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Brickbat: Greek Life

Woman studyingVladans / Dreamstime.comThe University of Virginia has suspended the Señoritas Latinas Unidas sorority for hazing. Officials agreed with a girl who pledged the sorority that a requirement that members study 25 hours a week violated the school's anti-hazing policy. The sorority has sued the college in federal court, complaining that they are being discriminated against, noting other programs at the college with similar study requirements.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    UVa defines hazing as any action taken or situation created on Grounds that is intended to or does produce mental or physical harassment, humiliation, fatigue, degradation, ridicule, shock or injury.

    Then the university's SLU suspension itself is a form of hazing.

  • SQRLSY One||

    Education that involves studying is hazing too, it causes stress!!!!

    Latinas need to stay book-stupid, and too much studying fights the book-stupid. Latinas need to stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen...

    Why? Because all the high-paying, high-status "Women's Studies" professor jobs are reserved for the REAL white women!

  • Ray McKigney||

    Wait a minute ... Was the rule that they have to study at least 25 hours a week, or no more than 25 hours a week?

    Maybe the complaining pledge wants to get book-smart, but the mean sisters won't let her?

  • Mickey Rat||

    That explains why they cannot beat Virginia Tech on the football field.

  • Adans smith||

    How about pillow fights?

  • Radioactive||

    only if they're naked pillow fights, none of this skimpy nightie stuff...

  • Radioactive||

    oh yeah, they have to be conducted on trampolines...

  • Entelechy||

    They go on untill the pledge has named five breakfast cereals .

  • Deconstructed Potato||

    Damn it, Charles, I've got 'Street Life' playing on loop for the whole day now.

    (Get out of my head, Chaawles!!)

  • Mickey Rat||

    Democratic Congresswoman Calls Out Fellow Democrats for 'Religious Bigotry'.

  • Deconstructed Potato||

    It's tough being Catholic. I just gave up.

  • Brandybuck||

    Maybe that's why they are hazing Latinas in school.

  • spork||

    I like Gabbard. Her Rogan appearance was great for her.

  • A Lady of Reason||

  • Rich||

    Officials agreed with a girl who pledged the sorority that a requirement that members study 25 hours a week violated the school's anti-hazing policy.

    What if the sorority's requirement were that members study as much as necessary to maintain a "C" average? Would *that* be hazing?

  • Conchfritters||

    No line ups? No cigar smoke filled dark rooms with upper class women screaming in their faces? No forced calisthenics and humiliating rituals? This snowflake would shot her pants if she ever witnessed real hazing.

  • Robert||

    Real hazing would be the "rushes" they did in the 19th C. They still call it "rushing", but in those days it meant physically rushing at each other en masse. Football became a substitute for it.

  • Earth Skeptic||

    Given that the threshold for "normal" work load on campus is now puppy cuddling and coloring books, forced book studying sure does sound like harassment.

  • Colossal Douchebag||

    You can't do that to your pledges! Only we can do that to your pledges!

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    25 hours a week is hazing? Señoritas Latinas Unidas must not have a lot of engineering majors.

  • I am the 0.000000013%||

    No kidding. We used to have to do that in a day.

  • Bearded Spock||

    ,"You can't study here! This is a university! "

  • Eddy||

    Don't get me started about fighting in the war room...

  • BLPoG||

    I once held the officer position in my fraternity that was charged with enforcing study hours.

    I'll never understand why a person would join Greek life and then betray his/her brothers/sisters by complaining about something like study requirements.

  • Dillinger||

    a. de-pledge, dumbass don't sue

    b. put herself on the no-hire list

  • Agammamon||

    She didn't sue.

    The *sorority* is suing over the ruling.

  • Agammamon||

    I don't get how 25 hours of 'study' could possibly be hazing.

    Unless the 'studying' maybe involves activities you'd see late at night on Cinemax?


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