The Hard-Won Beauty of Entrepreneurship


Starting a business involves massive emotional and financial risks. Why do it?

"It's all about writing your own script, controlling your destiny," says Chris Viligante, owner and founder of Vigilante Coffee, a roasting house and wholesale bean business based in Maryland. Reason TV reached out to Chris and a few other local millenial-aged entrepeneurs to figure out what motivates them.

The answer we got was different from those offered in popular politics. For these entrepeneurs, their job is a vital source of spiritual satisfaction. They've aligned what they love doing with what the world is willing to pay for. And they're authoring their own lives. As Nick Wiseman, owner of DGS Delicatessen, puts it: "This is my opportunity to actually make an imprint and do something that's my own."

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Run time: About 4 minutes.

Directed and hosted by Rob Montz. Camera by Todd Krainin.