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Gitmo Preps for an Upgrade: New at Reason

This monument to the war on terror is still open, and it’s costing taxpayers a fortune.

Bethanie Mitchel/SIPA/NewscomBethanie Mitchel/SIPA/NewscomWhether the U.S. manages to broker a peace with the Taliban or not, one legacy of the war on terror remains—the prison at Guantanamo Bay (also called Gitmo). At its height, this symbol of Bush administration power held 600 people. And as miserable as the infrastructure reportedly is down there, its commander, Navy Rear Admiral John Ring, says he could fit 200 more people if given an increase in the same number of soldiers. He'd rather have an influx of money, however.

So there were once 600 prisoners. Now there are only 40. Forty people being watched over by 1,700 soldiers. Forty people who have been held in limbo for going on two decades now. Some of them are clearly mass murderers who should still have their trial. Others linger in prison, not charged, not freed, and generally making a mockery of the whole American concept of a speedy trial, writes's Lucy Steigerwald for Reason.

Photo Credit: Bethanie Mitchel/SIPA/Newscom


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