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The Enemy Within Will Scratch Your Spy Show Itch: New at Reason

If you're lamenting the end of The Americans, some good news.

'The Enemy Within''The Enemy Within,' NBCWith The Americans gone and but a single reason remaining for Homeland, the field is clear for another spy show. And we just may have a contender with NBC's curiously under-publicized The Enemy Within, a steely tale of a hunt for a mole in the CIA.

A near-perfect mixture of the chess-piece intricacy of The Good Shepherd and the loony bang-bang of the Mission: Impossible movies, Enemy is a classic infinity-of-mirrors counterintelligence drama—and in more ways than one.

Not only do the molehunters have to think backwards as they chase a virtuoso of deception, but they can't even trust their top strategist. Erica Shepherd (played by Jennifer Carpenter, the fabulously foul-mouthed younger sister in Dexter) is one of the most despised traitors in modern American history, confined to a supermax prison after giving away the identities of several CIA operatives with terminal results.

She's been brought back to work only because she's the greatest expert on a Russian intelligence officer named Tal, the same one who recruited her to kill her own colleagues in return for inducements she won't reveal. Television critic Glenn Garvin takes a closer look.

Photo Credit: 'The Enemy Within,' NBC


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