Captain Kirk to Brother Jed

|'s Ted Balaker chats with director Roger Nygard about filmmaking, fan culture, religion, and why people get so angry when their beliefs get challenged.

Nygard has directed episodes of TV shows such as The Office and The Bernie Mack Show. He also helmed the celebrated documentary Trekkies and has just finished some serious globetrotting in which he posed existential questions-why are we here? is there an afterlife? shat is the soul?-to Christians, Jews, atheists, Muslims, druids, Baba lovers, Hindu gurus, Confucianists, Taoists, Native Americans, and satanists.

Their answers will be included in his new documentary, The Nature of Existence, which promises to explain all the mysteries of the universe in 90 minutes.

Hear Nygard explain why Star Trek is still such a major cultural phenomenon, why you shouldn't shoo a snake off your roof, and what it's like to go on a road trip with a confrontational evangelist.

Approximately seven minutes.

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