Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson on Voting Libertarian For One Election


"There are a lot more people in this country that describe themselves as libertarian than vote libertarian," says Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. "You are a libertarian. How about voting just this way one time."

Reason's Nick Gillespie sat down with Gary Johnson at FreedomFest 2012, to discuss how to cut the deficit by reforming Medicaid and Medicare, and how his campaign is performing in the national polls.

Held each July in Las Vegas, FreedomFest is attended by around 2,000 limited-government enthusiasts and libertarians a year. ReasonTV spoke with over two dozen speakers and attendees and will be releasing interviews over the coming weeks. For an ever-growing playlist, go here.

About 5.40 minutes.

Camera by Tracy Oppenheimer and Alex Manning; edited by Joshua Swain.

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  1. Wait, now I know the Reason writers are trolling John.

    1. He is making it really easy to do. Think I am using Reasonable to filter him until the election is over.

  2. Is it just me, or does he get a few pings from the gaydar?


    1. He's formerly married.

      1. That doesn't mean anything. Take Richard Dean Anderson for example.

        1. MacGuyver is gay?

        2. WTF??? MacGuyver??? You've got to be joking. No one who rocked a mullet like he used to could ever be... oh wait, nevermind.

    2. Is your gaydar located just above your balls? Because if so, I'm thinking there's another reason why it's always going off.

      1. There's nothing gay about getting an erection when you think another dude might be gay. At least, that's what all the signs they put up at the gym say.

        1. Yeah, but you go to Curves. You big lady!

          1. The sauna smells like cake batter.

            1. I'm picturing you and BP as Kip and Henry in Bosom Buddies at Curves with towels up to your armpits and mud masks on in the sauna.

              And it's exciting me. I'm not ashamed to admit it!

              1. I supposed in this scenario, you are Donna Dixon?

                1. I call Tom Hanks! He's the twinkyest!

                  1. Peter Scolari is as straight as Liberace.

                2. Absolutely. And Warty is Wendie Jo Sperber.

                  1. It's a fair cop.

  3. I can't throw away me vote on a libertarian for just this one election when it's THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF MY LIFETIME.

    Maybe the next election, when it won't be THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF MY LIFETIME.

    1. Romney/Obama combined attack ad:

      "Did you know that Gary Johnson gave tax credits to filmmakers in New Mexico?...We're Obamney, and we approve this message."

    2. Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states. He could use our support now to garner the 15% national recognition needed to get into the debates. Gary Johnson is a tough and determined fighter. He climbed Mt. Everest. Get him into the debates and watch what happens.

      1. He has my support. Just exactly what can we do to et him this 15% national recognition? Is there a poll?

        1. Don't fall for the CPD* crap. Johnson and people interested in broad public debate should organize their own debates and shame any major-party candidate who doesn't show up.

          *The "bipartisan" (R/D) Commission on Presidential Debates

          1. Organize his own debate eh? I remember that worked out real well for The Donald Trump.

          2. That's been done many times. Doesn't work.

            1. What about the League of Women Voters? IIRC correctly they used to host the debates, until the two majors colluded and made all sorts of outlandish demands.

              The Johnson campaign should try to get the League to host another forum and invite ever candidate technically on enough ballots to win. The stunt probably still wouldn't work but I bet it would attract a good amount of media attention.

      2. Fuck Mt Everest. He skied Tuckerman.

        1. Wow. I looked down the ravine after climbing Mt. Washington. Talk about your 5 diamond slopes.

          1. He also skied it in terrible conditions when pretty much everyone bailed. Maybe that makes him dumb, but I thought it was badass.

          2. My Pa and I were backpacking up the headwall in the summer and I found 1/2 a ski pole. It was ripped like taffy.

      3. Gary Johnson is a tough and determined fighter. He climbed Mt. Everest. Get him into the debates and watch what happens.

        Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds. And if HE were here, he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.

  4. Fuck just this once. Vote Libertarian everytime that there is not a sufficiently Libertarian leaning R candidate on the ticket.

    Anyway that Johnson gets into the debates? Will he be on the ballot in every state?

    1. Who gives a fuck, Horshack is dead.


      1. He knew about Vinnie Barbarino's penchant for same-sex rubdowns.

      2. Horshack is dead? My gawd, does Juan Epstein and Mr. Kaawwtahhhh know about this?

        1. I believe Epstein is dead as well.

      3. Was the death certificate signed "Epstein's mother"?

        1. ^^^ this ^^^

    2. He will be on the ballot in every state. I assume, based on who has been chosen as moderators, that he will not get into the debates.

      1. Going by who the moderators are, I guess Romney won't be there either. It will just be Obama in one giant self love marathon.

        1. Of course Romney will be there. What would Obama do if it was just him, talk about his record?

          1. Talk about roads and bridges, of course. And how we should all be thankful for how great he is.

            1. Probably throw in a few references about he inherited so many problems from BOOOOSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!

        2. It will just be Obama in one giant self love marathon.

          BTW, there's not enough brain bleach on the internet - not enough LOLCATS, or videos of animals playing piano, or "Macayla is no impressed" memes, or even hardcore pornography - to wash away the horrible mental image that I have in my head right now. Fuck you very much, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          1. I can't even get the memory of his awful voice out of my head, and I refuse to listen to him ever again. Not even sure I can watch the debates becaue I would have to hear his voice. Maybe I can just mute it when it's his turn to talk, which I am sure will be like 98% of the time. 'Uhh, let me be clear when I say, Ummm, Uhh, ummmm, and roads and bridges, and fatcat billionaires not paying their fair share, ummm, uhhhhh'. Why should I be the only one to suffer from the Odumbo curse, Loki, you need to suffer your fair share!

            1. Romney is pretty much just as bad, he's a military nut, says we don't spend enough.

    3. He just cleared the hurdle in Oklahoma and I think that was the last state he was having issues with. I could be wrong though, there was some sort of problem in one state about "sore loser" rules keeping him off the ballot.

      1. The attorney general here in Michigan was trying to get Johnson kicked off the ballot because of a sore loser rule.

        1. He's a lame Libertarian anyway, and sounds like a socialist on some military stuff.

    4. The slogan should be a little more clear:

      You know you're libertarian. So why waste your vote yet again another time on those con artists, frauds and tax parasites.

      Little long for a bumper sticker.

      1. What if I put it on one of those scrolling LED signs like on the Ghostbusters car?

      2. Simpler bumpersticker:

        (brought to you by libertarianism)

    5. Vote Libertarian everytime that there is not a sufficiently Libertarian leaning R candidate on the ticket.

      So vote Libertarian every time in other words.

  5. John, please bring the stupid on this thread. Your FULL RETARD is truly amazing to behold. And you just. Keep. Bringing it.

    1. I told you already it's PANDORUM. It has to be.

    2. Oh fuck it. You already admitted Obomney is worse than Obomney, so you should just go ahead and vote for Obomney, right?

      And I am NOT being facetious, you should really vote for Obomney. Because there is no way Obombey can lose, he is going to get like 95% of the vote.

      1. I'm agreeing with reason. What's wrong with that? I'm completely not being a TEAM retard. See how I'm not, by saying you should vote for Obomney?

  6. I describe myself as "libertine" and I'll be voting Gary Johnson.

    1. Unless he runs over my cat or something of that nature. Then I'll do a write-in vote for myself running on the Guns and Dope Party platform.

  7. Wait, who is this guy? I could have sworn that John told me there were only gonna be two names on the ballot in November.

    1. Not only that, but any criticism of one translates to support for the other.
      They are not mutually exclusive, they are directly connected.
      It's like a scale. As one side lowers the other one rises.

      1. This is what's known as The Tony Principle.

        1. John has seriously become a Team Red version of Tony since Ryan was picked. It's scary

          1. He was always a team red nut.

            Romney is a left wing spender anyway.

  8. This is the easiest election ever to vote Libertarian for President and GOP in Congress. Yay gridlock.

    Romney is not only just like GWB and Obama, he would drag the GOP that way. Paul Ryan is a perfect example of this, if you compare his voting record with GWB to Obama. While there is a case to be made for his budget being "the best that's possible" given the overall views of voters, Ryan's not at the top of the ticket. In reality, he would be used to sell the same old establishment Bush-Obama plans with GOP branding to GOP members of Congress.

    1. You need a Republican Congress y president to repeal Obamacare.

      1. You need a sixty member Senate. It's not happening. That battle was lost. Far easier to stop something than to repeal it.

        That's why I argued against Obama so passionately here and elsewhere in 2008.

        1. Not sure that's true? Wasn't there some debate about whether the PPACA could be repealed on a 51 vote majority due to its being passed on reconciliation grounds? I don't think 51 Senators is hard for the GOP.

  9. "Ryan's not at the top of the ticket."

    According to the MSM, yes he is and they will be running with that for the next three months.

    1. I don't even worry about the MSM anymore. Most of them are nothing but pretentious DNC shills and have been for decades. Come election time, you know who they'll be rooting for no matter what.

  10. new t-shirt slogan 'don't blame me...i voted for the fruit-2012'

  11. Gary Johnson has a bunch of spending idiosyncrasies, he seems like the typical unfocused Reason Libertarian.

  12. Sounds better than Harry Browne. Wish he had a chance in hell.

    1. I doubt Harry Browne is in hell. He seemed like a good guy.

  13. I almost voted Libertarian in 2008, but they chose to run the reptilian and unlikeable Bob Barr. They should have run Gary Johnson then.

    Unfortunately, the stakes are now too high. I'm not going to cast a symbolic vote for Johnson and increase, by any tiny margin, Obama's chance of getting reelected. I don't care of Romney/Ryan turn out to be mediocre Bushians (I don't think they will; I think we're seeing the rise of mid-Atlantic pragmatists in the GOP, displacing the old Southern socons). I want the Democrats to understand that if they insist on nominating people who despise capitalism and consider businesses "the enemy," they will never win. Right now, it's more important to me to punish the Democrats with throwing out Obama than to punish America by letting him win and letting everyone know that hey, 5% of us voted Libertarian. Woo!

    1. I'm casting a counting and non-symbolic vote for Gary Johnson.

      Of course, here in California, it will likely have zero impact on the Electoral College outcome.

  14. Johnson runs for the republican ticket, loses and then turns to the libertarian ticket. The guy has no shame.

    1. If you were ashamed of every little thing you've ever done wrong, no one would run for president.

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  16. Reason's Nick Gillespie sat down with Gary Johnson http://www.airmaxsalle.com/ at FreedomFest 2012, to discuss how to cut the deficit by reforming Medicaid and Medicare, and how his campaign is performing in the national polls.

  17. Is this a good argument for you to keep paying what you always have? Of course not. Yet that's the case being made by politicians in Virginia and across the nation about defense spending and sequestration.

  18. Reason's Nick Gillespie sat down with Gary Johnson at FreedomFest 2012, to discuss how to cut the deficit by reforming Medicaid and Medicare, and how his campaign is performing in the national polls.

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