Coding Boot Camps Can Get Students Jobs; CA is Busting Them (Nanny of the Month, February 2014)


They make it their business to mind your business, and this month buttinsky busybodies are banning lace panties and hassling those who feed the homeless.

But this time Nanny of the Month zeroes in on California!

At learn-to-code bootcamps, students spend about 10 weeks and around $15,000 on programs that often lead to good-paying tech jobs. And that's something the State of California refuses to tolerate.

Never mind that the Golden State's unemployment rate is the nation's fifth highest, the real problem is that boot camps don't have state licenses, so says the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), which recently doled out a bunch of cease and desist letters to the "problem children" (and yes, that's how the BPPE's Russ Heimerich refers to boot camp operators).

Maybe the problem children should follow the university model: jack up tuition and fail to prepare students for the job market. Then California might stop busting coding boot camps, and start subsidizing them instead.

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Nanny of the Month is written Ted Balaker and produced by Balaker and Matt Edwards. Edited by Edwards. Opening graphics by Meredith Bragg.

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