Rand Paul

Did Trump Absorb Any Libertarian Lessons on Foreign Policy? Q&A With Sen. Rand Paul

The Kentucky Republican on Bolton, Tillerson, and the fantasy that America can topple governments and replace them with something better.


John Bolton is "an unrepentant advocate of the Iraq War" says Sen. Rand Paul, who's failed to learn that when America topples governments, invariably we end up with something "worse than what we had."

In our latest podcast interview, the Kentucky Republican talks about why Bolton—the rumored nominee for deputy secretary of state—is unfit for office, his thoughts on the nomination of Rex Tillerson for secretary of state ("he's not part of the furniture of Washington"), whether the U.S. should allow in more refugees (probably), the budget crisis, his recent reelection, and whether Trump has absorbed any aspects of "a libertarian foreign policy" (yes, though the talk of Bolton joining the administration gives Paul pause).

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