Are E-Cigs the Market Solution that Can Save a Billion Lives?

Q&A with "A Billion Lives" director Aaron Biebert.


"This is a market solution to one of the biggest health crises we've ever seen in the history of the world," says Aaron Biebert, director of A Billion Lives, a documentary that makes the case that regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations are engaged in a campaign of misinformation against e-cigarettes. "It's disturbing to me that something that's working is being demonized."

Biebert sat down with Reason TV's Zach Weissmueller to discuss the film and the state of the vaping industry in the wake of new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines that the American Vaping Association, a pro-vaping industry group, claims could wipe out 99 percent of existing e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers. The FDA, for its part, plans to "hire additional Office of Small Business Assistance staff to provide assistance to small tobacco product entities wherever possible." And just today, the Surgeon General issued a report claiming that e-cigarettes are "now a major public health concern."

But are e-cigarettes actually dangerous, or is this simply fear-mongering propaganda from public health agencies that are slow to adapt to innovation?

Watch the full interview above to hear more on that question. Click below to listen now via SoundCloud.

Interview by Zach Weissmueller. Shot by Alex Manning and Lexy Garcia. Music by Chris Zabriskie.

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  1. Haha, I am pretty sure markets can only do bad and government is the only thing that can do good.

    Nice try, Zach.

  2. “But are e-cigarettes actually dangerous, or is this simply fear-mongering propaganda from public health agencies that are slow to adapt to innovation?”

    Yes, they are dangerous. Only they’re much, much less dangerous than a regular cigarette. (to the tune of 95% safer, if you believe Britain)

    The issue has nothing to do with Public Health. Nothing whatsoever. It’s because the government knows that if this continues, the Big Tobacco settlement cash will dry up in five to ten years and they’ll lose a major revenue stream.

    That’s it. Plain and simple. They are quite literally putting ‘profits’ before public health, which doing the reverse of that was the only justification for their existence in the first place. As expected.

    1. agencies that are slow to adapt to innovation

      I think they misspelled “agencies that fear and loathe innovation.”

  3. If y’all think these aren’t going to be regulated out of existence…

  4. These people are pure, unadulterated evil. Sure, they’ve convinced themselves otherwise, but that doesn’t matter. They are animists determined to block beneficial technology that will save lives based on pure superstition.

    1. ^This. I hope Trump’s FDA pick changes these stupid regulations.

      1. I hope he proposes to ban cigarettes. It would work, unlike alcohol prohibition, because there is a legal alternative. (People could still roll their own or take snuff, or smoke a cigar or pipe, or vape.) It would be good politics too: it would trump the opposition’s supposed care for diminishing the consumption of tobacco-related products by going much further in that direction.

        (Tobacco is the problem, not nicotine. Tobacco contains tar; e-cigs don’t. Don’t the dopes at t FDA realize this?)

        1. Are you nuts? Vaping is a decent alternative to smoking for some people, not all. Millions of Americans are still going to want cigarettes. A ban would be a disaster. It’d be alcohol prohibition all over again.

  5. This will be a good rock to brain the FDA with once everyone starts asking where there fav Ecig went.

  6. The old central planners of the Soviet Union look with awe at American progressives and the control they have exerted upon a nation conceived in liberty.

  7. Save a billion lives? Nonononono, let’s start advocating for more cigarette smoking.

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  9. Is reason getting paid by e-cigs to print these articles on regular basis ? There are simply too many articles about e-cigs on reason.

    1. e-cigs are a perfect example of libertarian-supported market solutions getting blocked by authoritarian governments claiming to be doing it for the public good but really doing it for corrupt influence peddling.

      Regardless of whether reason is getting paid or not to write pro e-cig articles, it is still good to bring this corruption to public awareness.

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