer and watch
A statist who likes to grab crotch…

So give me more disclosure of entitlement proposals
I used to say we can't afford
Tax my trade and close the border
Give crude language the exposure
That up 'til now I abhorred
While I'm not a total poser
You could say I'm getting closer

You! Look at all you people out here nodding!
While soon there's gonna be a lot of bombing, we grieve
Trump!? That guy just gives the pot a stirring motion
I haven't seen such terrible emotions since New Year's Eve.

You know it broke my heart
The wars are never-ending–George Bush was the start and
Don Trump / Mike Pence?
We need to stop the droning, it's just common sense

Those are things I'll protest and scream
Unless, you know, it hurts my team…
So hand me a pink poster because now I'm an opposer
Of the bombings and the wars
That for eight years I glossed over
My memory is as selective as
Meryl Streep's I suppose
Pass that stuff we brought from Boulder
You could say I'm getting closer

You could say we're getting closer.
You could say we're getting closer.

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  1. Not his best work. Kinda lame. But that’should OK, no one hits a home run every time at bat. Keep going, Remi.

    1. I don’t know, I feel like it sums up the current political climate pretty well.

  2. The worst. The only defense you guys will have while minimizing Trump’s FutureCrime will be to say Obama did something something 8 years ago. POLITICIANS ARE ALL THE SAME. THERE’S NO FUNCTIONAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING 10,000 TROOPS IN THE ME AND 200,000.

    1. *Collects more tears


      Now you are getting somewhere, amsoc.

      1. No shit!

        Has anyone ever shown AmSoc how close it is totally true, Hitler = Stalin? They cribbed from each other on how to run a totalitarian uber-state! Secret police, state terror and all! And just HOW MANY policies did Hitler and Stalin copy from each other, that “American Socialists” copy today??!? “Socialism” itself, public schools, public medicine, public ownership of just about everything, public funded retirement, welfare (for favored groups at least), private arms prohibitions, thought control… Hitler = Stalin = American Socialism and Marxism on American college campuses today…

        Hey all of you 100,000,000 dead victims of socialism, HOW’S THAT WORKIN’ FOR YA??!!?

    3. Boooooosh!

    4. BUT BOOOSH.

      No, sorry, it isn’t blaming Obama for things he has done, it is pointing out the rank hypocrisy of people like you amsoc. You can not be trusted with power. At least the Republicans rejected Bushism, created a grass roots movement to change their party, and have been pretty successful at it.

      Meanwhile, you leftists will be claiming Obama was the greatest ever for the rest of our lives, wholly ignoring all of the absolutely awful things he has done.

    5. You can’t seriously blame Trump for the mess he inherited from Obama, can you?

  3. Good stuff, Remy.

  4. Dammit, I thought this was a parody of the NIN Closer! Not watching now.

    1. Me too. Instead I get to hear this song that I can’t stand for the hundredth time.
      Remy does good as always, though.

  5. My dream is to grow up to be a background dancer in a Remy video.

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