Backpack Funding: The Big School Reform That Fits in a Tiny Package


Public schools aren't doing well. Since the early 1970s, we've more than doubled per-pupil spending without increasing test scores for high school seniors. Seems like a problem that's just too big to fix. 

Yet one of the best ideas to radically improve K-12 education in America is so small, it can fit into the backpack of the tiniest first grader. It's called weighted student formula, or backpack funding. Here's how backpack funding works.

Instead of giving a set amount of dollars to a school based on the number of students in a given district, each student is given a certain amount of funding that follows them to whatever school they enroll in.

Students with special needs get extra dollars that follow them. Under the best version of backpack funding, educators have complete flexibility to use the money as they see fit: on more teachers, programs, facility, or whatever they think will help their students succeed.

With such great educational freedom comes great responsibility, too. Schools either perform or parents will take their children—and their dollars—elsewhere. Backpack funding focuses attention and resources exactly where it should be: on the students. And it gives principals, teachers, and parents the chance to find out what works best for each student.

Well over a dozen major school districts have implemented versions of backpack funding, with excellent results. Houston, for instance, has increased its graduation rate by more than 10 percent after giving more control to students and principals.

Kids love to personalize the backpacks they bring to school. Backpack funding lets them, their parents, and their teachers do the same for their education.

Written and narrated by Nick Gillespie. Produced by Todd Krainin. Camera by Meredith Bragg.

About 2 minutes.

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  1. So, it is only now that you noticed how badly public schools are doing. While we are throwing huge money to charter schools (I am starting to think that this is a good way for money of our politicians to make big money), public schools are fading away. The performance around the country is getting lower, many schools in bed neighborhoods are either underperforming or have high criminal level. And these are kids we are talking about. I just don’t get how it is possible to care that little.
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    1. Hahahahaha!!!

      1. It’s like online performance art!

    2. Public schools were “fading” before charter schools were thought of. But you knew that.

      Still, I wouldn’t want cause and effect to interfere with your narrative.

    3. Um. Those are the kids that this would help the most.

      Are the failing public schools the reason why needy students need to cheat?

      1. Audrey and those like her are to blame.

    4. If only all spam could be of this caliber.

      1. Really good AI or cheap Chinese online labor, what do you think?

    5. Are you really that fucking stupid?

  2. @ :43 “Students with special needs get extra dollars that follow them…”

    Well, that’s a hell of an understatement unless “backpack funding” is also going to overturn the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Under IDEA, public school districts are mandated to provided a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) to all students, regardless of disability, and regardless of cost. If it is determined that little Johnny needs a 3,000 dollar autism robot then the district must provide it, they are not allowed to say its too expensive. If little Johnny needs an entourage of 3 “paraprofessionals” at 20,000 dollars a year per person because little Johnny is “emotionally handicapped” and spazes out every other hour, then the district is legally obligated to hire those three paraprofessionals. And if for some reason, the public school district cannot provide FAPE, but a private school can, the school district is obligated to pay the students tuition.

    1. Wow, nothing cures autism like hanging around with a robot!

    2. While we are repealing IDEA, let’s go-ahead and overturn the entire ADA…

  3. “Backpack Funding”! sounds so much nicer than “voucher system”.

    Audrey obviously doesn’t know much about libertarianism, or how to construct an argument.

    This has been a libertarian issue for decades. Milton Friedman frequently wrote about the need to disconnect the funding for and the provision of education since the ’70s (maybe the ’60s.) It’s high time to use some focus-group tested language to communicate the idea to the public.

    1. Audrey is also advertising for a company that writes essays for students so they don’t have to do their assigned work. Not really a source you want to trust for what’s wrong with the education system.

  4. If I have to read on Facebook one more time about how horrible Team Red Congresscritters are because they oppose mandatory 6 weeks paid vacation (But they get 33!) I think Imma puke.

    In general I agree that Team Red Congresscritters are useless, but not because they oppose mandatory 6 weeks paid vacation.

    1. 6 weeks? Sheesh, any mandated vacation time is terrible, but six weeks? With every job a yearly sabbatical!

    2. As the window shuts on any hope of Progtopia coming to America, the progs feel free to engage in fantasy, cranking up the volume and crazy with abandon.

    3. This is why I avoid facebook almost completely. I don’t want to puke on my computer or start hating all my friends.

      1. Facebook makes me lose faith in humanity. I try to avoid it, and ask my wife to not sure anything the people we know post there.

        Keeps me from praying for an apocalypse.

  5. One of my brothers is a public school English teacher. Having interacted with his coworkers–the newest generation of teachers that have come out of college–has absolutely convinced me to homeschool.

    1. Why is that? Are the teachers lazier then before, less intelligent, do they teach more Progressive dogma?

      1. Knowing as I do, a goodly number of ex-teachers I would have to say less intelligent and more conformist. The bureaucracy and management of public schools are a toxic soul-killing environment for any teacher with even a spark of intelligence or desire to do right by the kids–think the idiocy that is zero tolerance as one example–which leaves only the dreck who can’t get a better job anywhere else behind.

        1. I considered becoming a public school math teacher for a while, but decided against it for just those reasons. I still think about private schools sometimes, but in my area not a lot pay terribly well.

          1. If I ever sell my business, I’ve thought about becoming a teacher just to torture. All the worthless progressives.

            I make my own fun.

          2. In the two best private schools in my area, the teacher’s kids go free. So the pay on paper isn’t great, but you’re getting a huge value in terms of an excellent education for your children.

      2. The ones I’ve met seem to exclusively get their news and worldview from ThinkProgress/Salon/Slate and quite obviously got into the position so they’d have a captive audience to indoctrinate.

        There was one in particular who was bawling about “austerity” that particularly annoyed me; austerity apparently being defined as anything less than a guaranteed minimum income/healthcare/free ponies/etc. for everyone everywhere with no qualifications whatsoever. He was one of those people who think that not only do we have the resources to make that happen, but it would be cheap if implemented, and it was only the “obstructionists” who didn’t understand socialism who prevented paradise on earth from being easily obtained.

        1. it was only the “obstructionists” who didn’t understand socialism who prevented paradise on earth from being easily obtained

          It’s amazing how this has been going on forever and even when the proggies own the education system, the media, the courts and get a super majority in congress and the white house, the obstructionists are still able to keep paradise from appearing.

          1. Yeah, the thing that immediately comes to mind whenever I hear that line of thinking is that then obviously purging those obstructionist kulak wrecker-hoarders is the way to progress.

            I don’t think that will be happening in my neck of the woods anytime soon, but there are tens and tens of millions of dead people who thought “It can’t happen here” as well.

        2. “The ones I’ve met seem to exclusively get their news and worldview from ThinkProgress/Salon/Slate and quite obviously got into the position so they’d have a captive audience to indoctrinate.”

          Could the direction there be backwards? Maybe they turn to leftist sites and orgs because the right has a tendency to come off as attacking teachers.

          1. Could the direction there be backwards? Maybe they turn to leftist sites and orgs because the right has a tendency to come off as attacking teachers.


            1. So pouring vitriol on an entire group doesn’t influence them to choose the other side? Interesting idea.

              1. Of course, it’s the conservatives who struck first. Of course.

                1. Education workers were not always skewed to the left, so yes, that’s likely. Calling a group a bunch of semi epsilon morons probably doesn’t endear them.

                  In my ideal world there’d be no public schools, but I don’t find it any more egregious when my dollars are taken to pay a teacher than I do when it’s taken to pay defense contractors, military personnel, policemen or other government employees whom the Right pays slavish homage to.

                  1. I don’t find it any more egregious when my dollars are taken to pay a teacher than I do when it’s taken to pay defense contractors, military personnel, policemen

                    IOW the things related to what government is supposed to be doing as opposed to the people indoctrinating America’s youth. You are a master of false equivalence, but here it’s a sincere belief and betrays your status as a non-libertarian.

                    There is no evidence that education became left-wing in respond to ‘vitriol’. There’s lots of evidence PSUs took over and standards fell through the floor, bureaucracy went out of control, and that this is a breeding ground for lefty groupthink.

                    1. “There’s lots of evidence PSUs took over and standards fell through the floor, bureaucracy went out of control, ”

                      All of which apply to those darlings of the Right, cops, as well.

                    2. BCE: “those darlings of the Right, cops”

                      So that’s why there is all that cop-sucking going on here at Reason.

                      Oh, wait…

                    3. Reason is not part of the Right.

                  2. defense contractors, military personnel, policemen or other government employees whom the Right pays slavish homage to

                    Bitch, WHO are you saying I pay homage to?

                    1. Are you a conservative?

                    2. You did not say “conservative”.

                    3. I said the Right, which is shorthand for conservative.

                    4. I said the Right, which is shorthand for conservative.

                      Don’t make me embarrass you, dude.

                      Your idiotic dictionary links don’t impress anyone.

                      There are virtually NO political spectra in common usage anywhere in the world where the parties or factions farthest to the right are “conservative” in any real sense.

                      You don’t even have to subscribe to the somewhat idiosyncratic (although utterly correct) view of the spectrum adopted by American libertarians for that to be the case.

                    5. You’ve got your own special definitions, huh?

                    6. No, you cunt.

                      This is one of the occasions when you are at your most fucking worthless.

                      Let’s use the conventional spectrum as a start, shall we?

                      What party is universally regarded as being the farthest to the right in European politics in the last century? The German Nazi party.

                      The Nazi party envisioned, and attempted, the total transformation of every – EVERY – institution in German life, from law, to labor, to urban spaces, to the universities, to the churches, to the family. It envisioned, and attempted, a total transformation of even the demographic basis of European life and culture. It envisioned, and attempted, a complete refashioning of the power structures of Europe, and the destruction and/or assimilation of the French and British Empires.

                      There isn’t one single, solitary thing they attempted to conserve or wanted to conserve. And they couldn’t be reactionaries, since what they wanted had never existed before, and therefore could not be returned to.

                      You’re like a child, taught by idiots, using words you don’t understand to try to describe a history you don’t know that has been obscured from your sight using concepts that are deliberate lies.


                    7. Wow Fluffy…that was awesome.

              2. So pouring vitriol on an entire group

                Assumes facts not in evidence.

                1. You don’t even have to look further than comments in this very thread!

                  “What, are you suggesting spending 6+ hours a day in the company of and under the direction of a grade epsilon semi-moron might not be in your child’s best interest?”

                  1. You don’t know what evidence is or even how to think.

                  2. Do I need to make a Venn diagram with three circles being public school teachers, private school teachers, and all teachers?

                    1. There’s no need for your diagram because we were talking about why public teachers read lefty sites. The other side calling them morons just might be a reason.

                    2. But it fucking isn’t, so can you shut up now?

                    3. Of course you don’t know. My explanation is much simpler to understand: insulting people makes them not like you (something I imagine has been well illustrated to you in your personal life).

              3. It appears to me as if the derision of teachers from the right is in reaction to the leftism and unionism that has been dominant in teaching for some time. It hasn’t always been that way. And much of the criticism is legitimate and a reaction to the leftward tack public education (and lots of private schools) took in the 20th century.
                Now, there might be a feedback loop sort of thing where leftists are more likely to become teachers now because of the lack of regard for teachers from the right. But I very much doubt that individual teachers are changing their political leanings because of criticism from the right in any significant numbers. The effect probably has more to do with people with conservative (or libertarian) leanings avoiding jobs in public education because of the unfriendly environment.

                1. The derision has to do with partisanship. The teachers are seen as supporting Democrats. It can’t be unionism or the fact they’re gov employees because that applies to cops too and conservatives love cops.

                  1. Hostility toward homeschooling, opposition to even nominal reforms to a failing system and wasteful spending top the list of why conservatives don’t like teachers and their unions.

                    If he response to the current crop of teachers is to simply further ingrain themselves in far lefty politics, that is only evidence of their collective stupidity. It is not a reflection on the hypocrisy of the right, or whatever you want it to be.

                    1. Hostility toward homeschooling, opposition to even nominal reforms to a failing system and wasteful spending top the list of why conservatives don’t like teachers and their unions.

                      I’ll add a cultural element too: no one complains more about their job than teachers. They bitch and moan and cry and complain, despite the fact that they have weekends off, summers off, and guaranteed holiday breaks. No teacher ever worked a month of weekends to finish a big sale. No teacher ever worked twelve hours a day for weeks leading up to a deadline. No teacher ever got called in at 2AM. No teacher ever spent Christmas morning away from their families.

                  2. Conservatives think cops are different. It’s an idiotic double standard, but there it is. Cops are heroes, so they get special treatment.

          2. No.

            “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.” –Bastiat

            1. I very much like that Bastiat quote, and even moreso when, unlike here, it’s actually relevant.

              1. I contend that “the right” is not actually attacking teachers, but teachers in government-run schools and those who support them misinterpret attacks on government-run education as an attack on teachers themselves.

                When you say “come off” it’s an issue of perception, and perceived offenses are in the eye of the beholder.

                1. Some of it is distorted perception, but the Right is often pretty careless in giving the message and deserves some fault there. But more importantly, it’s their singling out teachers for criticism while genuflecting before cops and soldiers that likely turns off even teachers who are open to small government education reforms.

                  1. But more importantly, it’s their singling out teachers for criticism while genuflecting before cops and soldiers that likely turns off even teachers who are open to small government education reforms.

                    Bo’s making stuff up that impossible to verify or disprove. Must be a day ending in ‘y’.

                    1. Yeah, it would be impossible to find lots of criticisms of teachers and homage to cops and soldiers on the Right!

                    2. No idiot, the part where you imply that teachers are being turned off reform by the hypocrisy of the right is what I was talking about.

                    3. It’s a better explanation than any you’re putting forward.

                    4. No it isn’t you twerp. BTW you might want to actually posit some EVIDENCE if you’re going to get all ‘muh hypothetical is better than yours’.

                    5. I don’t need evidence for such a powerfully common sense and intuitive explanation.

                    6. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

                      Right here we have The Essence of Bo. “Behold my obviously correct wisdom in all its self-validating authority”.

                  2. Well, I don’t consider myself “right-wing” and never have. However, “the legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others” so teachers taking Uncle Sam’s dime as well as cops enforcing laws against consensual crimes aren’t likely to hear too many kind words from my mouth. Private school teachers are not subject to my ire.

                    Soldiers here are under unchallenged civilian command and while the US military is not perfect (no military ever has been or will be) I have few qualms about them as such, but rather the tasks their command gives them and the resources apportioned by Congress.

                    I highly doubt that teachers turned off by such actions were ever actually open to reforms in the first place.

                    1. I don’t include libertarian us generally with the Right, I’m talking of conservatives for the most part. And there’s little doubt they often attack government teachers while slavishly praising government cops or soldiers. I doubt that endears them with the teachers…

                    2. I’m sure it doesn’t endear them with the teachers. But I very much doubt that that is changing the individual teachers’ politics. Rather it makes teaching more appealing to leftists and less appealing to conservatives.

                    3. That’s a reasonable dynamic to propose, but I still think that ones politics can be moved when the side you might initially be open to seems to bent on singling the group you’re a member of out for particular criticism.

                      If you talk to blacks or Hispanics you get the feeling that more than policy differences they’re turned off from the right by what they see as insulting language regarding their race/ethnicity coming from there.

                    4. Your beautiful theory falls apart when we analyze the fate of Democrat Rhee, who tried to reform the DC schools and got chucked for it. Oh no Bo what will do now that you can’t blame the right for everything?!?!

                    5. My theory doesn’t require that everyone teachers turned off by the right dislike be someone on the right.

                      Of course Rhee was associated with the Right (by the unions)almost immediately when she suggested those reforms. After a few decades of attacking them teachers are wary if anything that smacks of or seems to traced back to the right.

                    6. What a conveniently unfalsifiable hypothesis. If only those teachers were lionized like cops they wouldn’t be self-regarding self-serving statist authoritarian assholes that reflexively attack anyone who criticizes the paradigm they exist in!

                    7. You don’t even seem to understand the actual claim. It’s about why they would prefer to read lefty sites as opposed to righty ones. Lefty sites laude teachers, righty ones insult them. You’re certainly no brainiac, but it doesn’t take a brainiac to see why they might prefer the lefty site that laudes them over the righty ones that attack them.

                    8. Think about why cops and soldiers love righty sites and organizations. Democrats are all too happy to give cops raises and funding. But cops and soldiers see Dems and liberals as more likely to be critical of them and they see the Right praising them. So the naturally gravitate to those they see as praising them. It’s the same dynamic.

                    9. Bo Cara Esq:

                      Dems and liberals as more likely to be critical of them and they see the Right praising them. So the naturally gravitate to those they see as praising them. It’s the same dynamic.

                      Interesting theory, but this would imply that people read political sites for praise. Do you come to so frequently to hear likeminded people praised? Or, perhaps, because it appeals to your interests and ideology?

                      I think a more plausible theory is that people adopt an ideology and typically stick to it, especially when their ideology results in a career choice such that switching ideologies implies cutting yourself off from your own paycheck.

                      Teachers know that get more funding support from the left, not from the right, so leftists are more likely to be teachers, and thus, go to left-leaning sites for their ideological interests, and don’t entertain switching ideologies because they don’t want to undermine their own salaries. Similarly, military people are more likely from the right, and digest right-leaning media, and don’t want to switch to the left for the same reasons.

                      That’s much more likely than assuming that, of only people on the right disagreed in a more respectful way, then teachers would all be equally likely to listen to Rush Limbaugh as anything else.

                      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” -Upton Sinclair

                    10. I certainly don’t come to hear libertarians attacked all the time. If that was standard fare I’d probably look elsewhere.

                    11. Is that why you don’t read left leaning websites? Because sometimes they are mean to libertarians? I’ve read Salon, and they frequently write articles along the lines of “Here’s why libertarians are morons.”

                      If I don’t read salon, is it because they insult me? Or is it because they frequently bore me with their republican ranting and cultural studies rich envy nonsense?

                      Again, interesting theory. Keep it if you like it, but it doesn’t go very far for me. I’m more of an occam’s razor type, and it’s more likely that people go to media that supports their confirmation biases a, rather than being pushed to a media by insults from an ideological set.

                    12. So if teachers attack the right for insisting on reform, that is a natural response to hypocritical vitriol from the right. If teachers attack someone on the left for insisting on reform, that is only because they mistake her for someone on the right?

                      Wouldn’t the simplest explanation be that they will fight all manner of reform regardless of who champions it? Given that this is precisely what they do, that seems most reasonable.

                  3. Some of it is distorted perception, but the Right is often pretty careless in giving the message and deserves some fault there. But more importantly, it’s their singling out teachers for criticism while genuflecting before cops and soldiers that likely turns off even teachers who are open to small government education reforms.

                    That’s because teachers are deserving of criticism, just like cops. Also, there are no government teachers who are open to ‘small government education reforms’ because that would cut into their paychecks and the control they wield over education through their unions.

                    Teachers are absolutely at fault for the parlous state of American education because they care more about their unions and their benefits than about the kids. Why do you think every time a government even tries to decrease the rate of increase in teacher salaries (like Rahm Emanuel did in Chicago) teachers immediately leave their students to their fate and take to the streets?

                    Because they don’t give a shit about the kids, they just use the kids as a bargaining tool and to puff up their own egos. Just like cops who don’t give a fuck about ‘maintaining order’ or ‘protecting and serving’ but just like being treated as a military caste.

                    1. And yet the right heaps scorn on only one of the two…

                    2. Part of this is because, unlike teachers, cops are often subject to mandatory reforms. While they don’t have nearly enough accountability when they are busted misbehaving, cops are watched like hawks by watchdog groups and other entities. There is also the whole “they risk their lives” thing.

                      Also, abuses aside, most people (right or left) don’t perceive police officers as being completely ineffective.

                    3. And another thread that shows that Bo sees evil SoCons everywhere. He also likes to complain about the evil SoCons and conservatives collectivizing the left but doesn’t have the self awareness to see the amount of collectivizing he does about the right. Anyone who doesn’t see that Bo is just a concern troll is blind.

          3. No Captain Botard.

        3. Makes me think of the lyrics to ‘Holiday in Cambodia’.

    2. What, are you suggesting spending 6+ hours a day in the company of and under the direction of a grade epsilon semi-moron might not be in your child’s best interest?

      1. Even as a child I instinctively thought. That sort belonged on leashes calling me ‘Master’. Or face down in the landfill. Turns out I have good instincts.

    3. Oh no! But if your children don’t talk to ‘career counsellors’ at high school, where will they get terrible useless career advice? Who will tell them about the coming ‘knowledge economy’ and forget to mention any need for a secondary skill set in the trades? Who will mold them into a bitter unemployed Master of Science typing about the parasites who misled and underserved him in high school?

      1. Jeez that got personal at the end there. Workin’ out some issues Cytotoxic?

        1. Yes, namely getting a job in my field. General labour isn’t fun, but it’s a novel experience.

          1. A suggestion: if you can’t find work why not join the military? You seem to like war and that way you could actually fight them yourself.

            1. I doubt I have the physical strength, and I don’t want to wake up early. That is somebody else’s job.

              1. Jesus Christ man, have you seen our military’s physical requirements?

                There’s kind of a recurring joke amongst my friends in the military about overweight officers. Outside of JTF2 our military needs a bit of an overhaul.

                1. Wow. I really had no idea. Cripes I haven’t worked out in months and I could do that even before I was doing manual labor. We should just privatize the military.

                  Thing is, I am still the world’s lightest sleeper and the most in need of sleep. If anyone snores while I am trying to sleep, I won’t (and I’ll make sure no one else will). Alternatively, the snorer will not wake up, ever. And if I don’t sleep, the next day is just fucked for me.

                2. Sadly, the progressives have been steadily weakening our military for decades. Another reason to deal with them through……attrition.

      2. Heh. Yeah, you shouldn’t have believed those people. I pretty much avoided my high school guidance counselor as much as possible. Still went to fancy liberal arts college, but I had lots of other skills to fall back on when the philosophy factory wasn’t hiring.

        1. Whenever someone says ‘but we can’t cut education any more!’ I just point to those fucking counselors, guidance and otherwise. Completely utterly useless. The dead wasp nest one of my science teachers kept hanging in his classroom was of greater value even though it freaked me out. Which is probably where he derived the value from.

  6. OT: apparently my account was deactivated and every comment I’ve ever written has been deleted. I had to set up a new account.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone have any idea what rule of etiquette one must break to be exiled? I mean, my comments aren’t even in the top 30% most vulgar comments here.

    1. You don’t happen to have strong opinions on the agricultural city-state and/or gamboling, do you?

      1. Is that what caused it? Crap. I had to go and open my big mouth.

        1. Gamboling, or just frolicking in general?


          1. Gamboling is my new favorite word. I plan to use it in conversation a few times tonight–just as many times as it takes to be awkward and weird.

    2. What was your handle before? I found a number of comments under the name Meriwether. They are still there.

      1. Yes. Meriwether. Very Weird. Let me go look again. Thanks.

        1. copy and paste this into google:


          1. Thanks for writing that out, I never knew how to do that. I did it on my handle and it was fun to see posts of mine from four years ago. Apparently I was once rather clever.

      2. It looks like it is just my comments from the past week or so that have been deleted. Very wierd.

        All I can think of is that I like to make fun of the spam-bots, so maybe I got blocked by some new spam filter?

        1. Maybe the NSA deleted my posts from the past 10 days because one of my crazy conspiracy theories is actually true. BUT WHICH ONE?!?

          Now it’s a race against the clock and I don’t even have Julia Roberts to help me!

          1. Squirrels. Comments just sometimes disappear. I’ve had it happen here to me as well.

        2. They do delete idiot racists and particularly bad trolls sometimes (not suggesting that you are either of those things). Maybe whoever is in charge of that got drunk and developed some weird grudge.

          1. I’m back! Apparently my ham-handed (and unfunny) parody of spam-bot triggered the spam filter. But the webmaster fixed it! Woo-hoo!

        3. I do that too! Usually some comment about fisting paying well.

    3. I’m sure mine are far fucking worse. I curse a lot,, call people stupid, and advocate wiping out progressivekind on a daily basis.

      And I’m still here. Maybe it’s a technical glitch?

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    1. As spammers go, you’re more convincing than Audrey is.

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  9. Doubling per-pupil spending hasn’t solved the problem because lack of money isn’t the problem.

    Now, if you were to burn down every college of Edication in the country, exterminate the entire HEW beurocracy, execute all school teachers who are obviously subliterate imbeciles, and stick a sword through about two thirds of the administrative staff of the publis school system AND TESTS SCORES DIDN’T JUMP, well THEN you might have a problem without a solution.

    1. I think HEW was split up into different agencies, including the Dept. of Education.

      1. Well, THAT department certainly needs to be deep fat fried. Getting the rest of old HEW would probably be a good idea

  10. Is “backpack funding” just a less threatening term than “vouchers” or “choice?”

    1. “Oh, I’m not one of those right-wing crazies trying to push vouchers – I’m all about backpack funding!”

      1. Vouchers cause Global Warming whereas Backpack funding does not.

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  12. Your afternoon derp: The ISIS theme song as sung by the Chipmunks

    1. 3 minutes? Really?

    2. My Arabic is kind of rusty, but I think I have an approximate translation:

    3. OK, to wash that out of your mind, the national anthem of a small nation which over the centuries preserved its independence against the Muslim Turks. Oh, and the Awesomeness Association classifies this anthem as The Most Awesomest in the Known Universe:

      1. Hah – only if this one didn’t exist.

        1. It doesn’t anymore.

          1. I heard Putin brought it back with different words, so yeah it’s probably missing a bit of punch.

  13. I’ll have to read that when I have some downtime. Be interested to see how that works with all the various funding sources. Obviously a school district can control property tax revenue streams, and possibly city funding. But what about State and Federal?

  14. OT:

    Venezuela has now crossed the line into a Mad Max landscape:…..12857.html

    I really hope that when the looters bring down the food trucks, at least one of them shouts:

    I am the Nightrider. I’m a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller!

    1. Were you trying to insert this URI?

      [concatenate here]


      [concatenate here]


      1. Yes, thank you.

        Reason wouldn’t take it from me as https, so I tried it as http. I guess it’s not a valid domain without the s.

    2. Somebody get Sean Penn down there to restore order.

      Boy, after years of hearing paeans to Chavez and about how he was being slandered or how despite his transgressions he provided some sort of service as bulwark against American/capitalist imperialism or somesuch hogwash, I can’t say I’m too surprised as to how things ended up turning out.

      1. Yes. And sadly for the Venezuelans I don’t think it’s reached the end point of bad times that Peronist ushered in.

        1. Peronism’s end point of bad times? I am confused. Peronism’s bad times never ended for Argentina.

          1. “I am confused. ”

            Hey, you’re finally right on something!

            1. Perhaps you should try to be clearer or more historically literate instead of a preening sophist ass.

          2. Peronism’s end point of bad times? I am confused. Peronism’s bad times never ended for Argentina.

            Yep. Argentina was one of the ten richest countries on the planet before World War I.

            Things went a little sideways after that and now they’re murdering prosecutors and blaming it on Zionist conspiracies.

            1. They had their version of FDR in Juan Peron. American repudiated much of the New Deal and rest of FDR’s ugly fascist reign by electing Ike who, on balance, wasn’t great but could’ve been worse. Argentina elected a replacement for Peron who deepened Peronism and the rest is history (and bad geography with the country hostage to its capital, which is infested with parasites). Don’t let anyone tell you elections never matter.

      2. There is no surprise here, it is the glory of socialism.

        Venezuela just hit it harder than most so they got to utopia fast. Everywhere else that has socialism is going to the same place, just slower.

        1. Heh, I was just being understated rhetorically there. What happened in Venezuela was historically inevitable, to borrow a phrase.

      3. My super dream fantasy is for Sean Penn to go down there again, cluelessly lecturing the masses while wagging his finger at them about how lucky they were to have a master like Chavez.

        Then the crowd proceeds to rip him apart like a mass of walking dead zombies.

    3. Prediction: Venezuela will go to hell in a hand basket, the government will collapse, and socialists will say, “see how bad anarchy really is?”

  15. Dude seems to know exactly what is going on. WOw.

  16. “A unique auction Saturday in Dallas will feature a sizable collection of artifacts from the life of President Abraham Lincoln, including a small lock of his hair.

    “The hair, according to auction documents, was clipped off the president as he lay on his deathbed….

    “As for the lock of Lincoln’s hair, it was snipped by Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes at the Peterson House before the president died from the head wound he suffered at the hand of Booth at Ford’s Theater across the street.”…..035817.php

    1. I still crack up at the way it was turned inside-out in the movie Gangs of New York.


    New York Magazine on the virtues of father daughter incest. How long before anyone who objects to incest is called an evil bigot (incestiphobe?)? I give it fiive years. Ten years before the courts start striking down laws against incest in the name of privacy. The culture war never ends.

    1. I… I…

      I mean…


      What the…

      Words aren’t adequate…

        1. Song starts at 1:55

    2. “speculating that many of them fear that others will assume the daughter must have been abused in childhood”

      I think putting your child in a situation that will make everyone think their family is utterly fucked up is a pretty good definition of abuse.

      1. From the interview with the daughter:

        “[Question:] How many stepfathers have you had?

        “[Answer:] Near the end of the time my parents had joint custody of me I had a stepdad. He took good care of my mom but she went through one of her stages again, so it ended. She had another husband who went crazy and tried to kill her. He was schizophrenic. Then she got with my brother’s dad and they dated for a while but when my brother was born the dad didn’t want anything to do with him, so I helped my mom raise him. Once he was about 3 she got together with my current stepdad and had my baby sister. My brother and I are 9 years apart and my sister is 12 years younger than me. I think of them as my brother and sister, and I also think of them as my babies because I helped raise them.”

        1. She had another husband who went crazy and tried to kill her. He was schizophrenic. Then she got with my brother’s dad and they dated for a while but when my brother was born the dad didn’t want anything to do with him, so I helped my mom raise him.

          There’s nothing that can be added to this.

    3. Wow, the German Ethics Council (yes, they have one) is out in front on this issue:

      “”the fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination” overrides all other moral considerations, including “the abstract idea of protection of the family.””…..ult-incest

      1. Well, they’re right.

    4. Why is it that more and more of the proggy agenda involves things which used to be summarized in the single word “EWWWW!”

    5. Demoralization of the basest kind. I never understood the creepy push for sexual licentiousness from the utopians, but now I do. It is all about creating a culture of self-indulgence. It is part of the infantilizing of people so that they can’t reason well and can be bought off easily.

      I guess for them nothing is beyond the pale.

      1. They skew towards the practices of the French Revolution, as opposed to ours.

    6. I don’t see the part where NYM extols the virtues of incest. It’s an interview.

      1. Yeah, they just interview a girl engaged in incest. I feel like it’s a good interview because it really lays bare the fucked up mindset.

        1. Speaking of that one of the worst people to ever call himself a libertarian is an admitted child molester and the victim is his daughter.

          Brad Spangler, kiddie toucher

          1. but when one spends their days trying to reconcile anticapitalsm with libertarianism, you can bet it’s not their only bad idea


        2. They act like what she is doing is just a lifestyle choice.

      2. The whole thing is one giant sypathetic portrayal. I get no sense that the author is bothered by anything but the lack of acceptance if the subjects.

        1. Ummm, OK. Not even gonna bother.

        2. That’s just you John. It’s actually quite a good objective interview, but being a reactionary this just doesn’t cut it for you.

          1. Its an objective portayal of sick immoral behavior. Being objective implies there are two sides to it. There isnt. The fact that you think there are and that I am reactionary for saying no, just shows you are as depraved and immoral as any prog. Give a few years and I have no doubt you will be on here defending incest if that is what the cultural betters tell you.

            Thanks for illustrating exactly what I am talking about.

            1. John, look at the comments on that post. They’re all disgusted.

              Why do you think people are so dumb that they need the interviewer to say ‘JESUS CHRIST, THIS IS SICK?!?!’

              Everyone knows and an objective interview is even more damning than a hit job because she comes off terribly even when the interviewer remains calm.

              Being objective implies there are two sides to it

              I could write an objective article about ISIS and every one of my readers in America would see them as evil. The idea that you need to periodically wink at your reader to show them you know this behavior is bad is ridiculous.

              1. Conservaderps seem to think that everyone has to share their sense of outrage on issues all the time, or they’re on The Bad Side. This is a common problem with conservatives, and one of the reasons they need our firm guiding hand.

    7. Oh, what the shit:

      No. I had a girlfriend in middle school and that was the most major sexual experience I’d ever had. But she was very religious and every time we were intimate she would sob and read me verses out of the Bible. It made me feel like I’d hurt her. The second time we did it she cried and said we’d done something wrong and she was worried her grandmother would find out. I was done after that. No more crying, and no more Bible transcripts. She had me in tears because I felt so guilty.

      This person is the most sexually disturbed human being I’ve ever heard of. A lesbian relationship with a fanatical evangelical followed by an incestuous relationship with her own father.

      1. That strikes me as a fake anecdote.

    8. Where did NYM go into the ‘virtues’ of incest? It was an interview. Discussing something =/= condoning it.


    Joys of California socialism.

    1. Any state who names its revenue department ‘The Board of Equalization’ should be expelled from the union.

      How is that for ‘Get off my Lawn!’?

      1. Suthenboy|1.24.15 @ 6:48PM|#
        “Any state who names its revenue department ‘The Board of Equalization’ should be expelled from the union.”

        Oh, if that were the worst!
        We’re now getting official BoE mailings (at our expense) offering seminars in how to ‘grow your business’!
        Somehow, the sales tax agency is NOT where I’d go for advice on making my business better, unless they’re offering hints on how to avoid the tax.

        1. “Nice business you got there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could grow it? Did I mention that my brother-in-law is looking for a job? Nothing strenuous – his disability makes him uncomfortable when he carries heavy weights, stands up for too long, or is out in the sun. Do you know of anyone who can help him out?”

          1. I have to admit to reading the mailers more closely than they (so far) deserve.
            The concern is that one will have a sentence buried somewhere ‘hinting’ that a seminar will include a presentation on how the next year’s tax filings will change and, ooops, the penalty for….

    2. Two hours of pushin’ broom
      Buys a eight by twelve four-bit room
      –King of the Road by Roger Miller

      There used to be cheap flop-houses and one could hire day laborers with no legal hassle and pay them cash to sweep and stuff like that.

      Now there are no more flop houses and hiring people is a hoop-filled legal minefield.


  19. Anyone who has ever taught undergraduate courses that included education
    majors knows that they are pretty poorly trained. Even my left-of-Mao linguistics professor friend agrees that education majors are simply awful.

    The problem with K-12 education is the curriculum in schools of education.

    1. This. One of my good friends is a teacher, and he was astonished both by how easy education coursework is and by the degree to which it vexes students. “Frankly dumb” is the word he used.

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