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With Reason on "Freedom's Ramparts, America's Tomorrow's Will Always Dawn Brightly": Podcast

Listen to former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' keynote at our 50th anniversary dinner.

Today, we've got a special podcast: The speech that Mitch Daniels, the former two-term governor of Indiana and the current president of Purdue University, gave at Reason's 50th anniversary celebration, held in Los Angeles in early November.

A thinking man's politician, Daniels' achievements as governor included leasing the money-losing Indiana toll road for $4 billion, passing a universal school voucher program, and making Indiana one of the most economically free states in the country. At Purdue, he's managed to keep tuition costs down while also emphatically backing free speech and academic freedom. In his remarks, he told the audience that Reason has "with nearly unique persistence and unique fidelity to principle, upheld our liberties, constantly innovating and advocating measures to guard and extend them….With you on freedom's ramparts, America's tomorrow's will always dawn brightly."

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Photo credit: Javier Rojas/Pi/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom

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    It occurs to me that not everyone in this country is all that fired up about freedom; at least not freedom for the other tribe.

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