Election 2016

The US Is Already Broke!: Economist (and Presidential Candidate) Laurence Kotlikoff

Says real national debt is north of $200 trillion and screwing younger Americans from now til Doomsday.


In books such as The Coming Generational Storm and The Clash of Generations, Boston University economist Laurence J. Kotlikoff argues that old-age entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security are ripping off the relatively poor and young and funneling money to the relatively old and well-off. What's more, he controversially asserts that our national debt isn't $20 trillion but well over $200 trillion. The United States government is, he says, already bankrupt by any realistic definition of the term.

Kotlikoff is running for president as a write-in candidate (his running mate is Ed Leamer, an economist at UCLA). If candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are noticeably vague on the details of their policy proposals, Kotlikoff is the polar opposite, spelling out in readable detail what he intends to do to rein in debt and cut government spending, how he would handle foreign policy, and more.

While he's no libertarian, believers in limited government, less-distorting tax policy, and major entitlement reform will find much of interest in what Kotlikoff calls "purple plans," or policies designed to appeal to centrists, Democrats, and Republicans.

In this new Reason podcast, Nick Gillespie talks with Kotlikoff about his presidential campaign and the effect of massive, unchecked debt on our country's economic future.

Produced by Ian Keyser.

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  1. All this time, I said Reason should give more attention to another 3rd party candidate, and they finally listened!

    1. This guy is certainly more reasonable than Stein, who thinks wi-fi causes cancer.

      1. People still think that shit?

        1. Lots and lots of them.

          I can’t tell if Stein beieves this (and if she believes that vaccines cause autism) or if she plays it up because she knows that her base is batshit insane (and they do believe it).

          1. As a medical doctor of course I support vaccinations. I have a problem with the FDA being controlled by drug companies.

            If I understand correctly, Rufus and JB, the question of whether or not Wi-Fi is safe is one she’s open to. It seems to me (after a quick search) that she doesn’t claim to know. I trust someone with more patience can find her exact stance on the topic.

            1. Open to the ‘question of whether or not Wi-Fi is safe’ is batshit insane all on its own.

              Radio frequency energy is not ionizing, the intensities you’re exposed to even if you swallow your router or cell phone are not enough to heat any part of you up.

              There’s no known harm mechanism other than straight thermal effects (which you won’t get unless you’re looking down the horn of a radar emitter or tore the door of your microwave and broke the interlock).

              If RF energy caused problems then they would be widespread and we’d have seen them cropping up since the 1920’s. A century of radio use (don’t forget that TV and, you know, *radios* required whole cities to be bathed in RF emissions) and electrical transmission and no one can find effect from RF exposure.

              Even the people who claim to be able to detect the presence of RF energy by the discomfort it gives them only get it right at the same rate as straight guessing.

              1. Even the people who claim to be able to detect the presence of RF energy by the discomfort it gives them only get it right at the same rate as straight guessing.

                So, Aggy, you admit from this systematically empirical study that you’ve mentioned that it is the case that Wi-Fi/Radio Frequency has been shown to cause discomfort in 50% of the population?

                Unserious. I am not being serious with the above post, Aggy, except in this wise – the words you (or any of us) type can be used to make an entirely different point.

              2. There’s no known harm mechanism other than straight thermal effects

                Mythbusters experimentally tested this and concerns regarding this potential effect are also overblown.

                The MythBusters attached the turkey to a spinning radar antenna, but when measured, they found that the turkey actually ‘lost’ heat.

                1. I know, but thermal effects are the only known way RF energy can hurt you.

                  And Charles, no – those studies can’t be used in a different way to support that idea. If everyone tested gets it right as often as flipping a coin, that shows that they are all just guessing, not that 50% of them are right.

                  1. Charles meant that your words can be twisted, not that the studies can be twisted.OMG! He said half the country is affected!etc.

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    2. The fawning Darrell Castle profile is scheduled for Wednesday.

  2. Anytime someone talks about unfunded liabilities, the forget that congress can eliminate social security with one bill…

    1. One weird, career-ending trick?

      1. One weird economy destroying trick too. The only way out of SS is to ease out of it over a couple of generations. Letting people partially opt out would be a good way.

        1. Even that is career-ending. 🙁

          1. Well of course the only responsible solution is a career-ender. It’s politics!

        2. The only way out of SS is to ease out of it over a couple of generations total governmental and economic collapse. Letting people partially opt out would be a good way. everything else is a nonstarter

      2. “One weird, career-ending trick?”

        And #5 will surprise you.

    2. And when Congress does that, they themselves will get to hear from all their constituents who understand that they are entitled to SS in future.

      So which way do you think congress will vote?

      1. It’s so frustrating to hear old people say “I payed into SS and Medicare. I’m entitled to it.” As if that money hasn’t already been spent on them in other ways…

        1. As if they didn’t vote for the very people that said “It’s okay, we’ll just leave an IOU in the Social Security departments memo folder.”

    3. Inflation

    4. I don’t think they’ll have the bawlz….at first. I think plan A is print money and blame it on Walmart, Exxon, McDonald’s…..til it doesn’t work

  3. HA! Jokes on him. I can only be screwed from now until I die. Then the debt’s just screwing a corpse, which is weird and counterproductive.

    1. Some people would say it’s kinky.

      (I am not one of those people.)

  4. $20T or $200T? Does it really matter?

    1. I know, right? An extra zero doesn’t make a difference, it’s a ZERO for goodness sake!

      1. The issue is that total wealth in the US, financial, real, and corporate, is about 130 trillion. Eventually you really are bankrupt.


    2. The fed can just print the money. 😐

      1. + 200 platinum coins

      2. The fed can just print the money.


        I, for one, am glad to see you adopting a more pragmatic and forward-looking financial viewpoint: Inflation is Economic Growth and Debt is Wealth.

        Now if we can just get the other H&R commentators to accept this wisdom, Sir Keynes might be able to stop rolling over in his grave.

        1. Sir Keynes might be able to stop rolling over in his grave.

          Hook him up to a turbine! Renewable energy! 😉

      3. Good idea. Can I do that?

        1. You can try, but I doubt it will end well for you.

          1. In the end we’re all dead. Heard that somewhere.

        2. No, straffinrun,

          if you or I were to do that sort of printing it would be called counterfeit, and we would be prosecuted. There is a significant difference between printing (or electronically producing) fiat money and -feit money.

          1. Even if I put Harriet Tubman on it?

            1. What about Hairy Tubgirl?

            2. In that case, straffinrun, you might sway a good portion of the populace. Sort of like these sorts of folk were swayed.

  5. What if we’re trapped in some sort of time bubble and the election isn’t three days away but rather we still have a year to go?

    1. We can make a killing by betting on Trump to win the nomination and the Cubs to win the World Series, so it isn’t all bad.

    2. Groundhog Day 2: Election Day

      1. Starring Gary Johnson, who can only break the time loop by winning the election.

        1. -cue Mission Impossible music

  6. Wasn’t there talk of a 20 trillion dollar coin? So we’d just need a few more. El Problemo El Solvedo!

    1. A 20-trillion dollar platinum coin (at current market value) would weigh over a billion pounds and there isn’t nearly enough platinum in the world to make it. But of course we aren’t talking about market value.

      1. Do not be silly, guy, the government the banking cartel known as the The Federal Reserve of the United States simply mints a coin that has the luster of platinum and declares that it is worth 20 trillion dollars in order to solve the perceived problem. Faith in the government and markets will thereby be restored for generations and a new era of plenty will be ushered in.

        1. Yeah man, all they need to do is put ‘$20,000,000,000’ on the coin and BAM!, 20 trillion dollars.

      2. Just mint $20 trillion in (((Hanukkah gelt)))

        1. Isn’t gelt crap milk chocolate?

    2. Ed Meese approves.

  7. ” . . .old-age entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security are ripping off the relatively poor and young and funneling money to the relatively old and well-off.”

    The older I get, the less this bothers me. Weird.

    1. At some point resistance becomes futile and you reluctantly board the leaking, rusted, mildew infested S.S. Graveyard Train.

    2. If you’re smart with your money, this stuff is depressing and stupid but doesn’t ruin your life because you’re relatively old and well-off.

    3. As much as it offends my libertarian self, I’m still going to take social security if it’s there when I retire. I’ve lost 12.8% of my salary to that ponzi scheme over the entirety of my working life, you’d best believe I’m going to hope to at least get a tiny percentage of it back.

      1. To play devil’s advocate and to get differing perspectives, how would you feel if you paid less or nil but your regular income tax went up, and went up enough so that borrowing hadn’t been necessary? In short, not enough was ever taxed to cover expenditures even WITH the amount nominally labeled social security tax. Not only are you not entitled to anything back, you’ve got a prorated share of the hard $20,000,000,000,000 debt.

        Comforting, isn’t it? If it isn’t you, it’s going to SOME generation at that end of the Ponzi scheme that faces that reality.

      2. As much as it offends my libertarian self, I’m still going to take social security if it’s there when I retire.


        if a group of people took a portion of the money you earned before you ever saw that money, should you feel/think it was wrong of you to ask for your money back at some point in your life?

  8. Heck, I remember when Clinton “balanced the budget” and some people were pointing out, well, not really, it’s just stupid government accounting tricks – and besides, we got some 60-70 trillion in unfunded liabilities when you start projecting out the spending that’s the real 600-pound gorilla of the budget problem

    Like I said, the only way we’re ever going to start digging our way out is to get some people to admit the government lied. They looked you right in the eye and swore the money they were stealing from you was getting invested for your future. They lied. They spent the money, they didn’t invest it. It’s gone now. It’s gone and the only way you’re getting anything back is to look your children and your children’s children right in the eye and swear the money you’re stealing from them is getting invested for their future. So there you go – you got screwed. You gonna screw your kids now in turn?

    1. Celebrities are idiots. Just stay the fuck out of Canada. We have enough left-wing American loons. Al Sharpton is on the list. Addition by subtraction for the USA. What a clown-imbecile that guy is.


      1. Sorry that wasn’t supposed to be a reply.


        And Spike Lee too.


      3. Please, all of them should leave the country now. I mean it’s obvious that we’re all just a bunch of racist assholes.

    2. Jared Fogelnomics.

      1. Someone’s dependents are getting screwed?

  9. Man blows $400,000 trying to make a car out of compressed-cannabis by-products

    result = its still just a Miata with some dubiously ‘eco-friendly’* body-kit.

    (*I doubt the finished body-work is fundamentally any more environmental or – most importantly cost-effective – than regular fiberglass. nothing is more environmentally wasteful than diverting productive assets into unproductive uses)

    but hey, it still makes a funny story.

    **side note: I met Laurence Kotlikoff at a friend’s wedding last summer. nice guy. we both held opposite legs of the Hora chair. He accused me of running out of arm strength first. I in turn blamed him. He was actually right. at least we didn’t drop the guy.

    I think his presidential run has been mildly overshadowed by The Trump Phenomenon

  10. Nope. The Fed keeps interest rates at zero (or even institutes negative interest rates!), and prints more money.
    Problem solved. Of course, anybody stupid enough to have any savings or to earn a paycheck has just had their money stolen, but judge Roberts will call it a hidden tax, therefore, it’s all good.

  11. Molyneux. Is there anyone hammering at Hillary’s criminal activities more than him? Not a criminal enterprise. Nope.


    1. I don’t think that’s a controversial argument. It may not happen in the first 6 months of her administration, but there’s so much smoke connected with the CF that sooner or later they’re going to find some witness to flip.

      The comments Podesta/Band made the other day re: “Hey…. Chelsea is talking about Foundation stuff: Not Smart” should make it obvious. That they rely on “see no evil” from their own people just shows how obviously dirty it is.

      I expect they’ll throw underlings to the wolves at some point to protect the Clintons. Someone will take the fall.

      1. At what point does someone calculate they’re not worth taking the fall for?

        I mean, Jesus. Which makes me wonder, if they don’t take the fall what happens to them? I understand in the Mafia why you wouldn’t but what’s the worst than can happen? Lose your job? I know about the ‘Clinton body count’ but I want to think that’s coincidental stuff. Not to sound naive or anything.

        How the heck do you take these crooks down?

        1. Come to think of it, the ultimate come-uppence for the Clintons would be if the investigation reveals the level of fraud and contempt enough to get their asses sued by donors ultimately putting them in the poor house. It would also be Ironic given her lie about ‘knowing what’s like to be poor.

        2. At what point does someone calculate they’re not worth taking the fall for?

          probably right before they’re being thrown off the Verrazano bridge?

          1. I have a view of that bridge. A little too far to see the falling bodies tho 🙁

      2. Maybe a stooge gets thrown to the wolves, but the CF helps Haitians with AIDS! Heart was in the right place! Gotta break a few eggs, blah, blah. Whoever controls the DOJ determines who gets prosecuted and the Ds will never go after anyone that is deep inside the corruption. They’ve got the whip and by god they’re gonna use it to advance their ideology.

  12. How Dare This Number-Monkey Fool With Already Monkey’d-With Numbers!

    The author insists that putting poll data through further contortions is somehow horribly unfair and unethical, whereas the sampling and selection-bias which goes into the polls themselves is to be politely ignored as the prerogative of indubitably-non-partisan institutions like CNN and NBC, etc.

    By monkeying around with the numbers like this, Silver is making a mockery of the very forecasting industry that he popularized. “The idea that she’s a prohibitive, 95 percent-plus favorite is hard to square with polling that has frequently shown 5- or 6-point swings within the span of a couple weeks, given that she only leads by 3 points or so now,” he told Politico recently. “[E]verything depends on one’s assumptions, but I think that our assumptions ? a Clinton lead, sure, but high uncertainty ? has repeatedly been validated by the evidence we’ve seen over the course of the past several months.”

    I get why Silver wants to hedge. It’s not easy to sit here and tell you that Clinton has a 98 percent chance of winning. Everything inside us screams out that life is too full of uncertainty, that being so sure is just a fantasy. But that’s what the numbers say.

    journo-twit thinks poll-data is somehow like carbon-dating

    1. I don’t like this new trend of polling monkeys for their political opinions.

      1. Yeah, they’re just going to throw their poo at you.

              1. Please. I’m not clicking on that.

                1. Phew.


                  after HM posted a link to “This Kills The Man” (and a few other links), I exercised caution. Sufficient caution. No more, no less.

                  At the risk of losing your trust in me (if any such trust exists), Rhywun, I now type that the brief video HM posted which was this one is nothing more than a confusing bit of geek/nerdy/sci-fi/ fandom sort of thing which I do not understand.

                  1. Oh, I jest. It’s Groovus’s medical shit I really won’t click.

                  2. If you didn’t get a Dragon Ball Z reference, I fear your reaction upon viewing this.

                    1. If you didn’t get a Dragon Ball Z reference….

                      As is often the case, HM, you are correct.

                      (and it is also the case that I did not view whatever it is through your link. Tis but sufficient caution. No more, no less.)

    2. Question about something we talked about a few months ago:

      What broker and security do you use for your short VIX regression to the mean strategy?

      I’d like to get my hands on some of that sweet contango action after the election, but a lot of the VIX tracking funds are “hard to borrow”.

      1. What broker and security do you use for your short VIX regression to the mean strategy?

        XIV is an inverse ETN; you don’t need to short it, you just own it. It tries to match the inverse of a Short-term/mid-term-VIX (or a mixed basket of St/mid-term…. more than 1-month average contract life, at least)

        this explains it

        Everything we do is (now at least) through LPL. Any broker should have it available and it shouldn’t suffer from any particular restrictions by account-type. – some people have broker rules that bar them from trading things that fall below a minimum daily-volume, but unless something’s changed i think its still fine.

        the common trade with it is to buy it after a spike in the vix above 20+ for more than 2days, then sell it after it gradually returns to a ‘normal’ range of 12-15.

        1. Isn’t buying inverse just paying for something you could do yourself? You’re paying for the inverse, and even more for leveraged 2 or 3x.

          I was thinking more like shorting UVXY or TVIX if there’s a spike. They are one of the greatest money losing enterprises in history, black swans aside.

          1. Isn’t buying inverse just paying for something you could do yourself?

            You want to create your own weighted-basket of mid-term & short term VIX notes which allows you to roll over holdings every single month without generating lots of transaction costs, be my guest

            1. Maybe I will. Just because you said so.

              1. Stay thirsty my friend

      2. Sprechen Sie englisch?

        1. diese traurige Mann ist Sex Drogen s?chtig

    3. Replies in the Nate Silver and the (separate) 538 twitter feed are endlessly entertaining. If you don’t know that Hitlery has already won the election (EARLY VOTING! ) you’re all kinds of an apostate, science-denying idiot. So many people who think they’re really smart and knowledgeable have no idea what they’re talking about. The innovation in fallacy is downright spectacular

    4. Nate Silver’s reaction to Huffpo author =

      Nate Silver Verified account

      Nate Silver Retweeted Ryan Grim

      This article is so fucking idiotic and irresponsible.

      reply by HuffPo moron

      Ryan Grim ?@ryangrim 7h7 hours ago

      @NateSilver538 Sick burn, non-bro.

      1. That is pretty much all Grim deserves.

        In response to your first post, I was going to mention that there are ways to test the validity of statistical assumptions for a particular case.

        But I got distracted.

        1. The Turkish grooves just don’t stop

          The African disco also seems to provide a consistent payoff.

  13. Guy, I think my internet will be working just fine tonight.

  14. The USA went broke in 1971 when Tricky Dick Nixon reneged on the duty to redeem US dollars for gold.


    1. “Why switch Dicks in the middle of a screw?”

      A sarcastic joke from some old Chef I used work for JRC. =D

  15. But hey, violent crimes are down and life spans are up, so it’s all good. We don’t need to worry about stuff like THIS. We need to worry about stuff to the point where behavior taxes are solid libertarian platforms.

    So get that optimism cracking, by God.

  16. Trump getting stage rushed again. Gonna give him a kiss?

  17. I didn’t refresh my browser so don’t know if posted but…Trump rushed off the stage:


  18. So, uh, is there a reason why you’d bother using the pseudonym “Diane Reynolds” when you sign your emails with your real name?


    1. People would look at metadata for subpoenas. If you can’t identify who the sender/receiver are, you can’t prove they’re the target

    2. Are you asking why the Clintons would do something strange regarding the use of e-mail?

  19. The $20 trillion is an investment that will stimulate the economy into unprecedented GDP growth. Your problem is that you don’t understand that trickling is anti-gravitational. Rubes.


  20. Rankest anecdote, but #3 will shock you!
    Seriously, early dinner with friends this evening; I’m in SF, there is no reason for me to mention politics at all, but most of those with whom wife and I associate have figured that neither of us pull the lever on the D side of the ballot.
    Two of the women at the dinner are “FDR-and-JFK-picture on the wall, *D*, dammit-nothing-but- *D*, and don’t you forget it!-Dems!”
    The chatting had one mentioning (with no apologies; she ‘occupies a space’) she found the evidence of corruption too odious and she’d voted for Johnson. The second seemed relieved to have someone else break the trail, and said she did, too.
    Both are educated, work, or did so, well up the organizational charts. Neither is buying the claims of ‘leaking emails (qua emails) is the problem’; the emerging email trail is evidence of corruption enough to keep both of them for voting for that hag.
    OK, #3!: A month or so ago, one of the women was adamant that HRC was the ONE! It was her turn, she’d earned it, she had ‘experience’, it was time for a woman POTUS. There was no way she would vote otherwise!
    Dinner conversation; anecdotal in the extreme, so I have no idea whether either of them did so, but in SF, the mere suggestion is near heresy, and neither of them had anything to gain by currying favor from Mr. or Mrs. Sevo .
    Shocking, right?
    Oh, and Playa, my interwebz connection is down. How is Cal doing?

    1. Hey Sevo why don’t you educate those two women on the candidate for President who placed fourth in the DNC primaries.
      Mr. Vermin Supreme. =D


    2. Two of the women at the dinner are “FDR-and-JFK-picture on the wall, *D*, dammit-nothing-but- *D*, and don’t you forget it!-Dems!”

      After a few Ensure cocktails they tore into hearty portions of zwieback.

      1. I know you find this hard to believe, but there were POTUS before the change of the century. You can look it up.

        1. JFK was assassinated well before my 2nd birthday…and I’m OLD ! FWP/WPA books have been “antiquarian” since I could read !

    3. The term is “dankest anecdote” not “rankest”.

  21. How can we be broke? We still have checks a printing press.

  22. You just got to love those Progressive, Peaceful, Anti-War, Anti-gun, and liberal Democrats. =D

  23. Valleys in the roots of the brain ethos/gasm
    amass hunters seeking the edges of the future
    ringing the graveyards of stars and their narrowing forevers
    Ancient survivors donned lightlocks that whispered their
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    before this fucking pensive soul even penned this
    shclock… this shit happened before now and similarly proffered like
    a foreafter and a hence.

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    bunker hill where in 1987 Kenny’s legs were ran over by his dad accidentallie in a large truck
    is picnic banter

  25. So get home from bar. Buckeyes won, awesome. Two Broke Girls on TV. Total airhead bimbo hos. Wondering what feminist think of them? Guess SJWs have ruined tv for all time.

      1. “A comely Hebrew wench”

        1. I can’t remember if it was Edmund Spencer or Christopher Marlowe who employed the term “melon-breasted Jewess” in one of their plays.

          1. Apparently she’s the wealthiest actress in Hollywood because she’s so entrepreneurial outside of acting….. ::looks knowingly::

      2. Those . . .

        . . . are magnificent .

  26. reality is not as fine as you imagine because our goddamn existential bubble is the result
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    fell into some marginal retype spent on the cum
    of a logarithm jacking off into the fantasy of sum
    drunk fuck sleeping outside the dark temple on the
    bottom ocean with a golden key dangling off her
    heroine 10-2-1

  34. doors and walls close us in like high paid VIP’s at a goddamn pacman event where
    the balls run like cum but
    doors and walls are the extent of our sky flowers and ass jets
    but somewhere along this murky shit all dreamy and smokey lies the fucking window
    on the el street where pi hits the infinity set where all the good boys go to get mad
    but suns don’t give a fuck about the aleph do they Mr.Cantor

  35. Grinning glints line platinum alleys
    like molten cubicles and goddamn nervous ebony riffs
    and poltergeist cobaines eating dark dust off my goddamn balls

  36. Fake a maker you cannot do in the womb
    of this fucking skin place
    Fake a maker and you piss of your goddamn mother
    you FUCKING shit fucker
    Fake a maker and your star will stick your goddamn cheap
    human skull with space dust darts
    geez… fuck me I actually hope that isnt real
    i do not want to die by a fucking space weak asshole atomic heavy
    pussy all stabbing my fantasies with space dust darts

  37. drenched- my soul stands on the
    necks of the knees of the fiery vaginas
    my tongue clasped and pried like
    west Virgin families seeking sustenance for babies
    and children uttering actions on the atomic juxtapositions
    of their societal firmaments
    drenched- my soul erupts in fire and madness

  38. drenched- my soul stands on the
    necks of the knees of the fiery vaginas
    my tongue clasped and pried like
    west Virgin families seeking sustenance for babies
    and children uttering actions on the atomic juxtapositions
    of their societal firmaments
    drenched- my soul erupts in fire and madness

  39. time swerves in the steps of our communications on this granite calling where the vines hollar and whisper lala

  40. weaving suns drop the breeze of
    lost indian dreams
    kneeling at the edge of forever
    and melting under the lost
    screams of a fluttering monarch
    I once sat deep in a ohio wood under
    a late summer sun where the shadows
    binge millions of tales of knights and adventurers
    but this soft glancing day I wandered
    back into my deep woods and pranced up
    on a tall spent elm under an Oak so tall it made clouds
    cry but I sat upon the upturned branches this
    day and fell into gentle silence a strong powerful
    knight of antlers so big his power could have killed me
    he pranced within so few feet of me and his neck was
    like super trophy and his antlers were lined with
    so many ufos I could not count but as the leaves fell he
    turned and looked at me and I saw a god so powerful his
    loins would smash entire forests and he glanced at me
    sitting on a branch and the universe stopped and the fucking
    disturbing hellish bounding mass of muscle ran off and
    I was so fucking moved and shit but how to convey this?
    exactly- rather fucking impossibley

  41. my lines are heading back into the dreams of the moon it appears
    the opera of code that allows my crippled vanquishing of fire under the mysterious
    shoulders of lost woods has reversed like red dwarves fishing for reasons in the pool of universes
    thread ratchet on the deep woods of a boy challenging the ghosts of his demons within the light blue boxes
    of heavens where all the boys play and the odd queens prance

  42. expressions head upstairs because compasses dream, love

  43. Hanging out at work. The answer hit me like a 2×4 to the temple. For five years we all give everything we produce to the state.

    1. A stone spiral staircase erupts into a
      moist quiet colorful flowery place
      where gliding angels slip glances into
      the temples of visitors…
      agile cyborg is requesting a visit into
      the garden of this special place called the straffinrun

  44. so the tomorrows bolted on the futures
    explode into the effervescence of croaking necks
    and streets where rain hits gloomy humans racked up
    and waiting to escape their rat castles people like
    Cuban M builds

  45. so these flavors of magical alley wolves coalesce and the dark rivers of the great yard filled with Feynman’s dreams waits for my naked rolling upon. well, fuck you nothing elves. I ramble upon the matters and tatters of my longings and dread and ever so beyond this I love only this collective of .com monsters.

    1. I’m up too, and straight off the time machine.

      1. Gentle dry skinned rainbow skitterer basking in the beaming realities of the thing that creates life and its billion year existence
        very few fucking people realize the hinges of atoms My Lizard the Mr Lizard foisted upon the fingers of my body and My lizard the Mr Lizard is a utopian shard of rivers melding into the imagined dreamquest of the oddround bulwarks of times flitting underneath the frames of caves and brooks where my lizard the fucking Mr LIZARD RIVER scampered and doffed like a tall executive MR LIZARD SUIT doffing dreams and winds and waves like a STRONG MR LIZARD

  46. rugged lines best us
    genius suns shine behind our travails
    and the trumpets of gods and goddesses shine behind you
    like a rich man strutting like a peacock
    and thick haze of important times I wish
    were floating on the squares of curves
    bending under dark stars… and agile dreams

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    1. this horrid infection garden stole my poem so i will post again
      man can the fucking stewards or wizards see what these hoary jades spring about?
      fuck… he stole my lines with his spam allocate
      sigh why did my metatarsals post sigh? fingers dont sigh -/shit

      1. I cannot post my shit because my poem is gone into the strom of this spamming fuck who stole my gone words
        all my fucking worthless shit is gone
        a spammer came along and dumped all my cocaine and coronas into a vat of citified union apathy
        shit stars

    2. i hope your shitty Georgian/Porridgy/WU Tang self is happy you miserable fuck

  48. well all these clocks fucked stars and made some goddamn space streakers

  49. The US Is Already Broke!

    Jesus, Nick, tell us something we don’t know. Like Linnekin’s recipes.

    In irrelevant news, my NaNoWriMo count is 4240/50,000.

    1. Sounds good, keep on truckin’!

  50. Just print more money!

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