Kennedy Goes on Howard Stern

Comedian Scott Adsit reads an excerpt from The Kennedy Chronicles


"Going on Howard Stern was embarrassing," writes Kennedy in her new memoir, The Kennedy Chronicles: The Golden Age of MTV Through Rose-Colored Glasses. It was "like a verbal speculum that opened me up to a brand of vulnerability that I had never encountered and it was one of the best experiences of my professional life."

Comedian Scott Adsit, best known as "Pete" on 30 Rock, read an excerpt from Kennedy's memoir at a book party hosted by the Reason Foundation at the Museum of Sex in New York City on July 31, 2013. Adsit picked a selection from the book in which Stern—"the King"—invites Kennedy on his show and then convinces her to open up about her virginity by flashing her a "grandma grin" and staring at her with his "safe blue eyes."

About 12.30.

Camera by Jim Epstein and Naomi Brockwell; edited by Epstein.

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  1. The Howard Stern brand has become very diluted.

    1. Remember when Howard was actually a defender of blue-collar white ethnics like George Zimmerman and made fun of bleeding heart leftist celebrities?

      Yeah that was a loooooong time ago.

      1. I remember when he made a deal with Christine Todd-Whitman. He would help her get elected Governor if she named a rest area on the NJ Turnpike after him.

        Well, she won, and she was going to do it, but a bunch of leftist feminists made a big stink about it, claiming Howard as a misogynist or some bullshit, and all he got was a plaque in the men’s room of the rest area near Exit 1 (Delaware Memorial Bridge).

        That was the beginning of his fall from grace.

        1. Has he been more political lately?

          I used to listen doing prep-work in the mornings at a restaurant I worked at. That was when he was still on broadcast radio, and I don’t remember much political talk.

          1. Played some Ron Paul in 2008, and said he agreed with everything he said or made a lot of sense or something like that.

            Disclaimer: I’ve been a Howard Stern fan since 1978 and a Ron Paul fan since 1979.

          2. I was big fan for a few years in the early 00’s until it seemed he got too drawn into self-promotion and celeb worship. No, there wasn’t much political talk but I listened to every minute for a few years and I gathered that his politics were vaguely libertarianish, or at least not pinned down to either TEAM.

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  2. Do you remember where you were the first time you hear Howard?

    I was at work. I was thinking to myself, “who is this asshole”?

    1. I had just assumed he was a dick until around ’98 when a trusted friend convinced me to listen and despite myself I got hooked. I don’t listen any more but I do miss the banter between the regulars and the genius recorded bits; the guests were usually the worst part – unless it was George Takei, the Iron Sheikh, or Hank.

  3. A video of a beardo comedian reading a chick’s memoir? Who makes these editorial decisions?

    1. I thought it was going to be a video of Kennedy on the Stern show getting naked and riding the sybian.

      1. I looked that up – gross!

        1. Did you decide it was gross before or after you threw one?

  4. Naturally you won’t hear it anywhere in the so-called “mainstream media”, but Block Yomomma’s approval ratings are in rapid free-fall as the spendthrift first family departs for their lavish taxpayer-funded vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.

    The way he’s going, a few more weeks and he’ll have the worst numbers of his presidency to date.

    1. If the distaste of his handling of the Presidency would coax Mr. Obama into ending the spying, the warmongering or even the ball-breaking of his Drug War excesses, then approval ratings would matter.
      Unfortunately, he won’t change. Bush never did, according to his piss poor ratings and worst of all, there is some idiot nostalgia for the guy in post Presidency that has him at a once again respectable rating. Obama won’t change either.
      Face it. Your fellow citizens are like fickle teenage girls.

      1. Ewwwwww!

      2. Bush only seems better because of the contrast with Obama. Bush was a regular guy that many people could relate to, but Obama is an elitist. And the lower class progs are just starting to figure that out.

      3. fickle teenage girls

        That is an Oxymoron.

    2. I predict he will leave office with some of the worst approval ratings ever, and yet there will be a statue of him on the Washington mall before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

  5. I read this title as “Kennedy Goes Down on Howard Stern.” The pull quote didn’t really eliminate my confusion and horror.

  6. Some video starts up whenever I click on the Reason blog. Dubya Tee Eff?

    1. You will listen to The One whether you want or not.

  7. Will she be riding the Sybian?

  8. Looked up the guy doing the reading (Adsit) and found out he’s one of the guys who created Moral Orel.

    1. Ahh, that brings back hazy memories of undergrad.

      1. I’m betting that show is pretty dumb if you’re sober.

        I’ll wait ’til later to see if it’s as good as I remember.

  9. Howard Stern is such a d bag

    1. You know who else was a d’bag…?

  10. You know, I enjoy his radio show but when he goes of talking about politics and issues of the day, he’s borderline juvenile and inconsistent. His tolerance for nanny-staters is disappointing.

    1. I’m just not a fan at all. His voice alone gives me attention deficit disorder. It’s like being forced to sit beside a sickly guy who is drifting off on NyQuil who wont shut up.

  11. Once I hear the word speculum (about 3 seconds in) I’m not gonna hang around and listen to some old dude read.

  12. I was genuinely surprised that I had that much respect to lose for Kennedy to begin with.

    1. Really? I admire her candor in describing a situation that made her feel so vulnerable.

    2. I remember her being on MTV (and wishing I could hook up with her). Hey, at least they were TRYING to be politically diverse… maybe.

  13. Hoo Hoo Howie is unbearable to listen to nowadays. Him and his black hole are completely unfunny and should call it quits soon because they’ve long been wading in hack territory. Enough with that Baba Booey bullshit.

    1. His on the fringes of Hollywood girlfriend – now wife – is what ruined the show. NTTAWTT – I like her, and FWIW I’m happy for him. But most of his appeal was based on him being a schmuck – not a gazillionaire with a hot wife and celebrity connections.

      1. not to mention a judge on the modern day Gong Show

        1. Gee, the in-between-commercial exploits of Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum must make for riveting radio.

  14. Speaking of AGT, I watched one segment a while back flipping channels. Saw a kid sing with a guitar. He was pretty good – definitely worth sending through. May have not been spectacular but he had talent. But three judges not including Stern refused to let him through – and their reasoning was terrible ESPECIALLY considering the next guy they let through. No talent whatsoever but Mandel said he “had something.” Was very disappointed on Mandel on that one. Again, the other two putzes (seriously, a model and a spice girl?) let him through and Stern was stunned. I didn’t blame him.

    And that was the end of my AGT journey.

    The end.

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  17. I listened to Howard back when came to NY on WNBC. It was pretty stunning stuff back in the day. Stopped being funny to me 20 years ago. It strikes me that Howard is ruthlessly vindictive against those who cross him, particularly when he has the bully pulpit and his targets can’t defend themselves. I like Howard when he went after bulllies. Not when he was one.

  18. Kennedy had a much better time on the Opie & Anthony Show. How about adding THAT to the article? 😛

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