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Everybody Wants to Regulate the Internet Except Ajit Pai: Podcast

One year after Net Neutrality, connection speed is up, the discrimination critics feared is non-existent, and the debate about Internet regulation is abysmal.

The Charlie's Angels reboot is lit af ||| Matt WelchMatt WelchSometimes it's worth divining lessons from a news story in which man stubbornly refuses to bite dog. Such is the case with the one-year anniversary of the Federal Communications Commission ending the set of regulations misleadingly known as "net neutrality." The predicted ensuing clampdown never materialized, and instead way too much of the political spectrum has moved on to calling for other sectors of the federal government to...uh, clamp down on internet-related companies.

So kicks off the discussion on the Monday editors' roundtable edition of the Reason Podcast, featuring Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, and me. We delve into social media hearings, Section 230 semiotics, and (sadly!) stupid Donald Trump tweets. The gang also gets in a bit of contentious funerealism over the demise of The Weekly Standard, so do stick around until the end.

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Audio production by Ian Keyser.

'Shake It!' by Jahzzar is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Relevant links from the show:

"One Year Ago Today, the FCC Killed the Internet," by Eric Boehm

"California Imposed Its Own 'Net Neutrality' Law. The Feds Aren't Happy About It," by Declan McCullagh

"Net Neutrality Is Officially Dead. That's a Victory for Free Speech," by Nick Gillespie

"Internet Cop," by Peter Suderman

"Google Hearings Force the Question: Do We Really Want 'Regulation by Federal and State Governments' of 'Today's Disruptive Technologies'?" by Nick Gillespie

"Guess Which Congressman Thought a Malfunctioning iPhone Was Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Fault," by Robby Soave

"Are You Ready for the 'Inevitable' Clampdown on Tech and the Media?" by Nick Gillespie

"Expect More Conservative Purges on Social Media If Republicans Target Section 230," by Elizabeth Nolan Brown

"Senator Ron Wyden (Co-Author of § 230) Trying to Pressure Internet Companies to Restrict "Indecent" Ideas?" by Eugene Volokh

"Donald Trump Suggests Unfair Media Coverage of His Presidency Could Be Illegal," by Robby Soave

"Making the Fairness Doctrine Great Again," by Thomas Winslow Hazlett

"The Weekly Standard turns 10," by W. James Antle, III

"The Weekly Standard's case against laissez faire," by Walter Olson

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    That pic. Is that...a cocktail party?

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    Solid trolling to start the week

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    Or just a tail party?

  • Doug Heffernan||

    This episode smells like days old fish. Was it actually recorded today?

    Single issue retrospective podcasts sound be offered as bonus episodes. They should not replace the normal wonderfully timely "Monday editors' roundtable edition" of the podcast.

    Seems like these hosts just wanted to knock off early for the year so they recorded this pile of fish early. If so, then they are such slackers. If not, then this episode was just lousy anyway.

  • Ryan (formally HFTO)||

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't facebook brag about helping Obama during the 2012 election? Where's the neutral publishing in that?

  • Spookk||

    What a crock. Connectivity and speeds in the US are abysmal, and we fall further and further behind the rest of the developed world - and even some second-tier nations.

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    And now the discrimination of critics is now coming from the Leftists who wanted Net Neutrality

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