Halle Berry's Law and is Social Media Monitoring Coming to a School Near You? (Nanny of the Month, 9-13)


Nanny of the Month turns four-years-old (!) this month, and our nation's busybodies show no signs of slowing down. On this very special episode, Nanny features a city that's determined to take the "party" out of party buses by making them boozeless (police will conduct sting operations to enforce the new ordinance), a new California law--championed by actress and humanitarian Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner--that cracks down on paparazzi who photograph the children of celebrities.

But on this very special episode, the award for nation's busiest body goes to the official who's championing the Next Big Thing among surveillance state-loving school administrators--keeping 24/7 tabs on students' social media activities. The main justification is--what else?--keeping kids safe, and administrators are keeping their eyes peeled for all kinds of possible red flags, including drug use, profanity, bullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, and the use of fake IDs. California's Glendale Unified School district is monitoring 14,000 students, and the company hired to conduct the snooping expects to be keeping tabs on students in 3,000 schools worldwide by the end of the year.

Presenting the September 2013 Nanny of the Month: Glendale schools Supt. Dick Sheehan!

Just under two minutes.

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Nanny of the Month is written and produced by Ted Balaker (@tedbalaker). Research by Matt Edwards (@MattChrisEd). Opening animation by Meredith Bragg.

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  1. Wrt Social Media Monitoring, how long until *absence* of possible red flags, including drug use, profanity, bullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, and the use of fake IDs is deemed suspicious and justifies intervening (further) in such a kid's life? 8-(

    1. Or kids who aren't allowed on social media sites because their parents won't allow them. More suspicious behavior!!

    2. Taking it to the next level! "If you have nothing to hide, then why is your facebook page so sterile and curated? WHAT ARE YOU COVERING UP!!!??"

      What will become of all the Disney princesses in this new era? If they can no longer complain that "The unimaginable stress of having to not make an underaged public spectacle of myself with my drinking and drug use has forced me to overcompensate now that I'm 18 and finally free to be the alcoholic, strung-out day shift stripper I've always wanted to be!"

  2. Remember when Halle Berry was topless in Swordfish? Ya...

    1. The best thing about Swordfish is that it was never made and nobody remembers it.

        1. The Dead Milkman was maybe the ONLY punk band I just could never get into...plus your link does NOT lead to Halle Berry being topless.

          1. here is a link that does http://www.dailymotion.com/vid.....dfish_news

      1. That 5 second part is the only thing I remember about it. That and it had Psychols.

    2. No, but I do remember her getting railed by Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball.

    3. Remember when they decided to give her an Acadamy Award, and she humiliated herself by not only being unable to come up with anything to say while she stood at the podium, but being so botoxed up that she couldn't even make a recognizable facial expression?

      She stood there for what seemed like forever, waving her hands and struggling to form a thought before she finally gave up.

  3. When did kids get so stupid?

    When I was growing up, we kept our criminal behavior to ourselves; we didn't post pics of that shit on the internet.

    1. Yeah, I wonder that, too.

      However, I do enjoy hearing about jackasses who get caught because they posted themselves in the act of vandalizing a school or church, stomping an innocent person, etc.

      1. Last year these two high school kids posted a bunch of pictures of themselves with recently stolen merchandise from the wal-mart 3 blocks from their apartment, several guns (that were also stolen) and about a pound of weed (also stolen). One of them is now paralyzed because the drug dealer they ripped off lived in the same building.

      2. I think Johnny Knoxville does has something to do with popularizing public displays of idiocy.

    2. When I was growing up there was no internet. But yeah. It's easy to get away with criminal activity. Don't talk about it. People have a real misunderstanding about how much effort police put into solving crimes with actual victims. Except in very high profile cases, the amount of effort is none. Zero. Other than waiting for the phone to ring.

    3. It seems like speech considered unsavory (oh noes, obscenities! sex! hate speech!) is enough to get you reported in

        1. What he said.

    4. When I was growing up, we kept our criminal behavior to ourselves

      Did we really? Yeah, social media didn't exist, but the rumor mill did. And I can't remember any kid in school keeping their mouth shut about their shenanigans.

      When I pissed in the milk cooler while in the lunch line on a bet, I managed to keep all parties to it quiet for a day or two. But eventually one of the others just couldn't keep it secret anymore, and within half a day the entire school knew about it. It's just in kids' nature to give up secrets after a while.

      1. The one time our criminal behavior made it into the paper, a friend of mine cut the article out and carried it in his wallet. I told him I wasn't going down like that, man.

        1. The only serious repercussions happened when a kid, the son of our basketball coach, broke into the bus barn, stole all the keys and chucked them into a cornfield behind the school. He was criminally charged and was basically forced to join the Marines after school or face a couple of months in county jail.

          He was found out because somebody, not me, blabbed and he was said to have confessed to a cop even though no confession existed on tape. He was convicted on that evidence alone at a bench trial because he "had a reputation for being a troublemaker".

          1. just which decade would this have happened? I ask because that has been illegal and a bar to enlistment for at least 40 years and didn't happen nearly as often as people claimed before that.

        2. Is that friend buried in the woods because he couldn't keep his mouth shut?

      2. Yeah, a friend and I TP'ed our Headmaster's house at boarding school. We never told anyone and kept all the pictures to ourselves.

        1. The only reason I got suspended (5 day ISS because it was basketball season) is because a retarded kid said he saw me do it and the principal said he believed him because "retarded kids don't lie".

          That same retarded kid was caught a few weeks later jilling off (is that the right term?) a paraplegic girl in her wheelchair in the gym at lunch. But he didn't miss a day of school.

          1. That same retarded kid was caught a few weeks later jilling off (is that the right term?) a paraplegic girl in her wheelchair in the gym at lunch.

            Pics or it didn't happen.

            1. Well, so much for me eating lunch today. Thanks, RBS.

              1. We're not unreasonable here, sloopy. We'll accept tasteful velvet paintings of the act as well.

          2. That same retarded kid was caught a few weeks later making soup with a paraplegic girl in her wheelchair in the gym at lunch.

      3. What about a particular astronaut's mailbox?

        1. The first rule of Federal Crime Club is...you do not talk about Federal Crime Club.

      4. It's just in kids' nature to give up secrets after a while.

        You are right though. We had a high school principal who intimately understood this. He nailed EVERYBODY. Except me and my best friend.

        We "eliminated" a newly erected gate to the HS parking lot, that was inhibiting our weekend access to our tennis courts. Night mission!

        Swore to never tell a sole (guess I'm breaking that now, but I think the SoLs has run out). Cops were there the next morning, but we never heard a word about it after that.

        1. We ALSO swore never to tell a soul!

        2. I don't think telling a fish would have landed you in any hot water.

    5. It typically starts with their parents.

  4. Um...

    How, exactly, are they doing this? I'm no expert on teh face thingy, but can't you just unfriend them?

    1. FdA,
      I'm sure no pro in the matter, but I'm told that it is VERY difficult to change things that would result in fewer "clicks", for obvious reasons.
      For those same reasons, I'm not about to find out first hand.

    2. I don't know if the company used, Geolistening does this, but I can imagine subversively befriending someone just to monitor them.

    3. Because kids are so careful about who they friends. Besides all they have to do is get you to follow a school related group, say to get updates from the school or just and they have what they need.

      Assuming that people take the time to set their pages to private or limit it to direct friends. Most people allow friends of friends to view their pages.

      fortunately all of my Facebook criminal confessions are done using a sobriquet. Maybe some day i'll figure out what the password is.

  5. Ah! Paparazzi legislation at last! Who says that Hollywood Progfucks are detached from issues that effect flyover/teabagger/neoconazi/Duck Dynasty country!

    1. Woo, might want to dial it back a notch there.

      1. I'm guessing Idaho was not unresponsive to some director's advances.

      2. You might need to dial up your sarcasm detector as well.

  6. Hey, if Halle Berry wants to dress in black and tell me what to do, who am to complain?

    1. who am to complain?

      Someone who saw Catwoman?

      1. Yes, in Batman 2.

        1. wait, that doesn't make any sense, since I misread it without the "who". I have a pretty bad headcold and it's kinda tough to read through the eyewatering. Time to recuse myself from any further discussion.

  7. If the paparazzi law is challenged, it will go down. There's a whole body of cases that state that anything in public space can be photographed. I'd actually love for it to be challenged, just so I can watch Jennifer Garner pout.

    1. Or they may uphold the law so they can use it to criminalize the filming of cops and other government people as they go about the peoples' business.

      After all, they did say they wanted to protect people based upon their employment.

      1. there used to be a day when we simply wanted to protect people without caring how important they thought they were. I wasn't there mind you but I heard about it from a friend who heard about it from a good friend on facebook.

  8. "...a new California law--championed by actress and humanitarian Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner--that cracks down on paparazzi who photograph the children of celebrities."

    Honestly, I'd like to see the press respond to this by honoring the celebrities wishes.

    "No pictures from the paparazzi? Okay. We'll never publish any pictures of you again. EVER. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Oh, and no more stories or interviews, either. You want your privacy? Now you're going to have to live with it in spades."

  9. Monitoring your kids 24/7 ?
    Melitha Harrith Perry approves.

    1. No she doesn't. "Your" kids? You think that just because you gave birth to them they are "your" kids?! How selfish. They belong to the community, and if more people realized that, they wouldn't be so stingy about turning over their money to our nation's Chronically Underfunded Public Schools (CUPS).

      1. so, been watching much MSNBC?

  10. Celebrities should never dress their children. Razzi can then be charged with child pornography if they take pictures.

    Problem solved.

    1. Not dressing you kids is probably a crime though.

      1. No, it's progressive parenting, and produces very warped adults.

      2. Accuse any cop of noticing your children are naked with being a pedophile stalker.

    2. I support this plan, as I am not a member of the paparazzi.

      -Roman Polanski

  11. OT: if you're a libertarian you will be incredibly disappoint in how this continuing resolution/government shut down thing is going to play out.

    1. There won't be a shut down or it will be of very short duration.
    2. Obamacare won't be defunded or delayed.
    3. The individual mandate and maybe the medical device tax will be delayed or removed. That will be the compromise position.
    4. Obamacare without the individual mandate and the limited revenue it should provide will be an even bigger financial train wreck leading a larger government entitlement without funding.

    If you're a libertarian you're getting the worst of both worlds. Congratulations!

    1. Pretty much. The compromise solution everyone (except a few EXTREMISTS) will agree on is spending more nonexistent money.

    2. I highly doubt that the individual mandate would be removed or delayed. Doing so is tantamount to a reduction in government power and that would never be allowed.

      1. And the fines are already written into the "budget" as income.

  12. OT:
    Ms. Clinton doesn't want to be 'friended':
    "Oscar-winning filmmaker backs out of Clinton doc"
    "He wrote that Clinton would not agree to be interviewed and of the more than 100 people he approached, only two who had dealt with the former of secretary of state agreed to speak on camera."
    If she can't control it, you ain't gonna hear about it.

    1. Is Hilary gonna have to Vince Foster a bitch?

    2. I'm assuming one of those two is Dick Morris? He's about the only one that ever went against the Clinton family and lived to tell the tale.

      What's the likelihood that he has some really damning evidence sitting in a safe deposit box with instructions that a reporter go ahead and open it upon his "untimely" death?

      1. Maybe he has a cigar he "shared" with Hillary?


  13. I get the paparazzi thing, but cops kids. Gee, aren't they special.

    Privilege. Privilege. Privilege.

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    1. I hear those webcam chicks can make surprisingly good money...

  15. What has reason got against nannies? I never see a positive mention of them. I think nannies do an indispensible job taking care of children while their parents take care of business. We owe them the same respect we accord to any hard working, responsible care giver, if not gratitude. But at reason, contempt is all I see.

    1. I think it's nanny over-reach they are concerned about. It used to be called nanny mission creep, but that sounded like the nannies belonged on an offender registry so we went with nanny over-reach.

      1. And sarcasm claims another victim.

  16. This is probably a redundant program. Most likely there are already a bunch of creepy NSA employees and contractors already monitoring the Facebook pages of these kids.

  17. The things I could do to Halle Berry with a hot shovel....

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  20. 14 amendment Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws

    Except for halle berry, cos some animals are more equal than others

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